KIYOSUE Tomohiro

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KIYOSUE Tomohiro
Gakushuin University
Faculty of Science Department of Life Science
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Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Former Institution / Organization Kagawa University Institute of Research Promotion Life Science (S) Research Center

Books etc

The Impact of Biotechnology in Agriculture. Sangwan R.S. and Sangwan-Norreel B.S. (eds.) Stress-induced carrot somatic embryos and their applicability to synthetic seed.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.   1990   

Conference Activities & Talks

Functional analysis of a novel flowering repressor EF1 in Arabidopsis
ZEITLUPE promotes hypocotyl elongation at high temperature under continuous light.
Aya Saito, Tomoyuki Takase, and Tomohiro Kiyosue
Promotion of tuberization by overexpression of Arabidopsis thaliana LOV KELCH REPEAT PROTEIN 2 in potato (Solanum tuberosum cv. May Queen).
Joint International Symposium on Japanese Solanaceae/Cucurbitaceae Genomics Initiatives   2011   
Overexpression of Arabidopsis thaliana LOV KELCH REPEAT PROTEIN 2 promotes tuberization in potato.
21st International Conference on Arabidopsis Research   2010   
Alterations in gene expression due to the overexpression of LOV kelch protein 2 (LKP2) in transgenic Arabidopsis
Plant Biology 2009   2009   

Research Grants & Projects

Molecular, genetic, and cellular analysis of stress responses and morphogenesis in model plant systems.