NISHI Eijiroh

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NISHI Eijiroh
Yokohama National University
College of Education Department of School Education Specialization in Science Education
Doctor of Science(Kyushu University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2000
Associate Professor of the Yokohama National Univeristy
Apr 1999
Mar 2000
Lecturer of the Yokohama National University
Apr 1995
Mar 1999
Curator of the Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba


Mar 1994
Department of Biology, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyushu University
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of the Ryukyus

Awards & Honors

Sep 1995
Zoological Science Award

Published Papers

Distribution of dragonfly larvae in Yokohama municipal school-pools and development as study materials
Tampa Tatuya, Nishi Eijiroh
The Nature and Insects   53(11) 30-33   Oct 2018
Insects chirping as study materials
Nishi Eijiroh, Matsuo Kanako
The Nature and Insects   53(9) 41-44   Aug 2018
Record of a sabellid polychaete Paradialychone katsuuraensis in the Nakatsu tidal flat, Seto Inland Sea
Nishi, E., Ito, M., Hirano, K,, Morita, H., Ito, T., Kajihara, N., Hamaguchi, M.
Nanki Seibutu   59(2) 177-178   Dec 2017
Record of a pectinarid polychaete Pectinaria hiuchiensis Kitamori, 1965, in the Yuigahama sandy beach, Salami Bay, central Japan
Nishi, E., Ito, M., Hirano, K., Morita, H., Kajihara, N., Hamaguchi, M.
Nanki Seibutu   69(2) 127-128   Dec 2017


Investigation of bottom environment in port of Yokohama -Irie group river and around of Katabira river mouth-
38 1-6   Feb 2014

Books etc

Polychaetes, in: Marine aliens introduced by human activities and their impacts on ecosystems and industries
edited by The Plankton Society of Japan and The Japanese Association of Benthology   Oct 2009   ISBN:978-4-486-018
Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Annelida. Chapter 12. Sabellida
Science Publisher, Enfield, New Hampshie, U.S.A.   2006   

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