KAWAI, Takashi

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KAWAI, Takashi
Waseda University
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
Job title
Ph.D. in Human Sciences(Waseda University)
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Takashi Kawai received Ph.D., M.A., B.A. in Human Sciences from Waseda University, in 1998, 1995, 1993.
His professional positions are follows;
1998 - 2000 School of Human Sciences, Waseda University: Research Associate
2000 - 2002 Global Information and Telecommunication Institute, Waseda University: Assistant Professor
2002 - 2008 Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, Waseda University: Associate Professor
2008 - Present Department of Intermedia Art and Science, School of Fundamental Sciences and Engineering, Waseda University: Professor
2008 and 2016 Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki: Visiting Professor

Research Interests


Research Areas


Published Papers

The effect of the physical state of the body on illusory touch sensations in a virtual environment
Y. Banchi,H. Morikawa,T. Kawai
The Journal of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers   72(11) J201-J207   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Effects of chair swiveling on user experience during viewing 360-degree images using a head-mounted display
Y. Banchi,K. Yoshikawa,T. Kawai
The Journal of The Virtual Realy Society of Japan   23(3) 217-227   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Analysis of user behavior characteristics during viewing 360-degree images using a simple head-mounted display
S. Tsukada,Y. Hasegawa,Y. Banchi,H. Morikawa,T. Kawai
The Journal of The Virtual Realy Society of Japan   21(4) 595-603   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
The effect of the physical state of the body on illusory touch sensations in a virtual environment
H. Morikawa,S.H. Kim,F. Ohta,K. Watanabe,T. Kawai
The Journal of The Virtual Realy Society of Japan   21(4) 617-625   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Effects of preference decision on parallax angles in stereoscopic images
S.H. Kim,H. Morikawa,R. Mitsuya,K. Watanabe,T. Kawai
The Journal of The Virtual Realy Society of Japan   21(4) 657-664   Dec 2016   [Refereed]

Books etc

Virtual reality filmmaking
Auth. Celine Tricart, Trans. T. Kawai, Y. Banchi
CUTT System   Sep 2018   ISBN:4877834419
Basics of stereoscopic representations
T. Kawai,H. Morikawa,K. Ohta,N. Abe
Ohmsha, Ltd.   Sep 2010   ISBN:4274068161
Cutting-edge of medical 3D content
Ed. Auth. T. Nakagori,T. Kawai,H. Morikawa
CUTT System   Apr 2007   ISBN:4877831894
Advanced media and human sciences
Ed. Auth. T. Kawai,T. Shibata
Transart   Jun 2006   ISBN:4887522967
Next Media Creator's Guide 2 - Virtual Reality Production
T. Inoue,K. Ohta,H. Morikawa,T. Kawai
CUTT System   Dec 2003   ISBN:4877831010

Conference Activities & Talks

Ergonomic guidance for virtual reality content creation
T. Kawai,J. Häkkinen
Proceedings of the XXth Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association   Aug 2018   
Ergonomic approaches to stereoscopic and 360 images [Invited]
T. Kawai
SID 2018 DIGEST,pp.866-869   May 2018   
Emotional effects of car-based motion representations with stereoscopic images
J. Inami,R. Kodama,Y. Hasegawa,N. Fujieda,T. Kawai
Electronic Imaging, Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXIX   Jan 2018   
Analysis of body pressure distribution on car seats through machine learning
R. Mitsuya,K. Kato,N. Kou,T. Nakamura,K. Sugawara,H. Dobashi,T. Kawai
1st International Comfort Congress   Jun 2017   
Ergonomics in advanced imaging technologies [Invited]
T. Kawai
The 2nd Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design,pp.26-29   Jun 2017   

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: 2011 - 2013
This research proposed the method that represents a tactile sensation using cross modal Illusion. The illusion induces a tactile movement sensation using visual and tactile stimulus. This illusion is expected to apply to the media content and huma...
Project Year: 2011 - 2012
In this study, emotional expression as a psychological component to form user experience by stereoscopic (3D) epresentations, collation with characteristics was performed. As a case study, disparity of emotional scenes in famous 3D movies was anal...
Project Year: 2002 - 2005
This inter-disciplinary research was made possible by cooperation from researchers from both literary and scientific fields, and aimed to develop a preservation and restoration method for wooden cultural assets, especially Buddhist sculptures, usi...
Project Year: 2001 - 2004
This research features a precious group of Chinese cultural legacy, the abundant cliff images remaining in the Sichuan area, aiming to create a record of their present state in preparation for the progressing destruction due to erosion and human c...


5505881 : 立体映像制作装置およびプログラム
河合 隆史, 太田 啓路, 阿部 信明, 盛川 浩志
5419100 : 感覚呈示システム及び感覚呈示装置
河合 隆史, 盛川 浩志
5396027 : 立体視用印刷物
河合 隆史, 阿部 信明
4975256 : 立体映像呈示装置
河合 隆史
4958689 : 立体画像生成装置およびプログラム
河合 隆史, 阿部 信明