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Tokyo University of Science
Ph.D(University of Tsukuba)

Research Areas



Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Education
Chemistry, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Tokyo University of Education
Graduate School, Division of Chemistry, University of Tsukuba

Committee Memberships

May 2013
May 2019
the Association of Glass Art Studies, Japan  President

Awards & Honors

Sep 2013
X-ray Spectrometry Best Referee Award
Jul 1978
Smithsonian Institution, Predoctoral Fellowship Award

Published Papers

Yoshinari Abe・Ryuji Shikaku・Masakazu Yamamoto・Naoto Yagi・Izumi Nakai
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports   20 362-368   May 2018   [Refereed]
Airi Hirayama・YoshinariAbe・Annelies van Loon・Nouchka De Keyser・Petria Noble・Frederik Vanmeert・Koen Janssens・Kriengkamol Tantrakarn・Kazuo Taniguchi・Izumi Nakai
MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL   138(5) 266-272   May 2018   [Refereed]
Yukihiko Satou・Keisuke Sueki・Kimikazu Sasa・Hideki Yoshikawa・Shigeo Nakama・Haruka Minowa・Yoshinari Abe・Izumi Nakai・Takahiro Ono・Kouji Adachi・Yasuhito Igarashi
GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL   52(2) 137-143   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Kenji Terada・Yoshinari Abe・Izumi Nakai・Shingo Maruhashi・Shigetoshi Miura・Kotaro Honda・ Yasuhiro Tomooka
X-RAY SPECTROMETRY   47(2) 137-143   Mar 2018   [Refereed]


An Analysis of Glass Artefacts Found in the 16th Century BC Layer at Byklukale. Turkey -One of the Oldest Glass Vessels Excavated in the Near East-
Izumi Nakai・Yoshinari Abe・Kriengkamol Tantrakarn・Kimiyoshi Matsumura・Sachihiro Omura
Anatolian Archaeological Studies   21 61-69   Apr 2018
Chemical Characterization of Roman and Early Byzantine Glass from Boğazköy/Hattuša and its Vicinity
I.Nakai, M.Matsuzaki, D.Sawamura, Y.Abe, A.Schachner
Istanbuler Mitteilungen   64 237-261   2014
Firing Technologies and raw materials of typical early and middle bronze age pottery from Kaman-Kalehoyuk : A statistical and chemical analysis
W.S.K.Bong, K.Matsumura and I.Nakai
Anatolian Archaeological Studies XⅦ 2008   17 295-311   Jan 2012
Preliminary report on the analysis of an early bronze age iron dagger excavated from Alacahoyuk
I.Nakai , Y.Abe ,K.Tantrakarn, S.Omura and S.Erkut
Anatolian Archaeological Studies,XⅦ2008   17 321-323   Jan 2012
Chemical compositions of electrum grains in ore and placer deposits in the Japanese Islands
K.Yokoyama, S. Takeuchi, I. Nakai, Y.Tsutsumi, T. Sano, M.Shigeoka, R.Miyawaki,and S.Matsubara
National museum of nature and science monographs   42 1-82   2011

Books etc

X-ray Fluorescence Analysis. In: Encyclopedia of Geochemistry. Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series.  
W. White (eds) (Part:Joint Work)
Springer, Cham   Dec 2017   
Chemical Composition of Glass in the Edo Period, The Beauties of Japanese Glass, The Bindeisha Collection
Izumi NAKAI and Shinsuke Baba (Part:Joint Work)
MIHO MUSEUM   Mar 2017   ISBN:978-4-903642-25-3
蛍光X線分析の実際 第2版
中井 泉 (Part:Joint Work)
朝倉書店   Jul 2016   ISBN:978-4-254-14103-0
Chemical Composition of Glass Beads Excavated from Kofun(ca.AD 2nd to 7th c.)in Western Japan by Portable XRF showing Glass Trade among Asian Countries in Recent Advances in the Scientific Research on Ancient Glass and Glaze
Izumi NAKAI Junko SHIRATAKI (Part:Joint Work)
World Scientific   Feb 2016   
Study of Byodoin Temple Glass: Discoveries in Japan of Small, Free-blown Glass Vessels with Lids from the Byodoin Temple and Other Sites from the Heian Period (794–1192)、in Recent Advances in the Scientific Research on Ancient Glass and G
Akiko INOUE Junko SHIRATAKI Izumi NAKAI (Part:Joint Work)
World Scientific   Feb 2016   

Conference Activities & Talks

Ancient Japanese glass imported from Eurasia as revealed by on site XRF
Izumi NAKAI and Madoka MURAKUSHI
International conference on Glass in Archaeology and History: Cultural, Economic and Artistic Exchanges,   27 Mar 2018   
On site analysis of paintings by using portable instruments
Izumi Nakai
24th Congress and General Assembly of the IUCr   21 Aug 2017   
Chemical Composition of the Ancient Silk Road glasses determined by Portable XRF
Madoka Murakushi Izumi Nakai
Technart-2017   4 May 2017   
Development of portable XRD: onsite analysis of paintings at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Izumi Nakai Airi Hirayama Arisa Izumi Yoshinari Abe Kriengkamol Tantrakarn Kazuo Taniguchi Annelies Van Loon Petria Noble Fredrik Vanmeert Koen Janssens
EXRS2016   19 Jun 2016   
Roman and Sassanid glass vessels travelled to ancient Japan
ABE Yoshinari SHIKAKU Ryuji NAKAI Izumi
20th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass   8 Sep 2015   

Research Grants & Projects

Analytical Chemistry, Archaeometry,Forensic Science,Environmental Science
JST Basic Research Programs (Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology :CREST)
Development and Application of synchrotron radiation X-ray analyses