ITOH Eiichi

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ITOH Eiichi
Master of Arts in Business and Commerce(Keio University)
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nihon University College of Law, Department of Journalism
Apr 1973
Mar 2003
Kokusai Denshin Denwa, Co.Ltd.(currently KDDI Corporation)
Oct 1990
Jun 1995
Managing Director, KDD Research Institute, Inc.
Jul 1995
Apr 2001
Governor, International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT)
Apr 2003
Professor. College of Law, Nihon University


Apr 1969
Mar 1973
Section of Politics, Faculty of Laws, Keio University
Apr 1974
Mar 1976
Business Administration and Accounting, Graduate School, Division of Commerce, Graduate School

Committee Memberships

Jun 2004
Jun 2008
The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research  General Director
Jul 2008
Jun 2012
The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research  Councillor
Apr 1990
Jun 2004
The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research  Study Planning Committe Member
Apr 1990
Jun 2008
The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research  Activity Program Committee Member(Chair:2004-2008)
Asia Satellite Multimedia Forum(ASMF)  Chair

Awards & Honors

Jun 2000
Honorary Legal Degree for Exemplary Service on the Legal Drafting Group of the Sub-Committees on Legal Issues of the Penang Working Party of the Twenty Fourth Assembly of Parties of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization “INTELSAT”, Honorary Legal Degree, The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization “INTELSAT”
May 1980
Contributions concerning the Proposal for “Special tariff principles for international packet-switched public data communication services by means of the virtual call facility”proposed to the WP III/2, adopted unanimously as the CCITT Recommendation D.11, Prize of the Japan Society of the International Telecommunication Union, Japan Society of the International Telecommunication Union

Published Papers

La Révolution macronienne et le miracle médiatique
ITOH Eiichi
Journalism & Media Nihon University   11 231-245   Mar 2018   [Invited]
Les Média et ses Sondages trompeurs ou mensongers-Comment on va rétablir la confiance en Média-
ITOH Eiichi
Journalisme and Media   10 250-268   Mar 2017   [Invited]
Human Oblivion vs. Information Media
Journalism & Media   (6) 246-253   Mar 2013
HOUGAKU KENKYU - Journal of Law, Politics and Sociology Keio University   84(6) 161-208   Jun 2011   [Refereed]
The free communication and the human creativity over the Internet-The future of music industry overcoming the Hadopi laws-
Jounalism & MediaInstitute of Journalism and Media StudiesNihon University   (3) 9-39   Mar 2010   [Refereed]


Attentats du 13 novembre 2015 et "Paris est une fête"
Eiichi Itoh
Journalism & Media   9 280-290   Mar 2016   [Invited]

Books etc

New Century of Multimedia
Maruzen Publishing   Aug 1994   ISBN:4-621-05133-4
Geotelepolitics in 21st Century
KDD Research Institute (Part:Joint Work)
Nikkan Kogyou Shinbun Press   Aug 1993   ISBN:4-526-03365-0
講座・公的規制と産業 第3巻 電気通信
Toshihiko Hayashi (Part:Joint Work)
Jul 1994   ISBN:4-87188-288-8
Overcoming indifference
Klaus Schwab (Part:Joint Work)
New York University Press   Jan 1995   ISBN:0-8147-8036-9
Asia Pacific connections – Telecommunications Assessment
Marcel C. Werner (Part:Joint Work)
IOS Press   Mar 1993   ISBN:90-5199-139-8

Conference Activities & Talks

Digital Renaissance on Asian Initiative -- Media convergence and Chinese Characters
Asia Multimedia Communication Forumat The Communication University of China   20 Aug 2006   Asia Media Research CentreChina communication University
Chinese characters,once seen as a burden factor in transmission and processing on telecom networks, are now reevaluated as the most promissing charcterics of the Asian Information Revolution.


Apr 1978
Special tariff principles for international packet-switched public data communication services by means of the virtual call facility