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飯塚和也, 瀬戸研祐, 大島潤一, 宮本尚子, 逢沢峰昭, 大久保達弘
日本森林学会大会学術講演集   20 Mar 2019   
深澤瑛一, 大久保達弘, 逢沢峰昭, 角田賢亮, 飯塚和也
日本森林学会大会学術講演集   20 Mar 2019   
関本均, 柴田和人, 大塚功大, 飯塚和也
日本森林学会大会学術講演集   20 Mar 2019   
大久保達弘, 深澤瑛一, 鈴木紘子, 逢沢峰昭, 飯塚和也
日本森林学会大会学術講演集   20 Mar 2019   
飯塚和也, 大島潤一, 石栗太, 横田信三
日本木材学会大会研究発表要旨集(完全版)(CD-ROM)   4 Mar 2019   
大島潤一, 川崎聖也, 野寺開斗, 飯塚和也, 石栗太, 横田信三
日本木材学会大会研究発表要旨集(完全版)(CD-ROM)   4 Mar 2019   
飯塚和也, 安田菜生, 久保田優美, 大島潤一, 逢沢峰昭, 大久保達弘
日本森林学会大会学術講演集   26 Mar 2018   
大久保達弘, 角田賢亮, 逢沢峰昭, 飯塚和也
日本森林学会大会学術講演集   26 Mar 2018   
飯塚和也, 大竹勇希, 大島潤一, 石栗太, 横田信三
日本木材学会大会研究発表要旨集(完全版)(CD-ROM)   5 Mar 2018   
大島潤一, 飯塚和也, 石栗太, 横田信三, 小名俊博
日本木材学会大会研究発表要旨集(完全版)(CD-ROM)   5 Mar 2018   

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The tree growth and wood property

Published Papers

Tumenjargal Bayasaa, Ishiguri Futoshi, Ohshima Jyunichi, Iizuka Kazuya, Otsuka Kouhei, Kinomoto Makoto, Yokota Shinso
WOOD AND FIBER SCIENCE   51(3) 264-275   Jul 2019   [Refereed]
Futoshi Ishiguri, Bayasaa Tumenjargal, Bayasaa Tumenjargal, Bayasaa Tumenjargal, Bayartsetseg Baasan, Ayursed Jigjjav, Yus Andhini Bhekti Pertiwi, Haruna Aiso-Sanada, Yuya Takashima, Taiichi Iki, Jyunichi Ohshima, Kazuya Iizuka, Shinso Yokota
International Wood Products Journal   9 127-133   Jul 2018
© 2018, © 2018 IWSc, The Wood Technology Society of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. The wood properties were examined for Larix sibirica naturally grown in Tosontsengel, Mongolia. The dynamic Young's modulus of the logs ranged fro...
Mineaki Aizawa, Kaya Maekawa, Hiroko Mochizuki, Hideyuki Saito, Ko Harada, Masahiko Kadomatsu, Kazuya Iizuka, Tatsuhiro Ohkubo
Plant Species Biology   33 174-190   Jul 2018
© 2018 The Society for the Study of Species Biology Quercus mongolica is a tree found in temperate deciduous forests in east Asia. In Japan, Q. mongolica var. crispula is commonly found; moreover, an oak whose morphology is similar to that of Q. m...
Kazuya Iizuka, Narumi Toya, Jyunichi Ohshima, Futoshi Ishiguri, Naoko Miyamoto, Mineaki Aizawa, Tatsuhiro Ohkubo, Chisato Takenaka, Shinso Yokota
Journal of Wood Science   64 59-64   Feb 2018
© 2017, The Japan Wood Research Society. To utilize forest resources in areas affected by fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, it is important to understand the mechanisms of 137 Cs movement through the stem wood of con...
Ryosuke Takeuchi, Imam Wahyudi, Haruna Aiso, Futoshi Ishiguri, Wiwin Tyas Istikowati, Wiwin Tyas Istikowati, Tatsuhiro Ohkubo, Jyunichi Ohshima, Kazuya Iizuka, Shinso Yokota
Agroforestry Systems   93(2) 1-9   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
© 2017 Springer Science+Business Media B.V., part of Springer Nature The anatomical characteristics and wood properties of Artocarpus species naturally regenerated in secondary forests in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, were investigated to determi...
Jun Tanabe, Futoshi Ishiguri, Akira Tamura, Yuya Takashima, Jyunichi Ohshima, Kazuya Iizuka, Shinso Yokota
Silva Fennica   52    Jan 2018
© 2018, Finnish Society of Forest Science. All rights reserved. Genetic improvements in the mechanical properties of wood are important in forestry species used for lumber, such as Picea. The within-tree radial and among-family variations for the ...
Wei Wang, Yasuyuki Matsushita, Dan Aoki, Kazuhiko Fukushima, Rie Tomioka, Kazuya Iizuka, Chisato Takenaka
Journal of Wood Science   63 388-395   Aug 2017
© 2017, The Japan Wood Research Society. To investigate the possibility of decontaminating 137 Cs-contaminated Cryptomeria japonica wood, kraft pulping was conducted and the Cs behavior in the reaction process was examined. 133 Cs-treated or 13...
Jun Tanabe, Futoshi Ishiguri, Akira Tamura, Jyunichi Ohshima, Kazuya Iizuka, Shinso Yokota
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research   32 39-44   Jan 2017
© 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. With emphasis on tree breeding for wood quality in Picea jezoensis, we aimed to evaluate radial and between-family variations in the microfibril angle (MFA) of the S 2 layer in the la...
F. Ishiguri, S. Diloksumpun, J. Tanabe, J. Ohshima, K. Iizuka, S. Yokota
International Wood Products Journal   8 36-40   Jan 2017
© 2017 IWSc, The Wood Technology Society of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. Solid wood properties were examined in eight half-sib families of 4-year-old Eucalyptus camaldulensis trees selected for pulpwood production in Thailand. ...
Y. A.B. Pertiwi, Y. A.B. Pertiwi, Y. A.B. Pertiwi, H. Aiso, H. Aiso, F. Ishiguri, S. Wedatama, S. N. Marsoem, J. Ohshima, K. Iizuka, S. Yokota
Journal of Tropical Forest Science   29 30-36   Jan 2017
© 2017 Forest Research Institute Malaysia. The effect of radial growth rate on anatomical characteristics and wood properties were examined in 4-year-old Neolamarckia cadamba. A total of 63 standing trees were categorised into three groups (slow, ...


大島潤一, 江連康弘, 飯塚和也, 石栗太, 横田信三
日本緑化工学会誌   44(1) 93‐98-98   Aug 2018
Kazuhiro ARUGA, Takamasa YAMADA, Takahisa YAMAMOTO, Jyunichi OHSHIMA, Kazuya IIZUKA
宇都宮大学農学部演習林報告   (55) 13-19   Mar 2019
Yasuaki SUZUKI, Yasuhiro EDURE, Kenshi YANAGISAWA, Jyunichi OHSHIMA, Kazuya IIZUKA
宇都宮大学農学部演習林報告   (55) 47-52   Mar 2019
田邊 純, 石栗 太, 高島 有哉, 有賀 仁紀, 三瓶 広幸, 大島 潤一, 飯塚 和也, 横田 信三
木材工業 = Wood industry   73(10) 390-395   Oct 2018
大島潤一, 飯塚和也
宇都宮大学農学部演習林報告(Web)   (54) 51‐66 (WEB ONLY)   Mar 2018
飯塚和也, 宮本尚子, 大島潤一, 逢沢峰昭, 大久保達弘, 石栗太, 横田信三
宇都宮大学農学部演習林報告(Web)   (54) 39‐42 (WEB ONLY)   Mar 2018
山本嵩久, 柳原絵里奈, 有賀一広, 飯塚和也
宇都宮大学農学部演習林報告(Web)   (53) 61‐67 (WEB ONLY)-67   Mar 2017
大島 潤一, 飯塚 和也
宇都宮大学農学部演習林報告   (54) 51-66   Mar 2018
Ohkubo Tatsuhiro, Sumida Kensuke, Aizawa Mineaki, Iizuka Kazuya
The Japanese Forest Society Congress   129(0)    2018
<p>[in Japanese]</p>
Iizuka Kazuya, Yasuda Nao, Kubota Yumi, Ohsima Jyunichi, Aizawa Mineaki, Ohkubo Tasuhiro
The Japanese Forest Society Congress   129(0)    2018
<p>[in Japanese]</p>