SUGITA Yoneyuki

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SUGITA Yoneyuki
Alternative names
Yoneyuki Sugita
Osaka University
Graduate School of Language and Culture Studies in Language and Society
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Published Papers

The Yoshida Doctrine as a Myth
Yoneyuki Sugita
The Japanese Journal of American Studies   27 123-143   Jun 2016   [Refereed][Invited]
Unexplored Aspects of U.S.-East Asian Relations in the 1940s and 1950
Yoneyuki Sugita
H-Diplo Article Reviews   (603)    Mar 2016   [Invited]
Yoneyuki Sugita
H-Diplo, H-Diplo Article Reviews   (582)    Jan 2016   [Invited]
"'Fairness' and Japanese Government Subsidies for Sickness Insurances"
SUGITA Yoneyuki
Japan Studies Review   XIX 85-104   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Yoneyuki Sugita      Apr 2014   [Invited]
Yoneyuki Sugita
Social Work in Public Health   29(2) 148-161   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
After World War II, Japanese health insurance systems rejected the idea of a flat-rate premium contribution, a central concept in the Beveridge Report. Allegedly, outside of Great Britain, no other country was more influenced by this Report than J...
"Japan's Epoch- Making Health Insurance Reforms, 1937–1945"
SUGITA Yoneyuki
Japan Forum,   2(1) 112-133   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
"The 1922 Japanese Health Insurance Law: Toward a Corporatist Framework"
SUGITA Yoneyuki
Harvard Asia Quarterly   XIV(4) 36-43   Sep 2012   [Refereed]
U.S. Military Commitment to Japan and Origins of Japan's Constrained Rearmament: Significance of the Dodge Line
Yoneyuki Sugita
   Sep 2011   [Invited]
Book Review, KOJUN FURUKAWA. Social Welfare in Japan: Principles and Applications
Yoneyuki Sugita
Asian Studies Review      Dec 2010   [Invited]
An Active Japanese Foreign Policy Impeded by a Frustrated Public in the Post-Cold War Era
Yoneyuki Sugita (杉田米行)
International Journal of Korean Unification Studies   Vol. 14(2) 171-194   Dec 2005   [Refereed]
Enigma of U.S.-Japan Relations in the 1950s
Reviews in American History   30(3) 477-485   Sep 2002   [Refereed]
SUGITA Yoneyuki
The Japanese journal of American studies   13 107-129   Jun 2002   [Refereed][Invited]
Joseph Dodge and the Geometry of Power in US- Japan Relations
JAPANESE STUDIES   19(3) 297-314   1999   [Refereed]


杉田 米行
生産と技術 = Manufacturing & technology   69(2) 126-128   2017
杉田 米行
西洋史学論集   (52) 100-103   2015
Sugita Yoneyuki
International Relations   2011(164) 164_158-161   2011
杉田 米行
Nanzan review of American studies : a journal of Center for American Studies, Nanzan University   32 105-106   2010
Organizer and presenter, "State Subsidy or Individual Responsibility: False Perceptions of Social Insurance Generated by the Recommendation for a Social Security System of 1950"
Asian Nexuses: U.S. Relations with China and Japan in the wake of the 9.11 Terrorist Attacks
Asian Nexuses: US Relations with Japan and the Korean Peninsula after the 9.11 Terrorist Attacks
The Japanese Healthcare System in Early Post-World War II Era from International Relations Perspectives
From military alliance to total alliance   12 February 2009    2009
杉田 米行
Nanzan review of American studies : a journal of Center for American Studies, Nanzan University   31 173-176   2009
Two gung-ho career women connect business with academia at Osaka University   4 February 2008    2008
Gyoza and family values   13 February 2008    2008
Reconfiguring Modernity: Concepts of Nature in Japanese Political Ideology (Twentieth-Century Japan, 12)
Univ of California Pr      2008
Technology, innovation, and Southern industrialization: from the antebellum era to the computer age
University of Missouri Press   181-201    2008
Japan a parasite country of U.S.   6 July 2007    2007
Democracy in Occupied Japan: The U.S. Occupation and Japanese Politics and Society
Routledge   pp. 147-77.    2007
Historical Dictionary of United States-Japan Relations
Scarecrow Press   various    2007
Comparison of Japan U.S. Health Security 4 vols
Small World      2006
How to Teach English Papers 5
Yomiuri Newspaper (web version)      2005
Book Review: John Ikenberry and Michael Mastanduno International Relations Theory and the Asia-Pacific
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific      2005
Need for a division of labor      2005
Wounded Despot
Metropolis   Metropolis    2005
Go our own way
Metropolis   Metropolis    2004
Impact of Postwar Domestic 'Democracy' on Japanese Security Policy for Northeast Asia
Soga shows meaning of family values      2004
Aid must foster self-responsibility      2004
Two trends clearer after election      2004
Historical lessons from Asian Cup      2004
Book Review: Amerika "Chinichiha" no Kigen (Origins of a "pro-Japanese group" in the United States).
Journal of American History      2004
Containing self-righteous U.S. behavior      2004
Impact of Postwar Domestic 'Democracy' on Japanese Security Policy for Northeast Asia
Contention and Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Analysis of Domestic-Regional Linkages      2004
Teaching Media English at University I
Yomiuri Newspaper      2004
How to Teach English Papers 4
Yomiuri Newspaper (web version)      2004
Teaching Media English at University II
Yomiuri Newspaper      2004
Reconsideration of Article Nine
Policy Space      2004
How to Teach English Papers 3
Yomiuri Newspaper (web version)      2004
How to Teach English Papers 2
Yomiuri Newspaper (web version)      2004
How to Teach English Papers 1
Yomiuri Newspaper (web version)      2004
Chinese Diplomacy and the Formation of the United Nations
Horitsu Bunkasha   159-89頁    2004
Never-Ending Story: Inflating the Threat from North Korea
The Journal of Pacific Asia      2004
Japanese media and 9-11aftermath   23 October 2003    2003
A bogus two-party system   20 November 2003    2003
The patron-client relationship   29 December 2003    2003
Trans-Pacific Relations: America, Europe, and Asia in the Twentieth Century
Praeger   pp. 3-20    2003
International Reltions in Northeast Asia Concerning North Korea and Japan
Akashi Shoten   89-111頁    2003
Pitfall or Panacea The Irony of US Power in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952
Routledge   222p    2003
Japan North Korean Summit 23 Vols
Small World      2003
Exaggerated Theat U.S. Policy toward North Korea and Japan's Choice
Small World   24p    2003
Tora! Tora! Tora!
Impact of Postwar Japan-U.S. Alliance on Japanese Healthcare System
Is the ‘Cyberspace Revolution’ Really a Revolution? A Case Study in Healthcare and Modern Scientific Thought
The Limits of American Hegemony in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952
Information Technology and Modern Scientific Thought in American Healthcare
Throwing money at Afghanistan not wise   23 January 2002    2002
’Tora! Tora! Tora!’ and Sept 11   29 March 2002    2002
Japan must stand firm against asylum seekers   20 May 2002    2002
Less social security, more self-reliance   7 June 2002    2002
Stop extortion by private universities   29 July 2002    2002
Misguided English education initiative   31 August 2002    2002
Japan-N Korea summit not good for U.S.   19 September 2002    2002
U.S. like an unleashed wild tiger   29 October 2002    2002
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
Scribners      2002
Japan’s Future Energy Policy   January 2001    2001
Japan at Davos Meeting   9 February 2001    2001
Japan's sleeping giant awakes
Online Asia Times   16 March 2001    2001
H-NET FEATURE PUBLICATION (Commentary Project) Published by   March 2001    2001
Ehime Maru Incident and Japan-United States Relations
H-NET FEATURE PUBLICATION Published by   March 2001    2001
Tangled political web ensnares Japan's economy
Online Asia Times   6 April 2001    2001
Oil can grease the wheels of Asian cooperation
Online Asia Times   21 April 2001    2001
Don't blindly trust doctors   11 April 2001    2001
Japan's academics slow to get online   7 May 2001    2001
Japan still too slow on Internet usage   23 May 2001    2001
Koizumi's real test comes after elections
Online Asia Times   10 July 2001    2001
U.S. reaction predictable but wrong   22 October 2001    2001
What to do about imperial succession law?   3 December 2001    2001
Leadership and Power: Ethical Explorations
Oxford University Press   pp. 76-89    2001
Impacts of China and Japan on International Affairs in the Asia-Pacific Region from the Late 19th Century to the Early 1950s
The Japanese Healthcare System in Early Post-World War II Era: Continuity and Discontinuity
Impacts of China and Japan on International Affairs in the Asia-Pacific Region from the Late 19th Century to the Early 1950s
The First Step Toward U.S. Hegemony in the Asia/Pacific Region
Lessons from Fujimura   10 November 2000    2000
Reconsidering Official Development Assistance   20 November 2000    2000
Reconsidering Official Development Assistance   20 November 2000    2000
Beating the Welfare Habit   6 December 2000    2000
World War II in the Pacific
Garland      2000
Chair and presenter. " The Dulles-Yoshida Negotiations and U.S. Ambivalence with Japan"
Impact of US Occupation on Japanese Healthcare System
Child Labor Reformers and the Role of the President in Social Reform: A Comment
The Limits of American Hegemony in Occupied Japan --Japan-United States Relations During the Occupation, 1945-1952
University of Wisconsin-Madison (UMI)      1999
Irony of Hegemony Asia-Pacific War and U.S. Policy Toward East Asia 1941 1952
Sekai Shisosha   262p    1999
Beyone the Line: Joseph Dodge and the Geometry of Power in US-Japan Relations, 1949-1952
University Education Press      1999
SUGITA Yoneyuki
Proceedings of the Kyoto American Studies Summer Seminar   1999 63-65   1999
Internationalization of Japanese Scholarship: Current Conditions andIts Future
Instant Global Communication: Internet Opportunities for Teachers and Researchers
Internet, H-NET, and American Studies
US Occupation Policies of Japan: A Reappraisal
Global Network for Reserch and Education: Drift or Mastery?
Transfer of Policy Initiative and Its Implications: U.S. Occupation PoliciesTowards Japan, 1946-1948
The Dodge Line, Cold War Mentality, and Hegemony

Books etc

Defamiliarizing Japan's Asia-Pacific War
Michael W. Myers and Puck Brecher eds (Part:Joint Work)
University of Hawaii Press   Nov 2019   
Victor Teo & SungWon Yoon eds (Part:Joint Work)
Routledge   Nov 2018   ISBN:1138563684
Victor Teo & Haruko Satoh eds (Part:Joint Work)
Routledge   Nov 2018   ISBN:1138085235
竹内 俊隆
大学教育出版   2018   ISBN:9784864295185
杉田 米行
Springer   2016   ISBN:9789811023941
Yoneyuki Sugita ed., (Part:Joint Work)
Lanham, MD: University Press of America   Dec 2015   ISBN:9780761866787
Mayako Shimamoto, Koji Ito, and Yoneyuki Sugita (Part:Joint Work)
Lanham, MD: The Scarecrow Press   Jul 2015   ISBN:9781442250680
竹内 俊隆
大学教育出版   2013   ISBN:9784864292382
杉田 米行
Routledge   2012   ISBN:9780415653848
Nation-Building, National Identity and the Wider World Japan and Finland in Transition, 1945-1990.
Yoneyuki SUGITA (Part:Joint Work)
Pohjois-Suomen Historiallinen Yhdistys, Rovaniemi   Sep 2010   ISBN:978-952-9888-41-2
The A to Z of United States-Japan Relations
Yoneyuki Sugita (Part:Joint Work)
Scarecrow Press   Feb 2010   ISBN:810875551
Van Sant John E., Mauch Peter (Peter Cameron), 杉田 米行
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Heller Dana A. (Dana Alice)
Palgrave Macmillan   2005   ISBN:1403968179
Modern American Diplomacy
Minerva   2005   
Finding A "Comfort Zone": Media Marketing of 9/11 in Japan
Palgrave Macmillan   2005   
The Encyclopedia of World War I : A Political, Social, and Military History
ABC-CLIO   2005   
Effective Academic Usage of the Internet
Seibunsha Press   2004   
Evaluation of George Bush: Domestic and Foreign Policies
Aki Shobo Press   2004   
The Latest "MBA Program" - Core Guidance
Shuwa System Press   2004   
American Economy
Minerva   2004   
North Korea : another country
Akashi Press   2004   
What to do with Japan-North Korean Relations: From a Pan-Pacific Perspective
Leberta Press   2004   
US Occupation of Japan and its Significance
Akashi Press   2004   
Evaluation of the Bush Administration 14 vols.
Architect. Inc.   2004   
History of the United States
Yuhikaku   2003   
杉田 米行
Routledge   2003   ISBN:0415947529
Jensen Richard J., Davidann Jon Thares, 杉田 米行
Praeger   2003   ISBN:0275977145
杉田 米行, Thorsten Marie
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根本 敬, 南田 みどり, 杉田 米行, Aung San Suu Kyi, Osaka University of Foreign Studies. Kansai Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
Kansai Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Osaka University of Foreign Studies   1996   
Yoneyuki Sugita (Part:Joint Work)
Springer   Aug 2016   ISBN:978-9811023941

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