SUGIOKA Takanori

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SUGIOKA Takanori
Ryukoku University
Faculty of Agriculture,Department of Plant Life Sciences
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Published Papers

Sugioka Takanori
The shinshugaku : journal of studies in Shin Buddhism   97 381-406   Mar 1998
SUGIOKA Takanori
Journal of Indian and Buddhist studies   43(1) p32-36   Dec 1994

Conference Activities & Talks

髙木 慶子, 杉岡 孝紀, 黒川 雅代子, 鍋島 直樹, 谷山 洋三
龍谷大学大学院実践真宗学研究科紀要 = Bulletin of the Graduate School of Practical Shin Buddhist Studies   2016   
Dialectic of the Three Vows as An Expression of Shinran's Religious Experience
SUGIOKA Takanori
Beyond Ego Psychology: Journeys of the Heart East & West   Apr 2008   
Metaphor and the Main Problem of Hermeneutic
SUGIOKA Takanori
Jul 2007   
Metaphors in Shinran
SUGIOKA Takanori
Jun 2007   
The Metaphor of “Ocean” in Shinran
SUGIOKA Takanori
Deep Listening, Deep Hearing: Buddhism and Psychotherapy East & Wes   Aug 2006   

Research Grants & Projects

Shinran's Religious Experience and Kyogyoshomonrui
Project Year: 1997