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Osaka Prefecture University
Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Division of Veterinary Sciences
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Doctor(Medicine)(Kansai Medical University)

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Oct 2001
Mar 2017
Associate Professor, Osaka Prefecture University
Jun 1999
Sep 2001
Asistant Professor, Kansai Medical University
Apr 1984
May 1999
Research Associate, Kansai Medical University
(Fuculty of Medicine)
(Fuculty of Medicine)


Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University
Veterinary Madicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University

Awards & Honors

Inoue Research Award for Youg Scientists


Feeder-independent canine induced pluripotent stem cells maintained under serum-free conditions.
Nishimura T, Hatoya S, Kanegi R, Wijesekera DPH, Sanno K, Tanaka E, Sugiura K, Hiromitsu Tamada NK, Imai H, Inaba T.
Mol. Reprod. Dev   84(4) 329-339   Apr 2017
Exosomes derived from tumor cells genetically modified to express Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen: a novel vaccine for cancer therapy.
Koyama Y, Ito T, Hasegawa A, Eriguchi M, Inaba T, Ushigusa T, Sugiura K.
Biotechnol. Lett.   38(11) 1857-1866   Nov 2016
Production of feline leukemia inhibitory factor with biological activity in Escherichia coli.
Kanegi R, Hatoya S, Tsujimoto Y, Takenaka S, Nishimura T, Wijewardana V, Sugiura K, Takahashi M, Kawate N, Tamada H, Inaba T.
Theriogenology   86(2) 604-611   Jul 2016
pH-sensitive polymer-liposome-based antigen delivery systems potentiated with interferon-γ gene lipoplex for efficient cancer immunotherapy.
Yuba E, Kanda Y, Yoshizaki Y, Teranishi R, Harada A, Sugiura K, Izawa T, Yamate J, Sakaguchi N, Koiwai K, Kono K.
Biomaterials   67 214-224   Oct 2015
Effect of ovarian hormones on maturation of dendritic cells from peripheral blood monocytes in dogs.
Wijewardana V, Sugiura K*, Wijesekera DPH, Hatoya S, Nishimura T, Kanegi R, Ushigusa T, Inaba T.
J. Vet. Med. Sci.   77(7) 771-775   Jul 2015
High effective non-viral antitumor gene therapy system comprised of biocompatible small plasmid complex particles consisting of pDNA, anionic plysaccharide, and fully deproteced linear polyethylenimine.
Koyama Y, Sugiura K, Yoshihira C, Inaba T. Ito T.
Pharmaceutics   7(3) 152-164   Jul 2015
Development of a dendritic cell-targeting lipopeptide as an immunoadjuvant that inhibits tumor growth without inducing local inflammation.
Akazawa T, Ohashi T, Nakajima H, Nishizawa Y, Kodama K, Sugiura K, Inaba T, Inoue N.
Int. J. Cancer.   135(12) 2847-2856   Dec 2014
Enhancement of anti-tumor immune responses by transfection of IFNγ gene into tumor using a novel type synthetic vector.
Wijesekera DP, Sugiura K, Yuba E, Ueda K, Wijewardana V, Kanegi R, Nishimura T, Ushigusa T, Hatoya S, Kono K, Inaba T.
Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol.   162(1) 59-64   Nov 2014
Evaluation of serum phosphotylated neurofilament subunit NF-H as a prognostic biomarker in dogs with thoracolumbar intervertebral disc herniation.
Nishida H, Nakayama M, Tanaka H, Kamishima H, Izawa T, Hatoya S, Sugiura K, Ide C, Inaba T.
Vet. Surg.   43(3) 286-293   Mar 2014
Production of canine soluble CD40 ligand to induce maturation of monocyte derived dendritic cells for cancer immunotherapy.
Wijewardana V, Sugiura K, Yahata M, Akazawa T, Wijesekera DPH, Imamoto S, Hatoya S, Inoue N, Inaba T.
Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol.   156(1) 121-127   Nov 2013
Generation of functional platelets from canine induced pluripotent stem cells.
Nishimura T, Hatoya S, Kanegi R, Sugiura K, Wijewardana V, Kuwamura M, Tanaka M, Yamate J, Izawa T, Takahashi M, Kawate N, Tamada H, Imai H, Inaba T.
Stem Cells Dev.   22(14) 2026-2035   Jul 2013
Evaluation of methods for cell harvesting and the biological properties at successive passages of canine bone marrow stromal cells.
Nishida H, Shoji Y, Nakamura M, Hatoya S, Sugiura K, Yamate J, Kuwamura M, Kotani T, Nakayama M, Suzuki Y, Ide C, Inaba T
Am J Vet Res   73(11) 1832-1840   Nov 2012
Three cases of idiopathic sterile pyogranulomatous inflammation of epidural fat in Miniature Dachshunds.
Nishida H, Tanaka H, Kitamura M, Hatoya S, Sugiura K, Inaba T, Nakayama M
J Vet Med Sci   74(8) 1071-1074   Aug 2012
Safety of autologous bone marrow stromal cell transplantation in dogs with acute spinal cord injury.
Nishida H, Nakayama M, Tanaka H, Kitamura M, Hatoya S, Sugiura K, Harada Y, Suzuki Y, Ide C, Inaba T.
Vet. Surg.   41(4) 437-442   Mar 2012
Evaluation of transplantation of autologous bone marrow stromal cells into the cerebrospinal fluid for treatment of chronic spinal cord injury in dogs.
Nishida H, Nakayama M, Tanaka H, Kitamura M, Hatoya S, Sugiura K, Suzuki Y, Ide C, Inaba T.
Am. J. Vet Res.   72(8) 1118-1123   Aug 2011
Induction of fertile oestrus in dioestrous bitches using prostaglandin F2α and a GnRH agonist.
Ohmura M, Torii R, Hatoya S, Sugiura K, Tamada H, Kawate N, Takahashi M, Sawada T, Inaba T.
Vet. Rec.   168(23) 667-669   Jun 2011
Successful Management with CHOP for Pulmonary Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis in a Dog.
Hatoya S, Kumagai D, Takeda S, Yamamoto E, Nakanishi M, Kuwamura M, Sugiura K, Sasai H, Yamate J, Inaba T.
J. Vet. Med. Sci.   73(4) 527-530   Apr 2011
Effect of IL-12 on canine dendritic cell maturation following differentiation induced by granulocyte-macrophage CSF and IL-4.
Sugiura K., Wijewardana V., Fujimoto M., Akazawa T., Yahata M., Mito K., Hatoya S., Inoue N., Inaba T.
Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol.   137(3) 322-326   Oct 2010
IFNγ markedly cooperates with intratumoral dendritic cell vaccine in dog tumor madels.
Mito K., Sugiura K., Ueda K., Hori T., Akazawa T., Yamate J., Nakagawa H., Hatoya S., Inaba M., Inoue N., Ikehara S., Inaba T.
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Involvement of endogenous prostaglandin E2 in tubular epithelial regeneration through inhibition of apoptosis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cisplatin-induced rat renal lesions.
Yamamoto E., Izawa T., Juniantito V., Kuwamura M., Sugiura K., Takeuchi T., Yamate J
Histol. Histopathol.   25(8) 995-1007   Aug 2010
Canine oocyte maturation in culture: Significance of estrogen and EGF receptor gene expression in cumulus cells.
Hatoya S., Sugiyama Y., Nishida H., Okuno T., Torii R., Sugiura K., Kida K., Kawate N., Tamada H., Inaba T.
Theriogenology   71(4) 560-567   Mar 2009
Construction of an expression vector for improved secretion of canine IL-18
Sugiura K., Akazawa T., Fujimoto M., Wijewardana V., Mito K., Hatoya S., Taketani S., Komori M., Inoue N., Inaba T.
Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol.   126(3) 388-391   Dec 2008
Effect of hepatocyte growth factor on long term hematopoiesis of human progenitor cells in transgenic-sever combined immunodeficiency mice.
Sugiura K., Taketani S., Yoshimura T., Nishino T., Nishino N., Fujisawa J., Hisha T., Inaba T., Ikehara S.
Cytokine   37(3) 218-226   Mar 2007
Reduction of mucin-1 gene expression associated with increased Escherichia coli adherence in the canine uterus in the early stage of dioestrus.
Ishigro K., Baba E., Torii R., Tamada H., Kawate N., Hatoya S., Wijewardana V., Kumagai D., Sugiura K., Sawada T., Inaba T.
Vet. J.   173(2) 325-332   Mar 2007
Isolation and characterization of hematopoietic progenitor cells in canine bone marrow.
Wijewardana V, Sugiura K, Shigeyama N, Moriguchi M, Tsunoda S, Ikehara S, Inaba T.
Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol.   115(3) 230-238   Feb 2007
Generation of canine dendritic cells from peripheral blood monocytes without using purified cytokines.
Wijewardana V., Sugiura K, Oichi T., Fujimoto M., Akazawa T., Hatoya S., Inaba M., Ikehara S., Thotawaththege S.P.J, Inaba T.
Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol.   114(1) 37-48   Nov 2006
Effect of co-culturing with embryonic fibroblasts on IVM, IVF and IVC of canine oocytes.
Hatoya S., Sugiyama Y., Torii R., Wijewardana V., Kumagai D., Sugiura K., Kida K., Kawate K., Tamada H., Sawada T. Inaba T.
Theriogenology   66(5) 1083-1090   Sep 2006
Lactoferrin expression in canine uterus during the estrus cycle and with pyometra.
Kida K., Baba E., Torii R., Kawate N., Hatoya S., Wijewardana V., Sugiura K., Sawada T., Tamada H., Inaba T.
Theriogenology   66(5) 1325-1333   Sep 2006
Induction of fertile oestrus in bitches by an intranasal spray of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonist.
Hatoya S., Torii R., Wijewardana V., Kumagai D., Sugiura K., Kawate N., Tamada H., Sawada T., Inaba M.
Vet. Rec.   158(11) 378-379   Mar 2006
Isolation and characterization of embryonic stem cells from canine blastocysts.
Hatoya S., Tirii R., Kondo Y., Okuno T., Kobayashi K., Wijewardana V., Kawate N., Tamada H., Sawada T., Kumagai D., Sugiura K., Inaba T.
Mol. Reprod. Dev.   73(3) 298-305   Mar 2006
Effect of ovarian hormones on periodical changes in immune resistance associated with estrous cycle in the beagle bitch.
Sugiura K., Nishikawa M., Ishiguro K., Tajima T., Inaba M., Torii R., Hatoya S., Wijewardana V., Kumagai D., Tamada H., Sawada T., Ikehara S., Inaba T.
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Induction of tolerance in quadruple chimeric mice.
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Enhancement of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell engraftment and prevention of GvHD by intra-bone marrow transplantation plus donor lymphocyte infusion.
Nakamura K., Inaba M., Sugiura K., Yoshimura T., Kown A-H., Kamiyama Y., Ikehara S
Stem Cells   22(2) 125-134   Mar 2004
Expression of estrogen receptor alpha and beta genes in the mediobasal hypothalamus, pituitary and ovary during the canine estrous cycle.
Hatoya S., Torii R., Kumagai D., Sugiura K., Kawate N., Tamada T., Sawada T., Inaba T.
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Analyses of dendritic cell subsets in pregnancy.
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Am J Reprod Immunol   50(2) 137-145   Aug 2003
Correlation between accelerated presbycusis and decreased immune functions.
Iwai H., Lee S., Inaba M., Sugiura K., Baba S., Tomoda K., Yamashita T., Ikehara S.
Exp Gerontol   38(3) 319-325   Mar 2003
Enhancement of aromatase gene expression in the mediobasal hypothalamus during anestrus in the beagle bitch.
Inaba T., Namura T., Tani H., Matsuyama S., Torii R., Kawate N., Tamada T., Hatoya S., Kumagai D., Sugiura K., Sawada T.
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Treatment of Shwachman syndrome by Japanese herbal medicine (Juzen-Taiho-To): stimulatory effects of its fatty acids on hemopoiesis in patients.
Hisha H., Kohdera U., Hirayama M., Yamada H., Iguchi-Uehara T., Fan T., Cui Y., Yang G., Li Y., Sugiura K., Inaba M., Kobayashi Y., Ikehara S.
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A mouse model for the equilibration interaction between the host immune system and HTLV-1 gene expression.
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J. Virol.   76(6) 2703-2713   Mar 2002
Comparision of bone marrow cells harvested from bones of cynomolgus monkeys at various ages by perfusion or aspiration methods: a preclinical study for human BMT.
Kushida T., Inaba M., Ikebukuro K., Ichioka N., Esumi T., Oyaizu H., Yoshimura T., Nagahama T., Nakamura K., Ito T., Hisha H., Sugiura K., Yasumizu Y., Iida H., Ikehara S.
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Marked increase in number of dendritic cells in autoimmune-prone (NZW×BXSB)Fi mice with age.
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New method for thyroid transplantation across major histocompatibility complex barriers using allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.
Lee. S, Sugiura. K, Nagahama. T, Iwai. H, Yamashita. T, Ikehara. S.
Transplantation   72(6) 1144-1149   Sep 2001
A new method for tolerance induction: busulfan administration followed by intravenous injection of neuraminidase-treated donor bone marrow.
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Stem Cells   19(5) 425-436   Sep 2001
Prevention of accelated presbycusis by bone marrow transplantation in senescence-accelated mice.
Iwai. H, Lee. S, Inaba. M, Sugiura. K, Tomoda. K, Yamashita. T, Ikehara. S.
Bone Marrow Transplant.   28(4) 323-328   Aug 2001
A novel strategy for organ allografts using sublethal (7Gy) irradiation fpllowed by injection of donor bone marrow cells via portal vein .
Jin. T, Toki. J, Inaba. M, Sugiura. K, Fan. T, Yu. C, Lian. Z, Takase. K, Feng. B, Ito. T, Cui. Y, Yang. G, Ikehara. S.
Transplantation   71(12) 1725-1731   Jun 2001
Tolerance induction across Mls and minor histocompatibility complex by inhibiting activation of T helper type 1 in early period.
Sugiura. K, Lee. S, Nagahama. T, Adachi. Y, Ishikawa. J, Ikehara. S.
Immunol. Lett.   77(1) 25-30   May 2001
A 4-month-old infant showing anemia, granulocytopenia and thrombocytopenia probably due to autoeactive IgG.
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Major histocompatibility complex restriction between hematopoietic stem cells and stromal cells in vitro.
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Stem Cells   19(1) 46-58   Jan 2001
A nwemethod for bone marrow cell harvesting.
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Stem Cells   18(6) 453-456   Nov 2000
Prevention of autoimmune hearing loss in MRL/lpr mice by bone marrow transplantation.
Lee. S, Iwai. H, Sugiura. K, Takeuchi. K, Kushida. T, Inaba. M, Ikehara. S.
Bone Marrow Transplant.   26(8) 887-892   Oct 2000
Promotive effect of a silk film on epidermal recovery from full-thickness skin wounds.
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Proc. Soc. Exp. Bio. Med.   225(1) 58-64   Oct 2000
Long-term (>1 year) analysis of chimerism and tolerance in mixed allogeneic chimeric mice using normal mouse combinations.
Hayashi. H, Toki. J, Zhexiong. L, Sugiura. K, Inoue. K, Ikehara. S.
Stem Cells   18(4) 273-280   Jul 2000
Acceptance of skin xenografts (from gunea pig to mice) by portal venous and intravenous injection of donor hematolymphoid cells.
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Treatment of intractable autoimmune diseases in MRL/lpr mice using a new strategy for allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.
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Blood   95(5) 1862-1868   Mar 2000
T cells infiltrating from the systemic circulation proliferate in the endolymphatic sac.
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Age-dependent abnormarities of hematopoietic stem cells in (NZW×BXSB)F1 Mice.
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Acceptance of skin allografts in pigs by portal venous injection of donor bone marrow cells.
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c-kit low pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells from CFU-S on day
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A New strategy for organ allografts without using immunosuppressants and irradiation.
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Effects of administration of monoclonal antibodies (anti-CD4 or anti-CD8) on development of autoimmune disease in (NZW×BXSB)F1 mice.
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Granulocyte-macrophage colony -stimulating factor expressed in T cells mediates protective immunity against herpes simplex virus type 1 encephalitis.
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Requirement of major histocompatibility complex-compatible microenvironment for spleen colony formation
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Intrathymically injected hematopoietic stem cells can differentiate into all lineage cells in thymus: Difference between c-kit+ cells and c-kit<low cells.
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Major histocompatibility complex restriction between hematopoietic stem cells and stromal cells in vivo.
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Development of insulin-dependent diabetes millitus in [(NOD+BALB/c)]→NOD] mixed allogeneic bone marrow chimeras.
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Focal segmental glomerular sclerosi, a type of intractable chronic glomerulonephritis, is a stem cell disorder.
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Enrichiment of natural suppressor activity in the fraction of hematopoietic progrnitors with interleukin 3 receptor associated antigen.
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