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Osaka University
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Osaka UniversityOsaka UniversityOsaka University
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-: - Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University,  

Published Papers

Cortical binocularity is disrupted by strabismus more slowly than by monocular deprivation
Freeman RD, Sclar G, Ohzawa I
Brain Res      Feb 1982
A quantative study of the classification and stability of ocular dominance in the cat's visual cortex
Macy A, Ohzawa I, Freeman RD
Exp Brain Res      Mar 1982
Contrast gain control in the cat visual cortex
Ohzawa I, Sclar G, Freeman RD
Nature      Jul 1982
An electrophysiological comparison of convergent and divergent strabismus in the cat: visual evoked potentials
Freeman RD, Sclar G, Ohzawa I
J Neurophysiol      Jan 1983
Neurophysiological evaluation of the differential response model for orientation and spatial-frequency discrimination
Bradley A, Skottun BC, Ohzawa I, Sclar G, Freeman RD
J Opt Soc Am A      Sep 1985


Internal Spatial Organization of Receptive Fields of Complex Cells in the Early Visual Cortex
J Neurophysiol   98(3): 1194-1212    2007
Mechanisms and models of the early visual system
J. of Japan Sciety for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics   18(3):369-376    2006
Neural basis for stereopsis from second-order contrast cues
J. Neuroscience   26(16):4370-4382    2006
Receptive field properties of neurons in the early visual cortex revealed by local spectral reverse correlation
J. Neuroscience   26(12):3269-3280    2006
Encoding of three-dimensional surface slant in cat visual areas 17 and 18
Journal of Neurophysiology   95(5): 2768-2786    2006

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