KUWATA Shigeki

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KUWATA Shigeki
Tokyo Institute of Technology
School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor of Engineering(The University of Tokyo)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
Associate Professor, School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr 2007
Mar 2016
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr 2002
Mar 2007
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr 1997
Mar 2002
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


Apr 1994
Mar 1997
Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1992
Mar 1994
Department of Synthetic Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1990
Mar 1992
Department of Synthetic Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

May 2013
BCSJ Award, Chemical Society of Japan
Winner: DUB Pavel A., WANG Hui, MATSUNAMI Asuka, GRIDNEV Ilya D., KUWATA Shigeki, IKARIYA Takao
Mar 2011
BCSJ Award, Chemical Society of Japan
Winner: KASHIWAME Yohei, WATANABE Megumi, ARAKI Kenjirou, KUWATA Shigeki, IKARIYA Takao
Mar 2010
Young Scholar Lectures of CSJ, Chemical Society of Japan
Oct 2002
A Ti2Ru2Pd2 Oxo-Sulfido Cluster Synthesized by Linking Two Rationally Preorganized TiRuPdS2 Heterotrimetallic Units with an Oxo Ligand: Its Reaction with an Alkyne., Award for Young Scientists in Coordination Chemistry, Japan, Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry

Published Papers

KUWATA Shigeki, HAHN F. Ekkehardt
Chemical Reviews   118(19) 9642-9677   Oct 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
MATSUNAMI Asuka, IKEDA Marika, NAKAMURA Hitomi, YOSHIDA Minori, KUWATA Shigeki, KAYAKI Yoshihito
Organic Letters   20(17) 5213-5218   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Matsunami Asuka, Kayaki Yoshihito, Kuwata Shigeki, Ikariya Takao
Organometallics   37(12) 1958-1969   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Matsunami Asuka, Kuwata Shigeki, Kayaki Yoshihito
Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry Japan   76(4) 315-324   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Kuwata Shigeki, Hidai Masanobu
Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry Japan   76(4) 346-357   Apr 2018   [Refereed]

Books etc

Design of Multiproton-Responsive Metal Complexes as Molecular Technology for Transformation of Small Molecules
KUWATA Shigeki (Part:Joint Work)
Wiley   Sep 2018   ISBN:978-3-527-80278-4
Novel Chemical Transformations at the Diruthenium Centres Bridged by Thiolato Ligands
HIDAI Masanobu, ISHII Yoichi, KUWATA Shigeki (Part:Joint Work)
The Royal Society of Chemistry   2002   ISBN:0-85404-469-8

Conference Activities & Talks

Synthesis and Catalysis of Protic Pincer-Type Complexes of Ruthenium and Iron [Invited]
KUWATA Shigeki
The 43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry   31 Jul 2018   
Synthesis, Structures, and Reactions of Protic Pincer-Type and Related Complexes of Ruthenium, Iridium, and Iron
KUWATA Shigeki
The 28th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry   17 Jul 2018   
Creation of Molecular Technology and Catalysis Moving Protons and Electrons [Invited]
KUWATA Shigeki
Annual Meeting of Chemical Society of Japan   20 Mar 2018   
Creation of New Catalysts Based on Molecular Technology to Control Proton and Electron Transfer [Invited]
KUWATA Shigeki
18 Oct 2017   
Science of Nitrogen Fixation Learning Organisms [Invited]
KUWATA Shigeki
5 Jul 2017   

Teaching Experience