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Kyushu Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering, Department of Human Intelligence Systems
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

 Associate Professor,Department of Brain Science and Engineering,Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering,Kyushu Institute of Technology
 Associate Professor,Department of Human Intelligence Systems,Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering,Kyushu Institute of Technology
 Assistant Professor

Committee Memberships

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers  Technical Program Chair, International Workshop on Smart Info-Media Systems in Asia (SISA2017)
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers  Guest Editors-in-Chief, Special Section on Smart Multimedia & Communication Systems, The IEICE Trans. Fund.

Published Papers

Tanaka Hirofumi, Akai-Kasaya Megumi, TermehYousefi Amin, Hong Liu, Fu Lingxiang, Tamukoh Hakaru, Tanaka Daisuke, Asai Tetsuya, Ogawa Takuji
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS   9    Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Suzuki Akihiro, Morie Takashi, Tamukoh Hakaru
PLOS ONE   13(3)    Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Yamasaki Yuta, Ooe Shiryu, Suzuki Akihiro, Kuno Kazuhiro, Yamada Hideo, Enokida Shuichi, Tamukoh Hakaru


Fast Learning Algorithm for Self-Organizing Map and its Digital Hardware Implementation
283-286   2003
A Codebook-Based Real-time Video Enlargement using a SOM Hardware System
53   2003
Hybrid Hardware/Software System for Codebook-Based Image Enlargement Employing Self-Organizing Map
259-266   2004
Self-Organizing Map Hardware Accelerator System and its Application to Realtime Image Enlargement
2638-2687   2004
Fast Learning Algorithms for Self-Organizing Map Employing Rough Comparison WTA and its Digital Hardware Implementation
E87-C(11) 1787-1794   2004
Modified Execution Mode of Self-Organizing Relationship (SOR) Network for Efficient Digital Hardware Implementation
90-91   2004
Membership Function Generator Based on Bit-Shift Operation for Self-Organizing Relationship (SOR) Network
75   2006
Modular Network Self-Organizing Map: Can it be an artificial cortex?
34   2006
Autonomous Decision with Curiosity and Dynamic Goal Setting
38   2006
A Digital Hardware Architecture of Self-Organizing Relationship (SOR) Network
4234 1168-1177   2006
Membership function generator based on bit-shift operation for self-organizing relationship (SOR) network
180-183   2007
A new selection circuit based on rough comparison method for GA hardware
298-301   2007
Modular network self-organizing map: Can it be an artificial cortex?
43-47   2007
Autonomous decision with curiosity and dynamic goal setting
60-63   2007
Rough-Winner-Take-All Self-Organizing Neural Network for Hardware Oriented Vector Quantization Algorithm
394-352   2007
Emotional behavior and expression based on a neural network model of amygdala
36   2007
Training your animal-like robot by yourself: Hardware implementation of amygdala model
74   2007
Effective and Adaptive Learning based on Diversive/Specific Curiosity
37   2007
The Robot Stealing the Characteristic Behavior out of the Partner
75   2007
Half-negation pulse logic implemented on hardware/software complex system
397-404   2008
A novel vector quantization circuit employing rough-winner-take-all self-organizing neural network implemented on hardware/software complex system
150-155   2008
An implementation of intrinsic emotions on an autonomous robot with the emotional expression model of amygdala
1894-1899   2008
Diversive and Specific Curiosities for Effective Learning
1912-1915   2008
Effective and Adaptive Learning Based on Diversive/Specific Curiosity
266 171-175   2010
Emotional Behavior and Expression Based on a Neural Network Model of Amygdala
266 165-170   2010
A Human Robot Interaction by a Model of the Emotional Learning in the Brain
4(2) 48-54   2010
Internet Booster: A Networked Hw/Sw Complex System and Its Application to Hi-Performance WEB Application
6 in CD-ROM   2010
Internet booster: A networked hw/sw complex system and its application to hi-performance web application
High-Performance WEB Application Accelerated by Networked hw/sw Complex System and Virtual Hardware Circuit
6 in CD-ROM   2012
An FPGA Implementation of Hierarchal Predefined Codebook based Image Enlargement
622-625   2012
Distributed Computing Circuits in Scalable 2D/3D FPGA Array for 2D/3D Poisson Equation Problem
2 in CD-ROM   2012
Hardware Accelerated WEB Platform based on FPGA Array Server and Mobile FPGA Card
4 in CD-ROM   2012
A look-Up Table-based Lightness Modification for Increasing Visibility of Dichromats
39-42   2012
A Data Embedded Reduction Image Generation Method for High-Quality Image Enlargement
A Modified Prticle Swarm Optimization Considering Component Combined with Personal Best Positions
Hardware/Software Complex System Model for Brain Process by Configurable Circuits
3(1) 1-7   2013
Fast Image-Enlargement Algorithm for the Augmentation of the High-Frequency Component by Employing a Hierarchical Predefined Codebook
9(2) 903-914   2013
A TCP/IP Hardware Stack Directly Connectable to WEB Application Circuit
Fast image-enlargement algorithm for the augmentation of the high-frequency component by employing a hierarchical predefined codebook
9(2) 903-914   2013
Hardware/Software Complex System and Its Application
4-6   2013
Morophological Associative Memory Model to Recall Inclusion Pattern
31-32   2013
Lightness Modification Method to Increase Visibility of Dichromats
33-34   2013
Associative Memory Operation Using a Spiking Neural Network LSI System
15-16   2013
FPGA Implementation of Pulse-Coupled Phase Oscillators for Spike-Based Computing
17-18   2013
Object Segmentation Using 3D Information Obtained from RGB-D Sensor
19-20   2013
A CMOS LSI Pulse-Coupled Phase Oscillator System
21-22   2013
Bandwidth Extension of Low Bit Rate Coded Audio Signals with Distortion Functions
23-24   2013
A PWM-Mode CMOS Threshold-Coupled-Map Circuit Robust to Device Mismatches
503-506   2013
A PWM-mode CMOS Coupled Map Lattice Circuit Robust to Device Mismatches
125-125   2013
A particle swarm optimization using combined information on personal best positions
8(8) 2069-2074   2014
Fuzzy-rule-embedded reduction image construction method for image enlargement with high magnification
1 228-233   2014
Morphological associative memory employing a split store method
8836 341-348   2014
Fuzzy-Rule-Embedded Reduction Image Construction Method for Image Enlargement with High Magnification
228-233   2014
Digital Circuit Design of Pulse-coupled Phase Oscillator Systems for Coupled MRF Models
89-92   2014
Robustness to CMOS Device Mismatches of Time-domain Voltage/Current Sampling Circuits for Implementing Large-scale Coupled Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
93-96   2014
Sound Quality Improvement of Low Bit Rate Coded Audio Signals with Nonlinear Functions
237-240   2014
Object Segmentation Using 3D Information Obtained from RGB-D Sensor
377-380   2014
A Partice Swarm Optimization Using Combined Information on Personal Best Positions
8(8) 2069-2074   2014
Simplified Lightness Modification Algorithm for Generating Craik O'Brien Effect
54-57   2014
Morphological Associative Memory Employing a Split Store Method
III-341-III-348   2014
Self-Learning of Feature Regions for Image Recognition
3(1) 1-10   2015
VLSI Pulse-Coupled Phase Oscillator Networks and Their Emulator toward Spike-based Computation for Intelligent Processing
806-807   2015
Measurement and Analysis of a CMOS Chaotic Spiking Oscillator Circuit That Acts as a Filter of Spike Trains
515-518   2015
VLSI Pulse-Coupled Phase Oscillator Networks toward Spike-based Computation
Hardware-Oriented Algorithm for Deep Neural Networks Composed of Self-Organizing Maps
Proc. of Int. Workshop on Smart Info-Media Systems in Asia      2016
Hardware-Oriented Algorithm for Chaotic Boltzmann Machines
Proc. of Int. Workshop on Smart Info-Media Systems in Asia      2016
An implementation of a spiking neural network using digital spiking silicon neuron model on a SIMD processor
10613 LNCS 437-438   2017
Evaluation of hardware oriented MRCoHOG using logic simulation
5 341-345   2017
Hardware implementation of deep self-organizing map networks
10613 LNCS 439-441   2017
Implementation of multi-FPGA Communication using Pulse-Coupled Phase Oscillators
Proc. of the 2017 International Conference On Artificial Life And Robotics   17   2017
Multi-Valued Quantization Neural Networks toward Hardware Implementation
Proc. of the 2017 International Conference On Artificial Life And Robotics   58   2017
Evaluation of Hardware Oriented MRCoHOG and Digital Circuit Using Logic Simulation
Proc. of the 12th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications   6 341-345   2017
Synchronization of Pulse-Coupled Phase Oscillators over Multi-FPGA Communication Links
4(1) 91-96   2017

Conference Activities & Talks

Digital Hardware Implementation of Pulse-Coupled Phase Oscillator Networks and Its Application
IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing   2015   
Visibility Improvement for Dichromats based on Simplified Craik O'Brien Effect Generation Method
A-2-15 A CMOS Circuit Implementation of Chaotic Boltzmann Machines
Proceedings of the IEICE Engineering Sciences Society/NOLTA Society Conference   2015   
A-2-16 Evaluation of a Device-mismatch Compensation Circuit for Large-Scale Coupled Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Proceedings of the IEICE Engineering Sciences Society/NOLTA Society Conference   2015   
Brain-like Artificial Intelligence for RoboCup@Home Robots
The Brain & Neural Networks   2017   

Research Grants & Projects