Mizuno Katsushi

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Mizuno Katsushi
Meiji University
School of Commerce
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1995
Mar 1996
Associate Professor
Apr 1988
Mar 1995
Associate Professor
Apr 1985
Mar 1988


Apr 1982
Mar 1985
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Waseda University
Apr 1976
Mar 1980
Faculty of Political Economics, Waseda University

Published Papers

Katsushi Mizuno,Go Igusa, Eiji Takeda, Takumu Doi, Jun Omata
International Journal of Social Science Studies   5(3) 37-44   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Katsushi Mizuno,Go Igusa, Shio Ando, Kazuka Nambu, Eiji Takeda
International Journal of Social Science Studies   4(12) 6-17   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Katsushi Mizuno,Go Igusa, Shio Ando, Eiji Takeda
International Journal of Social Science Studies   4(12) 39-46   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Katsushi Mizuno,Takumu Doi, Shio Ando, Jun Omata, Go Igusa
Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies   4(2) 130-142   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Empirical Analysis of Differences in Wages due to Usage of Annual Paid Leave among Male Workers:Interview Survey Results
96(1) 1-10   Oct 2013   [Refereed]
The true index numbers and its application to the Sustem-wide Approach
The bulletin of the Faculty of Commerce Meiji University   78巻 4号 73-90   1996
The theory to measure the contribution of the outside elements to the utility
第10巻 221-239   1995
The theory to measure the cardinal utility
第9巻 161-172   1993
The Σ-QES demand function and the Frish moment
8 149   1992

Books etc

Divisia Index
The Theory and Application of System-wide Approach

Conference Activities & Talks

Practice of active learning of economic education in foreign countries
Katsushi Mizuno, Toshio Koiwa, Go Igusa
58th Annual Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference   4 Oct 2019   Council for Economic Education
일본의 경제 데이터를 이용한 수요곡선 공급곡선의 도출법
Mizuno Katsushi
22 Aug 2019   Korea Economic Education Association
Active learning in Japan through elementary school and university collaboration
Katsushi Mizuno, Go Igusa
57th Annual Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference   5 Oct 2018   Council for Economic Education
Research on the Degree of Intra-Dependence between Mining and Other sectors of Mongolian Economy
Katsushi Mizuno,Go Igusa, Motoharu Ozaki, Kosuke Shigeta, Satoki Nakamura, Ryoma Hyakumoto
2018 New York Conference on Asian Studies   22 Sep 2018   New York Conference on Asian Studies
State of annual paid leave Doctors working conditions
Go Igusa,Katushi Mizuno, Sunichi ,Yasuda Eiji Takeda,Masahiko Ichikawa ,
The First Economic, Law, Education and Humanities International Conference (1st ELEHIC 2018)   14 Aug 2018   Economic, Law, Education and Humanities International Conference
Applied Study of a CES-Type Utility Function Based on a Trial of a New Sakhalin
Katsushi Mizuno, Hiroshi Yokota, Go Igusa, Eiji Taked
Fourteenth Annual Conference of Asia-Pacific Economic Association   4 Aug 2018   Asia-Pacific Economic Association
Measurement of total factor productivity growth rate of agriculture in Southeast Asia and analysis of its ratchet effect
Katsushi Mizuno,Go Igusa
91st Agricultural Economics Society Conference   17 Apr 2018   Agricultural Economics Society
CORE Project Education through the Japan Society for Economic Education (JSEE)
Katsushi Mizuno,Kwangwoong Bae (Osaka Kyoiku University)Tetsuya Sato (Nihon University)Naoyuki Kuida (Nihon University)
23 Aug 2017   
Breaking Open the Closed Nature of Forestry
Katsushi Mizuno,Go Igusa
The 65th Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs Annual Meeting   15 Oct 2016   Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs
Pedagogical innovation for the acquisition of mathematical knowledge for improving students understanding of economics in Japanese higher education
Katsushi Mizuno,Shio Ando, and Go Igusa
21st European Economics Education Conference   23 Aug 2016   Association of European Economics Education
Relation between Total Factor Productivity and Utility
Katsushi Mizuno,Takumu Doi, Jun Omata, Go Igusa