KANEKO Masanori

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KANEKO Masanori
National Institutes for the Humanities
Job title
Assistant Professor
Ph. D(Kanazawa University)

Research Areas



Kanazawa University
Philosophy(Cultural Anthropology), Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kanazawa University
Faculty of Humanity, Asia-Oceania Culture Course, Faculty of Humanities, Mie University

Published Papers

KANEKO Masanori
PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences,   4(3) 1219-1239   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
The number of outbound Indonesian travelers is rapidly increasing, especially in travel to long-haul destinations. For these travelers, Japan is considered a favorite and trendy destination. This is due not only to Indonesia’s own push factors lik...
Stories about Household Goods of Indonesian People: A Case Study of Bandar Lampung City, Lampung Province, Indonesia
KANEKO Masanori
Hakusan Review of Anthropology   (20) 29-56   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
In the midst of globalization and growth in the Indonesian economy, it is often said that consumption by the middle class is propelling economic growth. Lifestyles are rapidly changing nationwide, including in Bandar Lampung city, Lampung Province...
Sustainability of Customary Society: A Case Study of Lampung, Indonesia
KANEKO Masanori
The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences 2013 Official Conference Proceedings   398-405   Jul 2013   [Refereed]
"A Case Study of Sustainability Problems of the Local Language and Culture Education in Lampung Province, Indonesia"
KANEKO Masanori
56-59   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
金子 正徳
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology.   32(3) 505-524   2008


Inventing a Reginal Culture in New Order Indonesia:Language and Culture Policy and Local Language Education (Pendidikan Bahasa Daerah) in Lampung Province
KANEKO Masanori
Southeast Asian Studies   40(2) 141-165   2002
The State and Changes of a Customary Society:a Case Study of the Pubian Society, Lampung, Indonesia
Socio-Environmental Studies, (Graduateschool of Socio-Environmental Studies os Kanazawa University)   vol.7, 95-106pp    2002
The Changes of Food Culture in Indonesia: With a Case Study of the Fermented Cassava/Rice (Tape/Tapai)
KANEKO Masanori
Bulletin for Academic Researches on Food, Culture and Environment(『食生活科学・文化及び環境に関する研究助成研究紀要』)   2007    2009

Books etc

Nation and Heroes: The Dynamism of Modern Indonesian Society
YAMAGUCHI Hiroko, KANEKO Masanori, and TSUDA Koji (Part:Joint Editor, Prologue "Indonesia: The Nation with Abundant Heroes", Chapter 3 "Beyond the Ethnic Differences: The Honorable Regional Title System and the Issues of the Regional Society")
Mokuseisha   Mar 2017   ISBN:978486180664

Conference Activities & Talks

Let’s Vacation in Japan!: A Study of Indonesian Images of Japan through Tourism
KANEKO Masanori
Jakarta – International Conference on Research in Social Science & Humanities (ICRSSH)   20 Nov 2018   
Cultural Anthropology beyond Dystopian Images of the World
KANEKO Masanori
Conference on Anthropology & Sustainability In Asia 2017   3 Sep 2017   INTESDA
KANEKO Masanori
The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences 2015   13 Jun 2015   International Academic Forum (IAFOR)
By focusing on "regional heroes" ('pahlawan daerah' in Indonesian) in Lampung, Indonesia, we will discuss how a new society image is created in the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural region.
The system itself was introduced in 2012 by administrative ...
Introduction of "regional hero" system and the construction of a "regional" society: a case study of Lampung, Indonesia
KANEKO Masanori
30 May 2015   Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
KANEKO Masanori
5th International Conference on Local Government (ICLG)   19 Sep 2014   

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(A))
Project Year: 2007 - 2009    Investigator(s): Haruya KAGAMI
During this research project, we collected the field data concerning the process and contents of generational succession of national and ethnic culture in Indonesia. We conducted systematic field research with paying attention to the situational d...
Area Study of Indonesia
Project Year: 1995   


Mar 2014   Opening and Closing Address for Second Biannual Conference On Anthropology & Sustainability in Asia 2014
Opening and Closing Address for Second Biannual Conference On Anthropology & Sustainability in Asia 2014
Mar 2014   Chairperson for Biannual Conference On Anthropology & Sustainability In Asia 2014
Chairperson for Biannual Conference On Anthropology & Sustainability In Asia 2014 (16-18 March 2014, at KKR Hotel Hiroshima)
Dec 2012
session chairperson for Inaugural Conference On Anthropology & Sustainability In Asia 2012 (Bangkok, Thailand)