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Waseda University
Faculty of Commerce

Academic & Professional Experience

Jun 2019
Outside Board of Director, Takara Holdings Inc.
Apr 2019
Director, Marketing International Institute
Sep 2018
Associate Dean, Business School, Waseda Unviersity
Apr 2016
Founder and Associate Director, Waseda Blue Ocean Shift Institute
Apr 2015
Professor, Graduate School of Business and Finance, Waseda University
Visiting Scholar,, Blue Ocean Strategy Institute, INSEAD
Research Fellow, Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, Nanyang Technological University
Apr 2009
Mar 2015
Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Kansai University
Jan 2013
Mar 2013
Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Foster School of Business, University of Washington
Affiliate Professor, Foster School of Business, University of Washington


Apr 1997
Mar 2000
Management of Japanese Companies, Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University
Apr 1995
Mar 1997
Master of Business Administration, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University
Apr 1984
Mar 1988
Japanese Literature, Department of Literature, Osaka University
Apr 1982
Mar 1984
Ibaraki High School, Osaka Prefecture

Awards & Honors

Jan 2017
Top 100 Research-Active Scholars in Asia, Asia Marketing Journal
Jun 2013
Word of Mouth, Complementary Products and Adoption of Innovation with Indirect Network Externalities: The Case of E-Readers., Christer Karlsson Best Paper Award, Innovation and Product Development Management Conference

Published Papers

KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Jusuke IKEGAMI
Marketing Journal   37(2) 55-69   Sep 2017   [Invited]
Parry, Mark E., and Tomoko Kawakami
Journal of Product Innovation Management   34(2) 141-158   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Kawakami, Tomoko and Mark E. Parry
Creativity and Innovation Management   24(3) 430-448   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko, Gloria Barczak, and Serdar S. Durmuşoğlu
Journal of Product Innovation Management   32(4) 622-635   Jun 2015   [Refereed]
Virtual Word-of-Mouth and Willingness-to-Pay for Consumer Electronic Innovations
Parry, Mark E., and Tomoko Kawakami
Journal of Product Innovation Management   32(2) 192-200   Mar 2015   [Refereed]

Books etc

BLue Ocean Shift
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko (Part:Contributor, Park 24)
ダイヤモンド社   Apr 2018   
Strategy for Open Innovation
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko (Part:Contributor, Management of Market Information)
Yuhikaku   Dec 2017   

Conference Activities & Talks

CSR に対する信念と顧客エンゲージメントとの相互関係:概念モデルの構築と予備的調査に基づく示唆
Japan Marketing Academy Annual Conference 2019   20 Oct 2019   
Marketing-driven Value Creation and Innovation from Japan [Invited]
World Marketing Summit Japan 2019   9 Oct 2019   
How to Develop and Publish a Series of Academic Research [Invited]
Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution, Kanto Regional Meeting   14 Sep 2019   
画期的なイノベーションのための組織化 ブルー・オーシャン・シフト,シリアル・イノベーターとMAINモデル
Project Management Symposium Japan 2019   5 Sep 2019   
Implementing Sustainability Marketing Strategy: Findings from Collectivistic Culture
Iwamoto, Akinori, Satoko Suzuki and Tomoko Kawakami
2019 AMA Summer Academic Conference   Aug 2019   
Organizational Culture, Structure and Process as the Antecedents of Serial Innovators: Diverse Experience, Gate Fluidity, and Organizational Politics
Seiichi Fujii, Tomoya Nakamura and Tomoko Kawakami
EIASM International Product Development Management Conference   Jun 2019   
Co-creation for Customer Engagement Management: When Do They Want to Talk?
Hamdi-Kidar, Linda and Tomoko Kawakami
2019 Academy of Science Annual Conference in Vancouver   May 2019   
Hedonic Values in Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Japan [Invited]
University of Washington Converge in Tokyo   Nov 2018   
日本マーケティング学会アニュアルカンファレンス   Oct 2018   
日本マーケティング学会マーケティングと新市場創造研究会   Aug 2018   
金沢におけるブルー・オーシャン・マーケティングの可能性 [Invited]
AMD Branding Seminar in Kanazawa   Aug 2018   
Marketing in the Steady-state Economy: Conceptual Model and Propositions
Iwamoto, Akinori, Satoko Suzuki and Tomoko Kawakami
KSMS Global Marketing Conference   Jul 2018   
グローバル・ビジネス学会   Jul 2018   
SDGs時代のマーケティングと価値創造のあり方 [Invited]
SOCIAL OUT TOKYO   Jul 2018   
Serial Innovators in Collectivistic Organizations:
Nakamura, Tomoya, Seiichi Fujii, and Tomoko Kawakami
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2018   
Reading, e-reading and more: How can we enhance user experience?
OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting   Nov 2017   
Factors that Delay Adoption of Disruptive Innovation: A Case of E-reading in Japan
Toulouse Business School Faculty Seminar   Sep 2017   
Should Firms Co-create with Ordinary Customer or Loyal Customers? Empirical Result from a Collective Culture,
Hamdi-Kidar, Linda and Tomoko Kawakami
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2017   
How Older Consumers Interpret the Meaning of a Wearable Device: Is it Utilitarian or Hedonic?
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Mark E. Parry
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2017   
日本マーケティング学会   Jan 2017   
New AIDA Model in the Omni-Channel Age
Iwamoto, Akinori, Tomoko Kawakami and Satoko Suzuki
International Conference of Asia Marketing Associations   Oct 2016   
マーケティングとイノベーションによる顧客創造:ドラッカー・トライアングルの実現プロセスとしてのMIPモデル [Invited]
組織学会   Oct 2016   
第104回グローバル・マーケティング研究会   Oct 2016   
Marketing in Steady-State Economy: Exploratory Case Study on Pioneering Firm
KSMS Global Marketing Conference   Jul 2016   
Project Champion, Organization Culture and Stage Fluidity in Radical Innovations: An Empirical Evidence from Japan
Kawakami, Tomoko, Seiichi Fujii, Lee, and Nakamura
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2016   
Project Champion’s New Role in the Digital Age: Evidence from the Cross-cultural Study between the U.S., Korea and Japan
Kawakami, Tomoko, Seiichi Fujii and Lee
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2016   
How Aging Consumers Respond to Disruptive Innovation: An Empirical Study of Health-Related Wearable Devices
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and mark E. Parry
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2016   
Value Creation and Marketing in Japan [Invited]
Yonsei University Invited Speech   May 2016   
川上 智子他
日本商業学会 関東部会   Dec 2015   
日本商業学会関西部会   Sep 2015   
Complexity Expectations and Purchase Intent of Radical New Products: An Empirical Study of Wearable Devices
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Mark E. Parry
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2015   
Organizational Factors for Enhancing IT Tool Usage in New Product Development Phases: Top Management View
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko et al.
PDMA Reserach Forum   Sep 2014   
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Tools for Improving New Product Development, Adoption and Brand Loyalty
American Marketing Science   Aug 2014   
Factors Affecting Outcomes in Social Networking Services: Social Capital and Network Externality
Kishiya, Kazuhiro and Tomoko Kawakami
American Marketing Association   Jul 2014   
How Consumers Rely on Substitutes for Haptic Information under Non-touch Shopping Environment
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko et al.
KSMS Global Marketing Conference   Jul 2014   
The Impact of Perceived Autotelic Benefits on Purchase Intent: A Study of Paper Books and E-Readers
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Mark E. Parry
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2014   
Value of Local Studies: How Can Asian Researchers Contribute to the Literature? [Invited]
日本商業学会 全国研究大会   May 2014   
『ケース論文は不利』の神話を覆す:グローバル水準の作法と実例 [Invited]
日本商業学会関西部会   Jun 2013   
Word of Mouth, Complementary Products and Adoption of Innovation with Indirect Network Externalities: The Case of E-Readers.
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Mark E. Parry
EIASM IPDM Conference   Jun 2013   
イノベーション研究におけるマーケティング学者の存在感 [Invited]
日本商業学会 全国研究大会   May 2013   
Online Brand Community in Japan: Empirical Analyses of e-Reader “Kobo” by Rakuten
Hatori, Masahiko, Keisuke Suyama and Tomoko Kawakami
Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference   Dec 2012   
日本医療マネジメント学会学術総会   Oct 2012   
NPD vs. IT Managers: How Similar Are Their Views on the Role and Effect of IT in NPD? 
Serdar S. Durmuşoğlu, Tomoko Kawakam, and Gloria Barczak
PDMA Research Forum   Oct 2012   
Determinants of the Encroachment Speed of Disruptive Innovations,
Mark E. Parry and Tomoko Kawakami
PDMA Research Forum   Oct 2012   
Product Involvement, Knowledge and Media Choice: Longitudinal Study of Disposal Diapers
Ota, Kenichiro, Keisuke Suyama and Tomoko Kawakami
KSMS Global Marketing Conference   Jul 2012   
Success Factors of Online Shopping Business in China: A Comparative Case Study between E-bay Eachnet and Taobao
Xie Fang and Tomoko Kawakami
KSMS Global Marketing Conference   Jul 2012   
The Effect of Information Technology Tool Use Frequency on NPD Task Proficiency: An NPD Phase-based Empirical Test
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko, Serdar S. Durmuşoğlu, and Gloria Barczak
EIASM Innovation and Product Innovation Management Conference   Jun 2012   
The Impact of Word-of-mouth, Information Credibility, and Network Externalities on the Perceived Usefulness of an Innovation
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko, Mark E. Parry and Kazuhiro Kishiya
EIASM Innovation and Product Development Management Conference   Jun 2012   
Word-of-Mouth Transmission Modes and New Product Adoption: An Empirical Evidence from Japan
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Mark E. Parry
INFORMS Marketing Science   Jun 2012   
日本商業学会 全国研究大会   May 2012   
日本商業学会 関西部会   Apr 2012   
国際共同研究の機会と可能性 [Invited]
日本商業学会 全国研究報告会   Dec 2011   
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Mark E. Parry
消費者行動研究カンファレンス   Nov 2011   
An Empirical Examination of Factors Influencing IT Usage for New Product Development in Japanese Companies
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko, Gloria Barczak, and Serdar S. Durmuşoğlu
EIASM International Product Development Management Conference   Jun 2011   
顧客志向の新製品開発 [Invited]
早稲田大学 エグゼクティブ・リーダーズ・フォーラム   Jun 2011   
新製品開発におけるITツール利用の現状:定性的・定量的アプローチによる仮説の導出 [Invited]
Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution   Apr 2011   
Personal and Virtual Word-of-Mouth Effect on Technology Acceptance.
Parry, Mark E., Tomoko Kawakami and Kazuhiro Kishiya
American Marketing Association   Feb 2011   
E-book Retailing in the U.S. and Japan
Parry, Mark E., and Tomoko Kawakami
Society of Asian Retailing & Distribution   Nov 2010   
A Contingency Model of Information Technology Usage for Enhancing New Product Development Performance
Kawakami, Tomoko, Gloria Barczak, and Serdar S. Durmuşoğlu
Product Development & Management Association Research Forum   Oct 2010   
医療におけるトヨタ生産方式の導入とそのマネジメント [Invited]
第20回公益財団法人医療科学研究所シンポジウム   Oct 2010   
Personal Word-of-Mouth, Virtual Word-of-Mouth, and Innovation Use
Parry, Mark E., Tomoko Kawakami and Kazuhiro Kishiya
Korean Academy of Marketing Science   Sep 2010   
Factors Influencing Information Technology Usage for New Product Development: The Case of Japanese Companies
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko, Gloria Barczak, and Serdar S. Durmuşoğlu
EIASM International Product Development Management Conference   Jun 2010   
コラボレーションが創る消費者行動研究の未来:海外研究者とのコラボレーション [Invited]
JACS   May 2010   
Effects of Word-of-Mouth and e-Word of Mouth on Innovation Use in the Presence of Network Externalities
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko, Kazuhiro KISHIYA and Mark. E. PARRY
American Marketing Association   Feb 2010   
Market Information Use and New Venture Performance: An Empirical Study in China
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Douglas L. Maclachlan
American Marketing Association   Aug 2009   
Factors Affect Use Diffusion of New Products with Network Externalities.
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Kazuhiro KISHIYA
INFORMS Marketing Science   Jun 2009   
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko and Kazuhiro KISHIYA
Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution   May 2009   
Formalization, Market Information and New Venture Performance: A Cross-National Study of China, Japan and the United States.
KAWAKAMI,Tomoko, Douglas L. Maclachlan, and Anne Stringfellow
American Marketing Association   Aug 2008   
Market Sensing for Enhancing Innovativeness and Performance of New Ventures: An Empirical Study of Japan
Kawakami, Tomoko
American Marketing Association   Aug 2008   
Factors Affect Purchase Intention and Actual Purchase in Japanese Digital Music Player Market
INFORMS Marketing Science   Jun 2008   
Introduction of Toyota Production System into hospitals in the U.S.
医療マネジメント学会  学術総会   Jun 2008   

Teaching Experience


Social Contribution

[Advisor, Informant, Planner, Organizing Member]  EMIRA Editorial Board etc.  Sep 2019 - Today
Board Member, Japan Marketing Academy
[Organizing Member]  Japan Marketing Academy  Oct 2012 - Today
[Advisor, Informant, Planner, Organizing Member, Investigater]  ClassicAile Committee  (Muza Kawasaki, Tokyo Operacity)  3 Mar 2018 - 29 Feb 2020
With the knowledge based on marketing and blue ocean strategy, we are helping an orchestra mainly consisting of musical university students to perform a classical music concert from children over 4 years old to change the life of people (kurasi-ka...
[Organizing Member]  オルタナ  グリーンオーシャン大賞  Feb 2018
[Editor]  Product Development Management Association  Journal of Product Innovation Management  Jan 2013
Director of International Planning Committee, Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution
[Planner, Organizing Member]  2011 - 2013
Planning and Implementation of International Academic Conferences
[Organizing Member]  EIASM Innovation and Product Development Management Conference  Dec 2011
Academic advisor
[Advisor]  Japan Marketing Association  Marketing Master Course  2002