MAYAMA Tatsushi

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MAYAMA Tatsushi
Doshisha University
Faculty of Policy Studies Department of Policy Studies
Job title
Master of Laws(Chuo University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Law, Chuo University
Graduate School, Division of Law, Chuo University
Faculty of Law, Chuo University


Public Administration and Policy Implementation Analysis : An Analyfical Model for study of Public Administration
The Chuo Law Review   92(5-6)    1986
Policy Implementation System in the Governmental System
The Report of The Institute of Social Science, Chuo University   (16) 47-85   1995
Regulatory Reform in Reagan Administration : Reagan's efforts to control the federal bureaucracy
The Journal of Polifical Science and Economics   56    1988
Policy Elements and Policy Implementation System : In a case of Building Guidance Administration
The Administrative Science Quarterly   42    1988
Private Sector and Public Regulation in Resort Development in Ibaraki
Annual Report of the Region Studies Institute Ibaraki Univ.   23    1990

Books etc

Policy Changes in the Policy Implementation Process
Public Administration Vol. 5   1994   
Theory of Policy Implementation
Theories in Public Administration and Execution   1991   
Federal Regulation in Reagan Administration : Trend of Deregulation and Administrative Management
Practice of Administrative Reform : Japan and U. S. A.   1987   
Public Administration and Policy Studies : Relations between Practice and Policy Studies in Local Government
Policy Studies and Training of Public Servant   1992   
Development of"Gakken-toshi"by the Third Sector : The case of Kansai Cultural and Research City
The Study on the Third Sector   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Study of Policy Implementation System
Study of Policy Inplementation and Governance