IWANAMI Yasunori

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IWANAMI Yasunori
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Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology 

Published Papers

A Numerical Method for Evaluating the Distortion of Angle-Modulated Signals in a Time Domain
Yasunori IWANAMI, Tetsuo IKEDA
IEEE Transactions on Communications   COM-34(11) 1151-1156   Nov 1986   [Refereed]
A Design Method of PLL FM Demodulators Using a Quasi-Linear Model and Digital Simulation Techniques
Yasunori IWANAMI, Tetsuo IKEDA
Transactions of IECE of Japan   E69(12) 1318-1329   Dec 1986   [Refereed]
An Adaptive Control Method of a Digital Signal Processing DPLL FM Demodulator under a Fading Environment
Yasunori IWANAMI, Tetsuo IKEDA
Conference Record of IEEE Global Communications Conference   2 1319-1324   Nov 1987   [Refereed]
A Method for Rapid Acquisition of a PN Sequence under a Noisy Environment
Satoshi TAKAGI, Yasunori IWANAMI, Tetsuo IKEDA
Proceedings of International Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility   2 907-912   Sep 1989   [Refereed]
A TCM Scheme using CP-MFSK with Limiter Discriminator Detection
Yasunori IWANAMI, Tetsuo IKEDA
Proceedings of International Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications   1 103-106   Nov 1990   [Refereed]


On Coded MIMO-OFDM Schemes
Yasunori Iwanami
The journal of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers   Vol.94(No.8) 728-734   Aug 2011

Books etc

Digital communications
Corona Publishing CO., LTD.   Oct 2007   ISBN:9784339027112

Conference Activities & Talks

電子情報通信学会無線通信システム研究会、IEICE-RCS2009-337、pp.467-472   5 Mar 2010   
LDPC符号化空間多重MIMO-OFDM-MLD Type-IIハイブリッドARQ方式のスループット特性の評価
電子情報通信学会無線通信システム研究会、IEICE-RCS2009-309、pp.297-302   5 Mar 2010   
On coded MIMO OFDM- How to obtain spatial and frequency diversity effects -
Yasunori Iwanami
The Seventh International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications. ICWMC 2011   19 Jun 2011   IARIA
A comparative study of Single Carrier receivers on MIMO frequency selective channels
7 Mar 2012   
An evaluation on throughput characteristics of Hybrid-ARQ relaying scheme using Non-Binary Rate-Compatible-Punctured LDPC codes
9 Mar 2012   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on spread spectrum communications
Study on very high bit rate data transmission systems on multipathfading environment
Study on coded modulation systems