INOI Shinichi

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INOI Shinichi
Ibaraki University
College of Education, Teacher Training Course(English Language Education)
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Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku Univeristy


Homeroom Teachers' Perspectives on Goal Achievement in Japan's Foreign Language Activity Class
MAHONEY, Sean & INOI, Shin'ichi
JES Journal (The Japan Association of English Teaching in Elementary schools)   (15)    2015
On continuity between primary school "foreign language activities" and junior high english classes
Sean Mohoney, Shin'ichi Inoi
Has Primary School Foreign Language Activity Changed since its Official Introduction?
Shin'ichi INOI & Sean Manoney
(32) 81-95   2013
A comparison of JEFLL's and NESs' Referential expressions in writen English narratives in terms of distribution patterns and referential distance
Shin'ichi Inoi
(59)    2010

Conference Activities & Talks

Do teacher attitudes toward English lessons have an impact on those of students?
The Sixth CLS International Conference   2014   
The use of Asian writing systems as teaching material for upper primary graders
The 46th RELC International Seminar   2011   
A Discourse Analysis of JEFLLs' English Narrative Texts in terms of Referential Distance
The JACET 48th Annual Convention   2009   
Effects of Teaching Communication Strategies on Japanese Students’Oral English Proficiency and Their Attitudes Toward English Communication
The Second CLaSIC 2006: Processes and Process-Orientation in Foreign Language Learning   2006   
Discourse Analysis of Japanese EFL Learners’Referential Expressions in Written English Narratives in Terms of L1 Transfer
The 2006 Asia TEFL International Conference   2006