IWATAKI Mitsunori

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IWATAKI Mitsunori
The University of Tokyo
Asian Natural Environmental Science Center

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Asian Natural Environmental Science Center, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Kazuya Takahashi, Garry Benico, Wai Mun Lum, Mitsunori Iwataki
Protist   125680   Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Garry Benico, Kazuya Takahashi, Wai Mun Lum, Mitsunori Iwataki
Phycologia   58(4) 405   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Li Z, Mertens KN, Nézan E, Chomérat N, Bilien G, Iwataki M, Shin HH
Protist      Feb 2019   [Refereed]
Thoha H, Muawanah, Bayu Intan MD, Rachman A, Sianturi OR, Sidabutar T, Iwataki M, Takahashi K, Avarre JC, Masseret E
Frontiers in Microbiology      Feb 2019   [Refereed]
First report of Biecheleriopsis adriatica in Bolinao, Northwestern Philippines and its wide distribution in Southeast Asia and adjacent waters
G.A. Benico, K. Takahashi, W.M. Lum, A.T. Yñiguez, R.V. Azanza, S.C.Y. Leong, P.T. Lim, M. Iwataki
Philippine Journal of Natural Sciences   24 34-41   2019   [Refereed]
Morphology and molecular phylogeny of the harmful raphidophyte Chattonella subsalsa isolated from Bolinao, Philippines
W.M. Lum, G. Benico, R. Azanza, E. Furio, P.T. Lim, H.C. Lim, K. Takahashi, M. Iwataki
Philippine Journal of Natural Sciences   24 50-56   2019   [Refereed]
Occurrence of harmful algal blooms caused by various phytoplankton species for the last three decades in Manila Bay, Philippines
V.M. Borja, E.F. Furio, N.C. Gatdula, M. Iwataki
Philippine Journal of Natural Sciences   24 80-90   2019   [Refereed]
Distribution of Pyrodinium bahamense cysts in modern sediments of Sukalila water, Cirebon, Indonesia
A. Rachman, H. Thoha, O.R. Sianturi, M.D. Bayu, N. Fitriya, T. Sidabutar, Y. Witasari, S.P. Adi Wibowo, M. Iwataki
Philippine Journal of Natural Sciences   24 104-115   2019   [Refereed]
Ha DV, Uesugi A, Uchida H, Ky PX, Minh DQ, Watanabe R, Matsushima R, Oikawa H, Nagai S, Iwataki M, Fukuyo Y, Suzuki T
Toxins      Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Kazuya Takahashi, Øjvind Moestrup, Minoru Wada, Atsushi Ishimatsu, Van Nguyen Nguyen, Yasuwo Fukuyo, Mitsunori Iwataki
Journal of Phycology   53 1223-1240   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
© 2017 Phycological Society of America A new marine woloszynskioid dinoflagellate Dactylodinium pterobelotum gen. et sp. nov., collected from a southern Vietnamese estuary, was described on the basis of LM, SEM, and TEM, and molecular phylogeny in...
Minoru Wada, Minoru Wada, Yukiko Takano, Saki Nagae, Saki Nagae, Yuka Ohtake, Yu Umezawa, Shinichi Nakamura, Makoto Yoshida, Makoto Yoshida, Yukihiko Matsuyama, Mitsunori Iwataki, Satoshi Takeshita, Tatsuya Oda
Journal of Oceanography   1-7   Nov 2017
© 2017 The Oceanographic Society of Japan and Springer Japan KK, part of Springer Nature Acute and severe hypoxia associated with harmful algal bloom has become one of the major causes for the environmental deterioration of coastal areas. Although...
Machiko Yamada, Mayuko Otsubo, Yuki Tsutsumi, Chiaki Mizota, Yuka Nakamura, Kazuya Takahashi, Mitsunori Iwataki
Phycological Research   65(3) 217-225   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
© 2017 Japanese Society of Phycology Small subunit (SSU) and large subunit (LSU) rDNA sequences have been commonly used to delineate the taxonomy and biogeography of the planktonic diatom genus Skeletonema, but the genes occur as multiple copies a...
Minoru Wada, Fumiaki Mori, Kazuki Yokouchi, Kazuki Yokouchi, Mitsuharu Yagi, Toru Takita, Atsushi Ishimatsu, Mitsunori Iwataki, Kazuya Takahashi, Kazuya Takahashi, Hieu Van Mai, Hieu Van Mai, Toan Thanh Vo, Hung Phuoc Ha, Dinh Dac Tran
Fisheries Science   82(5) 787-797   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
© 2016, Japanese Society of Fisheries Science. Aquaculture of the mudskipper Pseudapocryptes elongatus has expanded rapidly over the past 10 years in the provinces of the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam. The fish’s capacity for aerial breathing e...
Kazuya Takahashi, Øjvind Moestrup, Richard W. Jordan, Mitsunori Iwataki
Protist   166(6) 638-658   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
© 2015 Elsevier GmbH. Two new woloszynskioid dinoflagellates, Asulcocephalium miricentonis gen. et sp. nov. and Leiocephalium pseudosanguineum gen. et sp. nov., are described from Japanese freshwater ponds on the basis of bright field and fluoresc...
Mitsunori Iwataki, Haruyoshi Takayama, Kazuya Takahashi, Kazumi Matsuoka
Marine Protists: Diversity and Dynamics   551-565   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
© Springer Japan 2015. All rights reserved. Red tides of the unarmored dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides and related Chain-Forming Cochlodinium species have been responsible for the mass mortality of fish in coastal areas of East Asia, and...
Hong Chang Lim, Chui Pin Leaw, Toh Hii Tan, Nyuk Fong Kon, Leh Hie Yek, Kieng Soon Hii, Sing Tung Teng, Roziawati Mohd Razali, Gires Usup, Mitsunori Iwataki, Po Teen Lim
Harmful Algae   40 51-62   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
© 2014 Elsevier B.V. A recent (February 2014) mass mortality of fishes was observed in the cage-farming region of the West Johor Strait of Malaysia, involving over four different species of cultured fishes, numbering ~50,000 fish. A field investig...
Kazuya Takahashi, Chihiro Sarai, Mitsunori Iwataki
Phycologia   53(1) 52-65   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
The morphology of two marine woloszynskioid dinoflagellates from the Japanese coast was examined by light, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, and phylogenetic positions were inferred on the basis of partial nuclearencoded large-subunit...
Shin Ichi Kondo, Reiko Nakao, Mitsunori Iwataki, Setsuko Sakamoto, Shigeru Itakura, Yukihiko Matsuyama, Keizo Nagasaki, Keizo Nagasaki
Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi (Japanese Edition)   78(4) 719-725   Sep 2012   [Refereed]
Lake Kamo is a small brackish lagoon located in Sado Island, Niigata, Japan (38°06′N, 138°44′E) and is famous for cultivation of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas. In autumn 2009, a dinofiagellate Heterocapsa circularisquama formed a bloom in t...

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(若手研究(B))
Project Year: 2007 - 2009    Investigator(s): Mitsunori IWATAKI
Morphology and ribotype (genotype based on rDNA) of a harmful redtide forming dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides was examined to reveal distribution of each ribotype. A new species C. fulvescens was described based on morphological comparis...
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(B))
Project Year: 2006 - 2008    Investigator(s): 松岡數充
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(A))
Project Year: 2006 - 2008    Investigator(s): Yasuwo FUKUYO