Ito Tsuyoshi

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Ito Tsuyoshi
Meiji University
School of Political Science and Economics
Job title
Ph.D. in International Studies(University of Denver)


Nov 1997
Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver


"The Institutional Impact on Foreign Policy of Multipolarity in East Asia: An Approach toward a Mixture of Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics"
Bulletin of the Institute of Social Sciences, Meiji University   28(1)    Aug 1998
“Identity and Political Community: Sovereignty and International Relations Theories”
明治大学政治経済研究所『政経論叢』   68(1) 89-107   Sep 1999
"Japan's Normalization with Mainland China and North Vietnam: The Impact of the US Opening to China"
Bulletin of the Institute of Social Sciences, Meiji University   22(1)    Mar 2000
“How Do International Regimes and Institutions Matter?”
明治大学政治経済研究所『政経論叢』沖田哲也教授古稀記念論文集   69(2・3) 237-55   Dec 2000
"The Emergence of Plural Societies and Policy Institutions in East Asia"
Prepared for the Social Science Research Council, New York      Jan 2001

Books etc

Alliance in Anxiety: Detente and the Sino-American-Japanese Triangle no.
"Routledge, New York"   Mar 2003   
"This book analyzes the structural dynamics of the Sino-American-Japanese triangular relationship by exploring how the 1971 Nixon-Kissinger announcement to pursue reapprochment with the People's Republic of China (PRC), in the context of the overa...