Hashimoto Taiichi

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Hashimoto Taiichi
Doctor of Engineering(Tyokyo Institute of Technology)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology Research Project Support Center, Research Project Support Center Research Project Support Center
:Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering Assistant professor


Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Tomoya NORO, Hozumi Tanaka, Taiichi Hashimoto, Kiyoaki Shirai
Journal of Natural Language Processing   16(3) 81-101   2009
Tomoya Noro, Taiichi Hashimoto, Takenobu Tokunaga, Hozumi Tanaka
Journal of Natural Language Processing   12(1) 3-32   2005
Decision Lists for Determining Adjective Dependency in Japanese
Taiichi Hashimoto
Machine Translation Summit VIII   151-156   2001

Conference Activities & Talks

A Field Museum Framework using the Information and Communication Technologies - "TANOKAN (Outdoor Stone Statue) Project" in Japan
CIPA 2009 XXII INternational Symposium   2009   
Overview of the Patent Mining Task at the NTCIR-7 Workshop
Proceedings of the 7th NTCIR Workshop Meeting on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies: Information Retrieval, Question Answering and Cross-lingual Information Access   2008   
The Patent Mining Task in the Seventh NTCIR Workshop
Proceedings of the 1st International CIKM Workshop on Patent Information Retrieval   2008   
Efficient sentence retrieval based on syntactic structure
COLING/ACL 2006   2006   
A new approach to syntactic annotation
5th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC2006)   2006   

Research Grants & Projects

Social problem analysis using text mining
Project Year: 2006   
Extracting information of social problems and related technologies from newspaper articles, patents and research papers and analyzing it