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Gifu University Medical Education Development Center

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Effects of PBL-Tutorial in Gifu University School of Medicine: Evaluation of Students in Clinical Years.
Suzuki Y(MEDC),Niwa M(MEDC),Fujisaki K(MEDC),Okano Y(Molecular Pathobiochemistry),Takahashi Y(Parasitology)
7 412-418   Jan 2003
An EMR (electronic medical record) system: Its effects on the doctor-patient interaction.
Fujisaki K(MEDC)
78 647-675   Jan 2004
Interactional effects of an EMR(electronic medical records) on the Japanese doctor-patient interaction: Qualitative view.
Fujisaki K(MEDC)
?-?   Jan 2004
Current conditions of adult asthma patients: health status, symptoms management, and antiasthmatic prescription.
Fujisaki K(MEDC)
11 10-20   Jan 2005
Interpersonal Communication Training in Dental Education, In: David I, Mostofsky, Forgione AG, eds.
Fujisaki K(MEDC)
255-263   Jan 2006


Keiko Abe, Keiko Abe, Phillip Evans, Elizabeth J. Austin, Yasuyuki Suzuki, Kazuhiko Fujisaki, Masayuki Niwa, Muneyoshi Aomatsu
BMC Medical Education   13 
Background: There has been considerable interest in Emotional Intelligence (EI) in undergraduate medical education, with respect to student selection and admissions, health and well-being and academic performance. EI is a significant component of ...
Yasuyuki Suzuki, Trevor Gibbs, Kazuhiko Fujisaki
Medical Teacher   30 846-850   Dec 2008
In response to a change in health and societal need, the system of medical education in Japan has undergone major reform within the last two decades. Although the general health status of Japanese citizens ranks amongst the highest in the world, a...
Yusuke Takano, Manako Hanya, Michiko Tatematsu, Chikako Nakamura, Keiko Abe, Kazuhiko Fujisaki, Hiroyuki Kamei
Yakugaku Zasshi   135 1387-1395
© 2015 The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. We performed a survey of cancer patients’ needs for drug treatment and support from pharmacists during treatment and evaluated the support that cancer patients can expect from community pharmacists in th...

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