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High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Computing Research Center
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph.D(Kyoto Univ.)


Koichi Murakami is an associate professor of the Computing Research Center, KEK. Koichi has a background of high energy physics (HEP), and now leads the computer system, KEKCC, that supports physics experiments conducted in KEK. Koichi is the lead system architect and in charge of the system design and operation, especially the data-intensive computing area that covers the topics of workload management, high-performance storage system, and data center management. Koichi has various experiences and exceptional perspectives on high-performance computing to support computing in the HEP application field.
In his research filed, Koichi is involved in the development of the Geant4 detector simulation package from the very beginning of the project. Geant4 is now the defacto-standard tool for detector simulation and is used in a wide variety of scientific fields. Koichi has been a core developer and also a steering board member. Koichi also applies his expertise to parallel processing of Monte Carlo simulation using the GPGPU technology, which allows boosting simulation speed drastically. Koichi is the original developer of MPEXS, a GPU-based radiotherapy simulator, and leads the project team. He focuses on extending MPEXS physics coverage and its functionalities, which improves the computing performance of simulations in different application fields.

Research Areas


Published Papers

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