Kim Kwangnam

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Kim Kwangnam
Ibaraki University
Institute for Liberal Arts Education, Department of Arts and Sciences
Job title
Master's Degree of Political Science(Waseda University)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1988
Mar 1992
Assistant Researcher,Institute of Social Sciences at Waseda University.
Feb 1993
Feb 1994
Guest lecturer,the School of Political Science and Sociology of Indonesia University.
Apr 1994
Associate Professor,Faculty of Humanities,University of Ibaraki.
Apr 1997
Mar 1999
Irregular lecturer,the School of Southeast Asia,Faculty of Foreign Languages of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Apr 2000
Mar 2001
Guest Researcher,Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The University of New South Wales, Australia.


Apr 1988
Mar 1992
the Graduate Program in International Relations, Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language, Sophia University

Published Papers

The Takashima mine under the Goto's operation following after the government control
Kim Kwangnam
茨城大学全学教育機構論集 大学教育研究   (1) 79-95   Mar 2018
A Study of Japanese Diplomacy with Asia in the Early Meiji Period; from the period of the Meiji Restoration until the Taiwan Expedition of 1874
Kim Kwang-Nam
The Journal of Eurasian Studies   8(4) 141-171   Dec 2011   [Refereed]
This paper investigates how the Japanese leaders’ efforts for “independence” were linked with the Japanese “expansion” in Asia by focusing on their foreign understanding and their policies toward Asia. Those leaders did make plans and lead the for...
A Study of the Resource Exploitation and the Conflict in Aceh
Kim Kwangnam
The Journal of Eurasian Studies   第8(第1) 155-185   Mar 2011   [Refereed]
 This paper investigates the basic cause of the frightful and prolonged conflict in Aceh, Indonesia, by looking at the history of the country and its petroleum and natural gas resources development.
 At the end of the 19th century, the Dutch colo...
A Reflection on the Coal Development in Kyushu of Late Tokugawa Period
Kim Kwangnam
The Journal of Eurasian Studies   第5(第3) 59-82   Dec 2008   [Refereed]
A Review of Discussions on Catalytic Effect on the Independence of Southeast Asian Countries
Kim Kwang-Nam
Bulletin of the Korean Scholarship Foundation   24    Nov 2002


(Research Notes) The Coalmine Policy in Japan between 1859 and 1874
Kim Kwangnam
Bulletin of The College of Humanities Ibaraki University : Studies in Social Sciences   59 71-88   Feb 2015
A Reflection on the Japanese patriot's view on Korea in Late Tokugawa Era ; with special attention to Yoshida Shouin
Kim Kwangnam
茨城大学人文学部紀要、社会科学論集   (54) 29-47   Sep 2012
Testuji Ito, Toshiya Yamamoto, et al.
『日韓;傷ついた関係の修復』   129-136   Nov 2011
A Reflection on Takashima colliery before nationalization
Kim Kwangnam
Annual Report of the Institute of Regional Studies Ibaraki University   (第43)    Mar 2010
Korea in the Perspective of Contemporary Southeast Asia
Kim Kwang-Nam
Annual Report of The Institute of Regional Studies Ibaraki University   (40) 15-24   Mar 2007

Conference Activities & Talks

Korea in the Perspective of Contemporary Southeast Asia
Kim Kwang-Nam
Dispatched from Korea:Diffusion of Korea's Cultural Power in East Asia   25 Feb 2006   立命館大学コリア研究センター
Kim Kwang-Nam
「第2回東アジア比較法学国際シンポジウム」   Sep 2002   忠北大学校法学研究所(大韓民国)

Social Contribution

[Others]  水戸市教育委員会  2 Jun 2018 - 1 Jun 2020