MATSUO Satoshi

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MATSUO Satoshi
Tottori University
Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine
Job title
Associate Professor

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Takeshi Sota, S. Matsuo, Y. Uchida, H. Hagino, Y. Kawai
Physiological Research   62 653-662   Dec 2013
This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of lower body positive pressure (LBPP) on cardiovascular responses during a 15-min walking trial in young (22.1±0.4 years) and elderly women (67.8±1.1 years). The application of 20 mm Hg LBPP re...
Satoshi Matsuo, André Bergeron, Daniel Guitton
Journal of Neuroscience   24(11) 2760-2773   Mar 2004
Rapid coordinated eye-head movements, called saccadic gaze shifts, displace the line of sight from one location to another. A critical structure in the gaze control circuitry is the superior colliculus (SC) of the midbrain, which drives gaze sacca...
André Bergeron, Satoshi Matsuo, Daniel Guitton
Nature Neuroscience   6(4) 404-413   Apr 2003
The superior colliculus (SC) is important for generating coordinated eye-head gaze saccades. Its deeper layers contain a retinotopically organized motor map in which each site is thought to encode a specific gaze saccade vector. Here we show that ...
Daniel Guitton, Andre Bergeron, Woo Young Choi, Satoshi Matsuo
Progress in Brain Research   142 55-68   Jan 2003
Combined eye-head movements are routinely used to orient the visual axis (gaze) rapidly in space. The gaze control system can be modeled using a feedback system in which an internally created instantaneous gaze position error signal equivalent to ...
Masae Hosogai, Satoshi Matsuo
Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical   99(1) 13-17   Jul 2002
Extracellular spikes of single inspiratory (I) neurons with decrementing firing pattern were recorded in the medullary raphe nuclei in decerebrated or Nembutal anesthetized cats. A total of 23 neurons with decrementing firing patterns during the I...

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vestibulosympathetic reflex, gaze shifts, eye movement, respiratory system