OSAKA Naotoshi

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OSAKA Naotoshi
Tokyo Denki University
School of Science and Technology for Future Life Department of Information Systems and Multimedia Design
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Apr 1976
Mar 1978
Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

Committee Memberships

Jan 2002
Dec 2010
ICMA (International Computer Music Association)  Regional Director for Asia/Oceania
Jun 2009
JSSA (Japanese Society for Sonic Arts)  President
Jun 2009
Japanese Society for Sonic Arts
Apr 2013
JSEM (Japanese Society for Electronic Music)

Published Papers

Electroacoustic Music Linked with Information Processing research in Japan
Naotoshi Osaka
Contemporary Music Review   37(1-2) 67-85   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
This paper describes the electroacoustic music history of Japan since the late 1980s. This new music was originally created by traditional contemporary music composers. However, after the 1970s, the digital computer took over the role of the tape ...
A Rule-Based Automatic Music Arrangement
@Naotoshi Osaka, Kazuho Hara
WOCMAT 2016   14-16   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
We propose an automatic music arrangement method that produces a variation on a piece of music to evoke an input emotion. It is implemented by specifying a note sequence from a given chord progression theme. It is hypothesized that a short music u...
Present-Day Jakuchu Series: Butterfly Pictures "Mourning Cloak" , for violin, video and electroacoustics
@Naotoshi Osaka, Jun Kurumisawa
NWEAMO 2016      Nov 2016   [Invited]
Naotoshi Osaka
NYCEMF 2017   Concert 23    Jun 2016   [Refereed]
The piece !Hybridization Collage for piano and electroacoustics" was performed by Julia Den Boar.
Naotoshi Osaka
NYCEMF (New York City Electronic Music Festival) 2016   Concert 22(June 27) 60-60   Jun 2015   [Refereed]
Program note of "Morphing Collage" for Piano and Electroacoustics. A computer music piece was presented in which Shakuhachi's performance technique was hybridized into a timbre of "sho" and Cross synthesized computer representation was adopted.


Naotoshi Osaka
Journal of JSSA   9(1) 7-12   Jul 2017
The synthesis of new timbres is a traditional subject in electroacoustic music. In recent years, the topic of timbre
synthesis has shifted interest from synthesizing completely new timbres to the higher quality synthesis of a ready-known timbre. O...
Pet Player
@kazuho Hara, Naotoshi Osaka
Proceedings of JSSA      Dec 2016
Hybridization Collage for Piano and ElectroAcoustics
Naotoshi Osaka
Media Project   13 4-4   Oct 2015
Construction of Electronic Timbre Dictionary
   Apr 2014   [Invited]
韓国ソウルの漢陽大学(HangYang University)で4/28-5/1まで開催された First Asian IRCAM Workshops in Seoulに招待され、当研究所で進めている電子音色辞書について講演を行った。
Automatic classification of isolated sound from environment sound database system "Electronic Timbre Dictionary"
@Yoshitada Yamada,Naotoshi Osaka
D-14-15    Mar 2014

Books etc

Sound effect programming
Oct 2012   ISBN:978-4-274-06894-2

Conference Activities & Talks

Time/Pitch Modification using narrowband AM-FM signals
Naotoshi Osaka, Atsushi Mita,
ICMC 2012   10 Sep 2012   
Music by Structured Timbre [Invited]
WOCMAT (International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology) 2013   14 Dec 2013   Kainan University, Taiwan Computer Music Association
21 Dec 2013   
Grid Spectrum
21 Dec 2013   
Effective Sound Synthesis from Speech Input
Masahiro SAKAMOTO, Naotoshi Osaka
5 Mar 2015   


Media Project 07-3
Artistic Activity   Nov 2007
Media Project Vol. 6
Artistic Activity   Jul 2008
This concert was organized by School of Science and Technology for Future Life, Tokyo Denki University (TDU)
Co-organized by ON-COO Project (Research Group on Acoustic Space). I produces the concert and presented "Bird singing for electroacoustics"
Media Project Vol. 7
Artistic Activity   Nov 2008
Media Project Vol. 8
Kazuaki Shiota, Karen Wissel, Naotoshi Osaka, Seongah Shin, Akira Takaoka   Artistic Activity   Nov 2009
Computer Music Concert was done in which not only instrumental only music, but visual music and dance was also performed. All the producing work was done.
Media Project Vol. 9
Takuro Shibayama, Naotoshi Osaka, Miyuki Ito, Kenji Suzuki, Asako Miyaki, Tomoko Nakai   Artistic Activity   Nov 2010
Computer Music concert was organized and produced. Technical relevant work was performed including sesor system.

Research Grants & Projects

JSSA Music Festival 2016
Project Year: Jul 2016 - Nov 2016    Investigator(s): Naotoshi Osaka