MASUDA Atsushi

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MASUDA Atsushi
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Doctor of Engineering(Kanazawa University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Research Fellow of the Japan Society for
      the Promotion of Science
- Research Associate, School of Materials Science,
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Graduate School, Division of National Science and Technology, Kanazawa University
Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University


Relationship between photodarkening and light-induced ESR in amorphous Ge-S films alloyed with lead
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   30(6B) L1075-L1078   1991
Light-induced ESR and disappearance of photodarkening in amorphous Ge-S films alloyed with lead
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids   137-138 985-988   1991
Spectroscopic study on N2O-plasma oxidation of hydrogenated amorphous silicon and behavior of nitrogen
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   32(6A) 2794-2802   1993
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   33(6A) L793-L796   1994

Books etc

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of GaN layer formed on GaAs by NH3-plasma nitridation and successive excimer-laser irradiation
Institute of Physics Conference Series(Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol)   1996   
Novel surface cleaning of GaAs and formation of high quality SiNx films by cat-CVD method
Institute of Physics Conference Series(Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol)   1997   
Low temperature nitridation of Si surface using gas-decomposition reaction in cat-CVD method
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Thin Film Materials, Precesses, Reliability, and Applications(The Electrochemical Society, Inc. , Pennington)   1998   
Cat-CVD process and its application to preparation of Si-based thin films
Amorphous and Heterogeneous Silicon Thin Films : Fundamentals to Devices-1999, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings   1999   
Effects of active ammonia gas cracked in catalytic-CVD on PZT ferroelectivic capacitors
Ferroelectric Thin Films (]G0008[), Matevials Research Society Symposium Proceedings   2000   


Cat-CVD fabrication processes for semiconductor devices
1998 - 2001
Cat-CVD fabrication techniques for solar cells
Novel fabrication processes of thin-film transistors for large-area liquid-crystal displays

Research Grants & Projects

Integration Technique of Oxide Ferroelectric Thin Films and Semiconductors
Mechanism of Pulsed Laser Ablation
Characterization of Amorphous and Polycrystalline Silicon Films Prepared by Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Thin-film formation by catalytic chemical vapor deposition
Thin film silicon solar cells