Inoue Isao

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Inoue Isao

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, University of Tsukuba Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences


Graduate School, Division of Bioresearch, University of Tsukuba

Awards & Honors

Aug 2006
The Tyge Christensen Prize, International Phycological Society
The best algal paper published in Phycologia during 2005
Aug 2005
The Luigi Provasoli Award, Phycological Society of America
outstanding paper published in Journal of Phycology during 2004

Published Papers

Life history and taxonomy of Cricosphaera roscoffensis var. haptonemofera var. nov. (Prymnesiophyceae) from the Pacific.
Inouye;I.;Chihara;M.;+井上, 勲
Bot. Mag. Tokyo   92 75-87.   Jan 1979   [Refereed]
Floristic Studies on the Marine Microalgae along the Coast of the Kii Peninsula by Means of Laboratory Culture
Memoirs of the National Science Museum   13 195-208.   Jan 1980   [Refereed]
For the purpose of obtaining the knowledges concerning the marine algal microflora, collections were made at 31 loclaities along the coast of the Kii Peninsula in May, 1979. The specimens were cultured in the laboratory and then examined by means ...
Laboratory culture and taxonomy of Hymenomonas coronata and Ochrosphaera verrucosa (Class Prymnesiophyceae) from the Northwest Pacific.
Inouye;I.;Chihara;M.;+井上, 勲
Bot. Mag. Tokyo   93 195-208.   Jan 1980   [Refereed]
藤田則孝;堀口健雄;井上, 勲;原, 慶明
宮城県気仙沼水試研究報告   5 90-109   Jan 1980
微細藻類ノート(4) Pseudopedinella pyriforme Carter およびApedinella spinifera (Throndsen) Throndsen (黄金色藻綱).
井上, 勲;堀口健雄
藻類   29 180   Jan 1981   [Refereed]

Books etc

原生動物図鑑 (猪木正三監修) プリムネシウム類
井上, 勲
  講談社   Jan 1981   
赤潮マニュアル IV. その他の鞭毛藻(安達,千原,入江 編)赤潮問題研究会分類班 プラシノ藻類,
千原光雄・井上, 勲・堀口健雄 (Part:Contributor)
Jan 1983   
赤潮マニュアル IV. その他の鞭毛藻(安達,千原,入江 編)赤潮問題研究会分類班 ハプト藻類
千原光雄・井上, 勲
Jan 1983   
赤潮生物の分類,プラシノ藻.赤潮生物研究指針 (日本水産資源保護協会編)
千原光雄・井上, 勲・堀口健雄 (Part:Contributor)
  秀和(東京)   Jan 1987   
赤潮生物の分類,ハプト藻.赤潮生物研究指針 (日本水産資源保護協会編)
井上, 勲・千原光雄 (Part:Contributor)
  秀和(東京)   Jan 1987   

Research Grants & Projects

National BioResource Project
Project Year: Apr 2002 - Mar 2007
Systematics and phylogeny on microalgae and related flagellates.