Nobuhiro KIMURA

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Nobuhiro KIMURA
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Applied Research Laboratory, Cryogenics Science Center
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Interests


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Awards & Honors

Winner: T2K Collaboration
CEC - Russell B. Scott Memorial Award(co-author)

Published Papers

K. Grunt, M. Lewkowicz, M. Murakami, N. KIMURA, S. Pietrowicz and S. Takada
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer   134 1073-1083   May 2019   [Refereed]
N. Sangpab, N. Kimura, P.Terdtoon, P. Sakulchangsatjatai, N. Kammuang-lue and M. Murakami
Applied Thermal Engineering   148 878-885   Feb 2019   [Refereed]
S. Takada, N. Kimura, S. Pietrowicz, K. Grunt, M. Murakami, and T. Okamura
Cryogenics   89 157-162   2018   [Refereed]
S. Takada, N. Kimura, S Pietrowicz and K. Grunt
Journal of Physics   897 012013   2017   [Refereed]
Cryogenic Performance of a Conduction-Cooling Splittable Quadrupole Magnet for ILC Cryomodules
Nobuhiro KIMURA
Adv. Cryog. Eng.   59A 407-415   2014   [Refereed]


Study of a Porous Element for a Thermomechanical Pump
A-1. N. Kimura, H. Nakai, T. Haruyama, M. Murakami, and A. Yamamoto
Adv. Cryog. Eng.   37A 133-138   1992
Heat Transfer from Insulated Rutherford Type Cables Immersed in Pressurized He II
A-2. N. Kimura, V. Kovachev, T. Nakamoto, A. Yamamoto, T. Shintomi, A.Terashima, K. Tanaka, and T. Haruyama
Adv. Cryog. Eng.   43A 1433-1440   1998
A Pressurized He II Cryogenic System for The Superconducting Magnet Test Facility at KEK
A-4. N. Kimura, H. Ohhata, M. Iida, K. Tanaka, K. Tsuchiya, Y. Ajima, N. Higashi, T. Nakamoto, N. Ohuchi, T. Ogitsu, T. Shintomi, S. Sugawara, N. Takahasi, A. Terashima, Y. Wachi, and A. Yamamoto
Adv. in Cryog. Eng.   47A 123-130   2002
N. Kimura, S. Takada, S. Gotoh, H. Kawamata, M. Iida, M. Murakami, H. Nagai and M. Mamiya
Cryogenics   51(1) 74-78   2011
Visualization study of boiling phenomena in superfluid helium under microgravity ~ Topics from basic research on superfluid helium heat transfer~
2008 at KEK Annual Report   1 pp. 1-80~1-81   2009

Conference Activities & Talks

A study on the heat transfer properties of the mold stack model under several cooling conditions
A CARE-HHH Workshop on Heat Generation & Transfer in Superconducting Magnets   2007   
Cooling Performance of a Pressurized HeII Cryogenics System for the Superconducting Magnet Test Facility at KEK
International Cryogenic Engineering Conference 16   1996   
Improved Heat Transfer for Rutherford-type Insulated Cables in Pressurized He II
15th International Conference on Magnet Technology   1997   
Development of Full-scale Prototype Cryostat of Superconducting Magnet System for J-PARC Neutrino Experiment
International Cryogenic Engineering Conference 21   2006   
Visualization study of film boiling in saturated He II under low gravity environment
International Cryogenic Engineering Conference 22   2008   

Research Grants & Projects

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2010 - 2012
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2010 - 2011
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2006 - 2008
飽和超流動ヘリウム(He IIs)固有の沸騰現象であるノイジー膜沸騰の伝熱促進効果の宇宙用観測機器冷却への応用を計る
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2002 - 2004