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Juntendo University

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Academic & Professional Experience

Jul 1998
May 2002
Assistant Professor, Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore
Aug 1996
May 1998
Lecturer, Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin


Aug 1990
Aug 1996
Japanese (Ph.D.), East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Aug 1988
May 1990
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Published Papers

Erina Nakamura, Erina Nakamura, Erina Nakamura, Katsuya Ohta, Katsuya Ohta, Yoko Okita, Junko Ozaki, Eisuke Matsushima
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences   60 232-239   Apr 2006
Widespread theories propose that implicit memory is established in the early stages of development, while explicit memory continues to develop until later stages. However, recent studies have argued that implicit memory changes developmentally. In...


Okita Yoko
Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology   2016(0)    2016
This study examined the relationship between eye movement, correct rate, reaction time, and air writing when adult learners of Japanese language from where Kanji is not used participate in errata judgement of Kanji shape. There were five stimulus ...
Okita Yoko
Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology   2013(0) 86-86   2013
This study explores relationships between Kusho and Kanji learning by adult beginning learners of Japanese from non-Chinese character areas (JSLNC).  The participants were 9 native speakers of Japanese (NJ) and 9 JSLNC. The participants were ...
Okita Yoko
Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology   2011(0) 15-15   2011
Kanji (Chinese characters in Japanese) recognition processes among Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean were examined using MEG when the participants passively watched Kanji1 (average stroke order is 8), Kanji2 (average stroke order is 13), Ko...
Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology   2010(0) 146-146   2010
大北 葉子
言語文化と日本語教育   (0) 140-166   Nov 2008
大北葉子, 太田克也, 佐々木嘉則, 程士維エリック, 松島英介
日本認知科学会大会発表論文集   24th 324-325   2007
荒尾将史, 佐々木俊二, 大北葉子, 太田克也, 松浦雅人, 松島英介, 山中祥男
臨床神経生理学   34(5) 444   Oct 2006
大北 葉子
言語文化と日本語教育. 増刊特集号, 第二言語習得・教育の研究最前線   2004 68-68   Nov 2004
大北 葉子
言語文化と日本語教育. 増刊特集号, 第二言語習得・教育の研究最前線   2004 38-40   Nov 2004
Yoko OKITA, Lecturer Asian Studies The University of Texas at Austin U.S.A.
Japanese-language education around the globe   8 31-45   Jun 1998
三つの初級教科書、全てローマ字書きの Japanese: The Spoken Language (JSL) (ハワイ大)、漢字かな交じり文を最初から使う Situational Functional Japanese (SFJ) (ハワイ大)と Yookoso! (テキサス大)を使用した時の学生の漢字学習ストラテジー使用頻度と漢字学習信念を比較した.学習ストラテジーでは伝統的な「書写 」は教科書間の差はなかった.「絵と連想」「文書を読む」「テレビ等を見る」の三つでJSLの方がSFJ及び ...