ONO Takaaki

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ONO Takaaki

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor,Department of Major in Materials Science of Doctoral Program,the Graduate School of Science and Engi, Ibaraki University College of Engineering, Department of Biomolecular Functional Engineering


Thermoluminescence and delayed light emission
takaaki Ono
Low Temperature Science   67 453-463   2008
Masuda, S., Hasegawa, K., Ohta, H. and Ono, T.A.
Plant Cell Physiol.   49 1600-1606   2008
Nakasone Yusuke, Ono Taka-aki, Ishii Asako, Shinji Masuda and Terazima Masahide
JACS   129(22) 7028-7035   2007
Shedding light on how sensors work
RIKEN RESEARCH   1 9   2006

Conference Activities & Talks

Changes in hydrogen-bond netework by signaling-state formation in BLUF blue-light photoreceptor
Blue-light photoreceptor BLUF
Studies on photosynthetic oxygen evolution by means of FTIR spectroscopy
FTIR studies on blue-light receptor using FAD (BLUF)
Joint Symposium of "5th Japan-China Crossover Science Symposium (JCCSS5)" and "Ibaraki University President Project - Establishment of the Quantum Biomolecular Sciences".   2008   
FTIR spectroscopic characterization of the oxygen evolving complexes
2006 Gordon Research Conference on Photosynthesis   2006