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Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Oct 1998
Oct 1999
Department of Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Chemical center, Lund Technical University

Published Papers

Kazuaki Hoshi, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Chiaki Yoshikawa, Wakako Tsugawa, Kazunori Ikebukuro, Koji Sode
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE   13 4461-4472   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Hemozoin, a chemical analogue of a malarial pigment, is a crystal composed of heme dimers that can act as a potent Th1-type adjuvant, which strongly induces antibody production. However, the clinical applications of malarial hemozoin has limitatio...
Ryota Miyazaki, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Keiichi Yoshimatsu, Katsuhiro Kojima, Ryutaro Asano, Koji Sode, Wakako Tsugawa
BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY   122 115-122   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Glucoside 3-dehydrogenase (G3DH) is a flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD)-containing oxidoreductase that catalyzes the oxidation of the hydroxy group on the C-3 position of pyranose and shows broad substrate specificity by oxidizing many saccharides...
Jian Zhang, Sachiko Hiromoto, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Hua Huang, Gaozhi Jia, Haiyan Li, Guangyin Yuan
Biomedical Mg alloy is promising for its widespread use clinically. In vitro and in vivo studies showed that the degradation products of biomedical Mg alloy were composed of O, P, Ca, Mg and other alloying elements. However, little is known about ...
Qingmin Ji, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Jiao Sun, Żaneta Górecka, Nien-Chi Huang, Shan-hui Hsu, Lok Kumar Shrestha, Jonathan P. Hill, Katsuhiko Ariga
ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES   9(5) 4509-4518   Jan 2017   [Refereed]
Sponge-like porous silica nanosheets having nanometer thicknesses and possess pores whose diameters are on the hundreds-of-nanometers scale have been used as a novel carrier for molecular immobilization of different guests. The coating of porous s...
Sachiko Hiromoto, Tomohiko Yamazaki
SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF ADVANCED MATERIALS   18(1) 96-109   Jan 2017   [Refereed]
Octacalcium phosphate (OCP) and hydroxyapatite (HAp) coatings were formed on Mg-3Al-1Zn (AZ31) alloy. Osteoblast MG-63 was cultured directly on OCP- and HAp-coated AZ31. OCP-AZ31 showed sparse distribution of living cell colonies and dead cells. H...
Shiota M, Yamazaki T, Yoshimatsu K, Kojima K, Tsugawa W, Ferri S, Sode K.
Bioelectrochemistry   112 178-183   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
•The presence of an iron–sulfur cluster in the catalytic subunit of FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase is elucidated.•Three Cys residues in the Cys-rich region in the catalytic subunit of FADGDH constitute an iron‐sulfur cluster...
Zhang J, Hiromoto S, Yamazaki T, Niu J, Huang H, Jia G, Li H, Ding W, Yuan G.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A   104(10) 2476-2487   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Effect of cells on corrosion behavior of biomedical magnesium alloy is an important topic to understand the different corrosion rate between in vitro and in vivo experiments. In this work, macrophages were directly cultured on Mg-2.1Nd-0.2Zn-0.5Zr...
Sode K, Yamazaki T, Lee I, Hanashi T, Tsugawa W.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics   76 20-28   Feb 2016   [Refereed]
In this review, the BioCapacitor principle is described. The three different representative categories of biodevices employing the BioCapacitor principle are introduced. Further, the recent challenges in the developments of self-powered stand-alon...
Huang N.-C, Ji Q, Yamazaki T, Nakanishi W, Hanagata N, Ariga K, Hsu S.-H.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics   17(38) 25455-25462   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
We employed a series of nanosheet networks to facilitate the delivery of naked plasmid DNA into human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs). By putting different chemicals into the reaction mixture for etching the silica glass, we were able to fabricate ...
Krishnan V, Kasuya Y, Ji Q, Sathish M, Shrestha L.K, Ishihara S, Minami K, Morita H, Yamazaki T, Hanagata N, Miyazawa K, Acharya S, Nakanishi W, Hill J.P, Ariga K.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces   7(28) 15667-15673   Jul 2015   [Refereed]
A versatile method for the rapid fabrication of aligned fullerene C60 nanowhiskers (C60NWs) at the air-water interface is presented. This method is based on the vortex motion of a sub-phase (water), which directs floating C60 nanowhiskers (C60NWs)...


Kosuke Minami, Yuki Kasuya, Yuki Kasuya, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Qingmin Ji, Waka Nakanishi, Jonathan P. Hill, Jonathan P. Hill, Hideki Sakai, Katsuhiko Ariga, Katsuhiko Ariga
Advanced Materials      Jan 2015
Takuya Hanashi, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Hiroshi Tanaka, Kazunori Ikebukuro, Wakako Tsugawa, Koji Sode, Koji Sode
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical   196 429-433   Jun 2014
The inherent low power supplies from biofuel cells limits their application as power sources in implantable devices. To overcome these limitations, we have previously developed a novel device designated as a "BioCapacitor" (Hanashi et al., 2009). ...
Keiichi Yoshimatsu, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Yu Hoshino, Paul E. Rose, Linda F. Epstein, Les P. Miranda, Philip Tagari, John M. Beierle, Yusuke Yonamine, Kenneth J. Shea
Journal of the American Chemical Society   136 1194-1197   Jan 2014
We describe a novel epitope discovery strategy for creating an affinity agent/peptide tag pair. A synthetic polymer nanoparticle (NP) was used as the "bait" to catch an affinity peptide tag. Biotinylated peptide tag candidates of varied sequence a...
Huijie Zhang, Huijie Zhang, Song Chen, Chunyi Zhi, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Nobutaka Hanagata, Nobutaka Hanagata, Nobutaka Hanagata
International Journal of Nanomedicine   8 1783-1793   May 2013
Background: Cytosine-phosphate-guanine (CpG) oligodeoxynucleotides activate Toll-like receptor 9, leading to induction of proinflammatory cytokines, which play an important role in induction and maintenance of innate and adaptive immune responses....
Suwarti Suwarti, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Chechetka Svetlana, Nobutaka Hanagata, Nobutaka Hanagata
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications   430 1234-1239   Jan 2013
Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) recognizes a synthetic ligand, oligodeoxynucleotide (ODN) containing cytosine-phosphate-guanine (CpG). Activation of TLR9 by CpG ODN induces a signal transduction cascade that plays a pivotal role in first-line immune d...

Books etc

バイオセンサへの応用 〜酵素燃料電池型バイオセンサから自立型バイオセンサへ〜
山崎 智彦, 早出広司
生物燃料電池は金属触媒を用いた水素燃料電池と異なり、アノードの生体触媒を選択することで、様々な物質を燃料とすることができる。本節では、酵素燃料電池の研究開発の中で、酵素燃料電池を応用したバイオセンサについて現在までの報告を紹介する。また、酵素燃料電池型バイオセンサの特徴を生かした、"stand-alone", "self-powered"である自立型バイオセンサについてその構成、測定原理、センサとしての特性を筆者らの研究成果を中心に説明する。

Conference Activities & Talks

Extraction of endosomes from live cells by use of antibody-functionalized nanoneedle
16 Mar 2019   
Complex polymer for cell adhesion studies on peptide modified surface
3rd International Symposium on Nanoarchitectonics for Mechanobiology   7 Mar 2019   
Development of a polymer based immunostimulatory ligand mimicking malarial hemozoin [Invited]
YAMAZAKI, Tomohiko
CSIRO-NIMS symposium   22 Oct 2018   
Hemozoin, a biocrystal synthesized by the Plasmodium parasite, is responsible for the induction of a strong inflammatory response mediated by TLR9 activation. As the use of malarial hemozoin is limited by issues regarding its biosafety and mass pr...
Development of novel immunostimulatory ligands of Toll-like receptor 9 as potent activators of the innate immune system [Invited]
YAMAZAKI, Tomohiko
Second Interdisciplinary and Research Alumni Symposium iJaDe2018   3 Sep 2018   
The Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are a class of pattern recognition receptors that recognize pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs), and also play a critical role in the innate immune response to invading pathogens. TLR9 is activated by DNA ...
Enhancement of the Immunostimulatory Activity of Natural Phosphodiester-based CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides by using structural DNA nanotechnology [Invited]
YAMAZAKI, Tomohiko
Guest Lecture Doctoral Program in Biomedical Science   9 Aug 2018   
Oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) containing unmethylated cytosine-guanine (CpG) motif had been enormously studied for its adjuvant-potential to stimulate innate immune response via interaction with the pattern-recognition receptor, Toll-like receptor ...

Research Grants & Projects

JSPS: 科学研究費補助金国際共同研究加速基金(国際共同研究強化)
Project Year: Feb 2018 - Mar 2021    Investigator(s): 山崎智彦
分子内/分子間Gカルテット構造形成による免疫活性化CpG ODNの機能制御
JSPS: 科学研究費補助金基盤研究(C)(一般)
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2021    Investigator(s): 山崎智彦
JSPS: 科学研究費補助金基盤研究(C)(一般)
Project Year: 2017 - 2019    Investigator(s): 三上あかね
TIA: TIA collaborative research program
Project Year: 2018 - 2018    Investigator(s): 山崎智彦
JSPS: 科学研究費補助金基盤研究(B)(一般)
Project Year: 2016 - 2018    Investigator(s): 早出広司
JSPS: 科学研究費補助金基盤研究(B)(一般)
Project Year: 2016 - 2018    Investigator(s): 廣本祥子
Electrochemical Properties of Glucoside 3-Dehydrogenase, an Enzyme for 1,5-Anhydro-D-Glucitol Sensing
Project Year: 2017 - 2017    Investigator(s): YAMAZAKI Tomohiko
TIA: TIA collaborative research program
Project Year: 2017 - 2017    Investigator(s): 山崎智彦
JSPS: 科学研究費補助金基盤研究(C)(一般)
Project Year: 2015 - 2017    Investigator(s): 山崎智彦