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Matsuzawa T, Kameyama A, Yaoi K
Applied microbiology and biotechnology      Nov 2019   [Refereed]
Matsuzawa T, Watanabe M, Kameda T, Kameyama A, Yaoi K
The FEBS journal   286(16) 3182-3193   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Kameyama A, Thet Tin WW, Toyoda M, Sakaguchi M
Biochemical and biophysical research communications   513(1) 186-192   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Xu J, Sun H, Huang G, Liu G, Li Z, Yang H, Jin L, Cui X, Shi L, Ma T, Kameyama A, Dong W
Scientific reports   9(1) 6649   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Isaji T, Im S, Kameyama A, Wang Y, Fukuda T, Gu J
The Journal of biological chemistry   294(12) 4425-4436   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Matsuzawa T, Kameyama A, Yaoi K
FEBS open bio   9(1) 92-100   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Iida M, Matsuno YK, Watanabe A, Maruyama M, Kameyama A, Yamakoshi K
Archives of oral biology   97 52-58   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Kameyama A, Yamakoshi K, Watanabe A
Biochimica et biophysica acta. Proteins and proteomics   1867(1) 76-81   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Kameyama A, Dissanayake SK, Thet Tin WW
PloS one   13(5) e0196800   2018   [Refereed]
Zhou Y, Fukuda T, Hang Q, Hou S, Isaji T, Kameyama A, Gu J
Scientific reports   7(1) 11563   Sep 2017   [Refereed]


Kameyama Akihiko
Electrophoresis Letters   63(1) 1-6   2019
<p>Supported molecular matrix electrophoresis (SMME) is a membrane electrophoresis to characterize mucins that have been the holy grail of glycoproteomics. This review describes a principle of the SMME, some examples of SMME with biological sample...
Kameyama Akihiko
Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology   31(181) SJ40-SJ41   2019
<p>Characterization of mucins are a difficult task because of their large molecular sizes, highly heterogeneity of glycosylation, and resistance to proteases. For the discovery of mucin biomarkers, supported molecular matrix electrophoresis (SMME)...
Kameyama Akihiko, Matsuno Yu-ki, Iida Mayu, Maruyama Mitsuo, Watanabe Atsushi, Yamakoshi Kimi
Electrophoresis Letters   63(2) 55-61   2019
<p>Xerostomia is a symptom growing in the elderly, and associated with reduced salivary flow and increased salivary viscosity. Salivary mucins are responsible for the viscous property of the saliva. This study introduces aging alterations of a sal...
亀山昭彦, 山越貴水, 渡邊淳
電気泳動(Web)   61(Suppl) s15(J‐STAGE)   2017
電気泳動(Web)   60(Suppl) s22(J‐STAGE)   2016
電気泳動(Web)   59(2) 97-99 (J-STAGE)-99   2015
松野裕樹, 亀山昭彦
生物物理化学(Web)   58(2) 27-29 (J-STAGE)-29   2014
KAMEYAMA Akihiko, KIKUCHI Norihiro, NAKAYA Shuuichi, FUNATSU Shinji
Synthesiology   8(4) 200-2013   2015
Conducting glycan analysis requires expertise. This requirement has been a major bottleneck in the progress of glycomics. If glycan analysis can be done easily and rapidly without specialist knowledge, then the development of glycan functional ana...
亀山昭彦, 松野裕樹
生物物理化学(Web)   58(2) 12-14 (J-STAGE)-14   2014

Conference Activities & Talks

Breakthrough of O-glycan liberation and its application to analysis of mucins separated by supported molecular matrix electrophoresis
25th International Symposium on Glycoconjugates   25 Aug 2019   
Breakthrough of O-linked glycan release and its application in analysis of mucins separated by supported molecular matrix electrophoresis
19 Aug 2019   
Analysis of viscous glycoprotein mucins: SMME and a breakthrough of glycan analysis
24 Jul 2019   
亀山昭彦, 松野裕樹, 飯田万由, 丸山光生, 渡邉淳, 山越貴水
日本糖質学会年会要旨集   20 Aug 2018   
亀山昭彦, DISSANAYAKE Santha K., THET TIN Wai Wai
日本糖質学会年会要旨集   10 Jul 2017   
日本電気泳動学会シンポジウム講演要旨集   2017   
坂本由理奈, 勇達也, 佐藤瑛梨奈, 山崎稜太, 海田るみ, 太治輝昭, 坂田洋一, 林隆久, 馬場啓一, 高田直樹, 谷口亨, 亀山昭彦, 矢追克郎
日本木材学会大会研究発表要旨集(完全版)(CD-ROM)   3 Mar 2016   
飯竹信子, 朱耘, 亀山昭彦, 水城圭司, 柏裕樹, 西健太郎, 礒部信一郎, 木山亮一
第15回産総研・産技連LS-BT合同研究発表会要旨集,2016   2016   
亀山昭彦, 松野裕樹, 千葉靖典, 久野敦, 柴田真吉, 田口美緒, 野中浩一, 平林淳
日本糖質学会年会要旨集   1 Jul 2015   
飯竹(大道)信子, 朱耘, 亀山昭彦, 水城圭司, 柏裕樹, 西健太郎, 礒部信一郎, 木山亮一
日本生化学会大会(Web)   2015