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Research Organization of Information and Systems
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Master of Agriculture(Nagoya University), Master of Science(Oregon State University), Doctor of Philosophy(Oregon State University)

Research Areas


Published Papers

Yoshimoto, A, Surovy, P, Konoshima, M, Kurth, W
Trees - Structure and Function   6 1577-1588   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
Time variant distribution of sugi log prices based on reverting mean model
Yoshimoto, A., Jimenez, J.C.
ISM Research Memorandum   1185 1-16   Feb 2014
Kamo, K., Yoshimoto,A.
Journal of Forest Science and Technology   9 65-71   Apr 2013   [Refereed]
Konoshima, M., Hattori, H., Yoshimoto, A.
Eurasian Journal of Forest Science   1(2) 60-67   Mar 2013   [Refereed]


Mathematical Programming Approach
Asakura Press Inc.      2003
Journal of Forest Research   6(2) 101-110   2001
Journal of Forest Research   7(1) 41-48   2002

Books etc

Current states of Japanese forestry and timber trade
Kluwer Academic Publishers   1999   
Japanese forest sector modeling: Possibility of increasing domestic timber production
Kluwer Academic Publisher   1999   
Global concerns for forest resource utilization
Kluwer Academic Publisher   1999   
Risk analysis in the context of timber harvest planning
Kluwer Academic Publisher   2001   
Stochastic control modelling for forest stand management under uncertain environments
Japanese Forest Planning Society Press   2002   

Conference Activities & Talks

Economic Analysis of Snow Damage on Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) Forest Stands in Japan Within the Forest Stand Optimization Framework
12 Oct 2008   
Economic Analysis of Forest Utilization for Carbon MitigationThrough Forest Stand Optimization
24 Aug 2008   
Application of adjacent constraintsfor spatially aggregated harvest scheduling in Japan
Forest, Wildlife and Wood Sciences for Society Development   17 Apr 2009   
Spatially constrained harvest scheduling for strip allocation and biodiversity management
Forest, Wildlife and Wood Sciences for Society Development   17 Apr 2009   
Spatial consideration for forest resource management within the optimization framework
International Conference on Managing Forest Resources for Multiple Ecosystem under Robust and Fragile Environments   10 Aug 2010   

Research Grants & Projects