Keino-Masu Kazuko

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Keino-Masu Kazuko
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Medicine
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Areas



Faculty of Science, Ochanomizu University

Published Papers

Data for 3D reconstruction of the corticospinal tract in the wild-type and Semaphorin 6A knockout adult brain
Okada, Takuya;Keino-Masu, Kazuko;Suto, Fumikazu;Mitchell, Kevin;Masu, Masayuki
Data in Brief   23 103718   2019   [Refereed]
Okada, Takuya; Keino-Masu, Kazuko; Suto, Fumikazu; Mitchell, Kevin J; Masu, Masayuki
Brain research   1710 209-219   Dec 2018
The corticospinal tract (CST) has a complex and long trajectory that originates in the cerebral cortex and ends in the spinal cord. Semaphorin 6A (Sema6A), a member of the semaphorin family, is an important regulator of CST axon guidance. Previous...
Okada, Takuya;Keino-Masu, Kazuko;Nagamine, Satoshi;Kametani, Fuyuki;Ohto, Tatsuyuki;Hasegawa, Masato;van Kuppevelt, Toin H;Kunita, Satoshi;Takahashi, Satoru;Masu, Masayuki
Scientific reports   7(1)    Oct 2017
Heparan sulfate (HS) has been implicated in a wide range of cell signaling. Here we report a novel mechanism in which extracellular removal of 6-O-sulfate groups from HS by the endosulfatases, Sulf1 and Sulf2, is essential for axon guidance during...
A unique mouse model for investigating the properties of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-associated protein TDP-43, by in utero electroporation.
Akamatsu, M;Takuma, H;Yamashita, T;Okada, T;Keino-Masu, K;石井, 一弘;Kwak, S;Masu, M;Tamaoka, A
Neurosci Res   77(4) 234-241   Dec 2013
Freeman, Stephen D.; Keino-Masu, Kazuko; Masu, Masayuki; Ladher, Raj K.
DEVELOPMENTAL DYNAMICS   244(2) 168-180   Feb 2015

Books etc

Intracellular Ca2+ of sensory axons during growth in Ca-free media.
Fukuda;J.;Keino-Masu;K.;;Torimitsu;K.;+桝, 和子
Nov 1994   
Vertebrate homologues of C. elegans UNC-5 are candidate netrin receptors.
Leonardo;E., D.;Hinck;L.;Masu;M.;Keino-Masu;K.;Ackerman;S., L.;Tessier-Lavigne;M.;+桝, 和子
Nov 1996   
Deleted in Colorectal Cancer (DCC) Encodes a Netrin Receptor.
Keino-Masu;K.;Masu;M.;Hinck;L.;Leonardo;E., D.;Chan;S., S.-Y.;Culotti;J.;Tessier-Lavigne;M.;+桝, 和子
Nov 1996   
桝和子;桝正幸;Hinck;L.;Leonardo;E., D.;Stoeckli;E., T.;Fazeli;A.;Weinberg;R., A. ;Tessier-Lavigne;M
Jan 1997   
Jul 1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

Heparan sulfate endosulfatases, Sulf1 and Sulf2, are required for habenula circuit development
Hashimoto, Sayaka;Okada, Takuya;Keino-Masu, Kazuko;Masu, Masayuki
第40回日本神経科学大会   20 Jul 2017   
桝和子;桝正幸;Hinck;L.;Leonardo;E., D.;Stoeckli;E., T.;Fazeli;A.;Weinberg;R., A. ;Tessier-Lavigne;M
____   1997