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Gakushuin University
Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry
Job title
Assistant Professor
Ph.D(Gakushuin University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Research Associate, Gakushuin University Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
Research Associate, Kushu University

Committee Memberships

Sep 2009
Aug 2012
The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology  Editor of the Journal "The Review of High Pressure Science and Tachnology"


KOJITANI HIROSHI, M. Akaogi, Y. Shirako, H. Kojitani, T. Nagakari, H. Yusa, K. Yamaura
Phys. Earth Planet. Inter.   228 160-169   2014
KOJITANI HIROSHI, Y. Inaguma, A. Aimi, Y. Shirako, D. Sakurai, D. Mori, H. Kojitani, M. Akaogi, M. Nakayama
J. Am. Chem. Soc.   136 2748-2756   2014
KOJITANI HIROSHI, S. Zhai, M. Akaogi, H. Kojitani, W. Xue, E. Ito
Phys. Earth Planet. Inter.   228 144-149   2014
KOJITANI HIROSHI, T. Ishii, H. Kojitani, S. Tsukamoto, K. Fujino, D. Mori, Y. Inaguma, N. Tsujino, T. Yoshino, D. Yamazaki, Y. Higo, K. Funakoshi and M. Akaogi
Am. Mineral.   99    2014
KOJITANI HIROSHI, J. Cheng, T. Ishii, H. Kojitani, K. Matsubayashi, A. Matsuo, X. Li, Y. Shirako, J.-S. Zhou, J.B. Goodenough, C.Q. Jin, M. Akaogi, Y. Uwatoko
Phys. Rev. B   88 205114(1-7)   2013

Books etc

Post-spinel transformations in the system Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4: Element partitioning, calcorimetry, and thermodynamic calculation
American Geophysical Union   1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

Re-determination of high-temperature heat capacity and thermal expansivity of Mg2SiO4 ringwoodite: Implication for Clapeyron slope of post-spinel transition
AOGS 2013 annual meeting   2013   
Thermodynamic examination of post-spinel phase transition boundary in Mg2SiO4
Japan Geoscence Union meeting 2013   2013   
Thermodynamic and Raman Spectroscopic Studies on High-Pressure Calcium Ferrite-Type Compounds
The 14th International IUPAC conference on High Temperature Materials Chemistry   2012   
Redetermination of high-temperature heat capacity of Mg2SiO4 ringwoodite
Japan Geoscience Union meeting 2012   2012   
High-pressure synthesis and structure refinement of post-perovskite type CaRuO3 and CaRhO3
Pacifichem 2010   2010   

Research Grants & Projects

Study of Al Substitution with Oxygen Defect in MgSiO3 Perouskite
Project Year: 2002 - 2004