Miyagi Zenichi

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Miyagi Zenichi
Meiji University
School of Science and Technology
Job title


Mar 1989
Meiji University

Published Papers

Concept and Prototype Design for Manufacturing and Process Development of Intelligent Computer Computer Aided Manufacturing and Process Design System(I-CAMPS)
American Supplier Institute,Proceedings of Taguchi Symposium   Vol.12 297   Oct 1984
Accuracy of Straightness Measurement by Stepping Off Method
Bulletin of the Japan Society of Precision Engineering   Vol.19(1)    Mar 1985
Gorton Science, The Journal of Breach Adhesion   Vol.21 243   Apr 1987
Application on Perfect Reflection Method on Adhesive- Adherend Interface Observation at Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape
A.F.T.P.V, Congress A.F.T.P.V   207-211   Sep 1991
A Total Quality Design System I-CAMPS
IECD, IECD'93   Vol.2 906   Aug 1993


Study of Peeling Properties of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives using a Newly Developed Image Processing System
計量研究所,計量研究所報告   Vol.44(2) 147   Jan 1995
Concept and Prototype Design for Development of Intelligent Computer Aided Manufacturing and Process Design System (I-CAMPS)
計量研究所,計量研究所報告   Vol.46(2)    Apr 1997
Development and Performance Evalutation of High-Resolution Tester of Shear Adhesion for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
Adhesion Society of Japan   35巻9号 7   Sep 1999
Evaluation of the Preparation Conditions of Metal Surface for Adhesive Bonding
Adhesion Society of Japan   35巻10号 8   Oct 1999
Development of CMM Gauge for performance Evaluation (Calculation of Uncertainty based on Design Backgraound)
Takeshi Wago, Zenichi Miyagi, Jiro Matsuda
AIST Bulletin of Metrology   Vol.4(1) 9-15   Jul 2005

Books etc

Managemnt Quality Science
Sep 2011   ISBN:978-4-502-68940-6
How Quality Engineering in Japan Affects Global Product Performance
Rozzeta Dolah, Zenichi Miyagi (Part:Joint Work)
Springer   May 2014   

Conference Activities & Talks

Measurement method of in-situ shear modulus of epoxy using sandwich beam
Jun 1999   
Evaluation of Microdeformation using High-Resolution Tester for Shearing Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Sep 1999   
Managing Method and Software Development of Quality Engineering
Jul 2000   
Uncertainty Evalnation for Design of Testing Apparatns
Mar 2001   
General Outline of Quality Engineering
Jul 2002   

Research Grants & Projects

IMS International Project ROBUST Systematization of Quality Engineering and Development of Software for Its Application
Project Year: Apr 2000 - May 2005