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M. Sc.(Hitotsubashi University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Hitotsubashi University Institute of Economic Research, Comparative Economic Systems
 Research Associate,Faculty of Social Sciences,Hitotsubashi University
 Associate Professor,Institute of Economic Research,Hitotsubashi University
- Professor,Comparative Economic Systems,Institute of Economic Research,Hitotsubashi University
 Lecturer,Osaka City University


Graduate School, Division of Sociology, Hitotsubashi University
Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University


The Birmingham School in the 1840s -Unorthodox Economic Policy Proposals-
Tamotsu Nishizawa
92(1) 16-36   1984
"Entrepreneurial Failure" and the English Economics  [in Japanese]
Economic review   43(1) 65-77   1992
The Making of Japan’s Business Elites: Tokyo University of Commerce in its Historical Perspective
西沢 保
Yuzawa, T., ed., Japanese Business Success: The Evolution of a Strategy, London: Routledge   202-224   1994
Business Studies and Management Education in Japan’s Economic Development: An Institutional Perspective
西沢 保
Amdam, R.P., ed., Management, Education and Competitiveness: Europe, Japan and the United States, London: Routledge   96-110   1996
Marshall and Keynes on the Decline of the Lancashire Cotton Industry  [in Japanese]
Economic review   47(4) 289-300   1996

Books etc

Economic Heretics: Economic Policy Ideas of the Birmingham Economists
1994   ISBN:978-4000097185
University 1875-2000. A 125 Years of Higher Education in Japan (jointly worked)
Macmillan   2000   ISBN:333764897
Ikema, M., Inoue, Y., Nishizawa, T. and Yamauchi, S. Hitotsubashi University 1875-2000. A 125 Years of Higher Education in Japan (Translation)
London: Macmillan, 2000.   2000   ISBN:978-0333764893
Brentano, Marshall, and Tokuzo Fukuda: The reception and transformation of the German Historical School in Japan (in Shionoya, Y., ed., The German Historical School: The Historical and Ethical Approach to Economics)
Routledge   2001   ISBN:415208009
Hope and glory: Britain 1900-1990; Hope and glory: Britain 1900-2000 (jointly worked)
2004   ISBN:4815804915

Conference Activities & Talks

"The Historical School and the Making of Economic Science in Japan"
History of Economic Thought Society of Australia Conference   2005   
"Fukuda’s Welfare Economic Studies and Its German and English Connections –Welfare"
Workshop on the Cambridge School of Economics   2006   

Association Memberships



Critical Review of Cambridge School of Economics
2004 - 2006
Free Trade and Protectionism in the History of Economic Thought and Economic Policy
1986 - 1988
Economists, Bureaucrats and the Economic Policy Making in Historical Perspective - In particular reference to employment policy and industrial rationalization in Britain -
1999 - 2002
The Diversity and its Development of Cambridge School of Economics-the Compound Studies of Ideas, Theory and Policy-
2002 - 2005
The Comparative Study of the Economic Thought from late Nineteenth Century to Inter-war Period: Reformation of Economic Society and Designing of Economic Policy
2004 - 2008

Research Grants & Projects

Economic thought of A. Marshall and the historical school
Project Year: 1997 - 2011