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Nagoya Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering Omohi College
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Shizuoka University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2000
Mar 2002
Special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, The Japan Society of Promotion of Science (JSPS) Post-doctoral fellow at Shizuoka University
Apr 2002
Mar 2018
Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Aug 2010
Sep 2010
Researcher, Department of Nonproliferation and National Security, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
Apr 2018
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Omohi College, Nagoya Institute of Technology

Committee Memberships

Sep 2015
Program committee
Dec 2016
2017 Room Temperature Semiconductor Detectors Advisory Committee

Awards & Honors

Apr 2002
The Spring Meeting of The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Nov 2012
The Electrical Science and Engineering Promotion Awards
Winner: Niraula Madan, Yasuda Kazuhito

Published Papers

Heavy p-type doping of ZnSe-based II-VI semiconductors using an excimer laser
Y. Hatanaka, T. Aoki, M. Niraula, Y. Aoki, and Y. Nakanishi
SPIE Proceeding The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers   3283 79-86   Apr 1998   [Refereed]
High-energy flux detector using CdTe p-i-n layers
M. Niraula, T. Arakawa, T. Aoki, Y. Nakanishi, Y. Hatanaka, and H. Kan
Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proceeding Materials Research Society   487 287-292   Apr 1998   [Refereed]
M. Niraula, T. Aoki, Y. Nakanishi, and Y. Hatanaka
Journal of Applied Physics American Institute of Physics   83(5) 2656-2661   Apr 1998   [Refereed]
Growth of CdTe layers by hydrogen-radical-assisted MOCVD
M. Niraula, T. Aoki, Y. Nakanishi, and Y. Hatanaka
Proceeding of The 15th Symposium on Plasma Processing, Hamamatsu, Japan   418-421   Apr 1998
Growth and doping studies of CdTe epilayers on GaAs substrates by low-pressure plasma-radical-assisted metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
M. Niraula, T. Aoki, Y. Nakanishi, and Y. Hatanaka
Journal of Crystal Growth Elsevier   200 90-95   Apr 1999   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Characterization of CdTe/n+-Si heterojunction diodes for nuclear radiation imaging detectors
IEEE 2006- 15th International Workshop on Room-Temperature Semiconductor X-and Gamma-Ray Detectors   1 Apr 2006   
Fabrication and Characterization of MOVPE-Grown CdTe-on-Si Heterojunction Diode-Type Gamma-Ray Detectors
The 2007 US Workshop on the Physics and Chemistry of II-VI Materials   1 Apr 2007   
Electrical Properties of Halogen-Doped CdTe Epitaxial Films on Si Substrates Grown by MOVPE
IEEE 2008- 16th International Workshop on Room-Temperature Semiconductor X-and Gamma-Ray Detectors,   1 Apr 2008   
MOVPE Growth of CdTe on Si Substrates for Gamma Ray Detector Fabrication
Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications (SORMA WEST 2008)   1 Apr 2008   
Development of X-ray, Gamma Ray Spectroscopic Detector Using Epitaxially Grown Single Crystal Thick CdTe Films
4. M. Niraula, K. Yasuda, H. Ichihashi, Y. Kai, A. Watanabe, W. Yamada, H. Oka, T. Yoneyama, K. Matsumoto, T. Nakanishi, D. Katoh, H. Nakashima, and Y. Agata,
Material Research Society Spring Meeting   1 Apr 2009   

Research Grants & Projects

Development of high efficiency, large area semiconductor nuclear radiation detectors for medical imaging
Project Year: Apr 2002 - Today
Performance enhancement of semiconductor nuclear radiation detectors
Project Year: Apr 2002 - Today
Development of high-energy resolution nuclear radiation imaging detectors based on cadmium telluride
Project Year: Apr 2003 - Today