ERYU Osamu

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ERYU Osamu
Nagoya Institute of Technology
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Apr 2010
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Published Papers

Energy Beam Irradiation of high-Tc superconductors Y1Ba2Cu3O7-y and Ho1Ba2Cu3O7-y
Kouichi Murakami, Osamu Eryu, Koki Takita, and Kohzoh Masuda
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys   26(10) L1731-L1733   Apr 1987   [Refereed]
Kouichi Murakami, Osamu Eryu, Koki Takita, and Kohzoh Masuda
Physical Review Letters   59(19) 2203-2206   Apr 1987   [Refereed]
Formationof high Tc superconducting films by laser induced fragments
Osamu Eryu, Kouichi Murakami, Koki Takita, and Kohzoh Masuda
Nucl. Inst. and Methods in Phys. Res.   B39(3) 640-643   Apr 1989   [Refereed]
Osamu Eryu, Kouichi Murakami, Koki Takita, Kohzoh Masuda, Atsuo Kasuya and Yuichiro Nishina
Appl. Phys. Lett   54(26) 2716-2718   Apr 1989   [Refereed]
Ion implantation effect in high Tc oxide Y1Ba2Cu3Oy
Kohzoh Masuda, Osamu Eryu, Kouichi Murakami, and Koki Takita
Nucl. Inst. and Methods in Phys. Res.   B46(3) 284-286   Apr 1990   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

The Atomic Step Induced by Off Angle Influences the Electrical Properties of the SiC Surface
Yayoi Tanaka, Takao Kanda, Kazuyuki Nagatoshi, Masamichi Yoshimura, and Osamu Eryu
半導体国際会議   11 Sep 2011   ICSCRM
Correlation between electronic properties and structural characteristics of patterned nanographene
G Rius, , M Yoshimura, O Eryu
国際固体素子会議   25 Sep 2012   IEEE
Use of Carbon Nanowalls Templates to Shape Bismuth Nanoparticles
G Rius, F Le Marce, M Yoshimura, O Eryu
炭素材料国際会議   1 Nov 2012   Indian Carbon Society
Hybrid Graphene - Titanium Surface for Sensing Applications
Kakimi Yousuke, Rius Gemma, Osamu Eryu
第45回フラーレン・ナノチューブ・グラフェン総合シンポジウム   5 Aug 2013   フラーレン・ナノチューブ・グラフェン学会
Optimization of Graphene Transfer onto Rough Surfaces for Electrochemical Cell Applications
RIUS Gemma, NAKAGOME Akito, ERYU Osamu
第47回 フラーレン・ナノチューブ・グラフェン総合シンポジウム   3 Sep 2014   フラーレン・ナノチューブ・グラフェン学会


The Others   Oct 2010 - Nov 2010

Research Grants & Projects

Study of cutting dynamics using the SiC single crystal sword
Scientific Technology Development Program for Small and Medium Enterprise
Project Year: Apr 2007 - Today
sword of SiC single crystal is grown to form a new functional materials using surface
Study of crystal growth mechanism to utilize the newly ultra-flat surface material
JST Comprehensive Support Programs for Creation of Regional Innovation
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Today
GaN and AlN crystals growth on the surface of the atomic step controlled
Inovative electronic device creation by TrueNano processing technology
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Today
Formation an electronic device having the nano X nano structure
Surface treatment by novel low-energy ion beam
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Today
The low-energy ion beam, 10nm from the surface of developing new capabilities to reforming
Inorganic - organic hybrid sensor Preparation
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Today
Semiconductor sensors make grown organic functional groups