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Shiga University
Faculty of Economics
Job title
Associate Professor
Master of Arts in Comparative Literary Theory(University of Warwick), PhD in Literature(Chiba University), M.A in Literature(Chiba University)
Other affiliation
Australian National UniversityUniversity of Canberra
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Rina Kikuchi is a literary scholar, poetry translator and associate professor of literature at National Shiga University in Japan. She is currently working on her research project on Japanese women’s poetry of Asia Pacific War as a visiting fellow at the Australian National University and University of Canberra. Her bilingual books of poetry translations are Poet to Poet: Contemporary Women Poets from Japan (RWP 2017, co-edited with Jen Crawford), and Pleasant Troubles (RWP 2018, co-edited with Harumi Kawaguchi).

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Mar 2005
Mar 2007
Associate Professor (as old post name), Faculty of Economics, Shiga University
Apr 2007
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Shiga University


M.A. in Literature, Chiba University
M.A. in comparative literatry theories, University of Warwick
PhD in Literature, Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Chiba University
B.A. in Literature, Chiba University

Awards & Honors

Asia Study Grants, National Library of Australia
Winner: KIKUCHI Rina (

Published Papers

Transference   vol.6 39-48   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
And the bright morning comes
Rina Kikuchi & Cassandra Atherton
Meanjin   vol.77(issue 2) 10-12   2018   [Refereed]
Rina Kikuchi & Carol Hayes
Transference   5 54-60   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
'Into White Darkness’ by Misaki Takako
Rina Kikuchi & Subhash Jaireth
Westerly   62(2) 195-197   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
‘Head Ache’ by Kono Satoko
Rina Kikuchi & Shane Strange
Westerly   62(2) 191-194   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
‘Soles –’ by Ishikawa Itsuko
Rina Kikuchi & Paul Munden
Westerly   62(2) 183-186   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
‘Welcome Home’ by Kawaguchi Harumi
Rina Kikuchi & Melinda Smith
Westerly   62(2) 187-190   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
‘The Gift’ by Misumi Mizuki.
Rina Kikuchi & Niloofar Fanaiyan
Westerly   62(2) 177-182   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Rina Kikuchi & Jen Crawford
Cordite Poetry Review   81    Aug 2017   [Refereed]
Rina Kikuchi & Jen Crawford
Working Paper   (268)    Jul 2017
Rina Kikuchi & Carol Hayes
Working Paper (Shiga University)      Mar 2017
Rina Kikuchi & Carol Hayes
Transference(Western Michigan University)   45-56   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Rina Kikuchi & Carol Hayes
滋賀大学ワーキングペーパー   (248)    Mar 2016
Rina Kikuchi and Carol Hayes
Transference (Western Michigan University)   69-77   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
Rina Kikuchi and Carol Hayes
Poetry Kanto (      Oct 2015   [Refereed]
【巻】2015 issue
Rina Kikuchi and Carol Hayes
Working Paper (Shiga University)      May 2015
【巻】No. 228
Rina Kikuchi and Carol Hayes
Working Paper (Shiga University)      Feb 2015
【巻】No. 221
Rina Kikuchi and Carol Hayes
Working Paper (Shiga University)      Feb 2015
【巻】No. 222
Rina Kikuchi and Carol Hayes
Transference (Western Michigan University)   12-15   Dec 2014   [Refereed]
【巻】Vol. 2
Rina Kikuchi and Carol Hayes
Working Paper (Shiga University)      Jun 2013
【巻】No. 192
Rina Kikuchi & Kazuki Onji
Journal of Socio-Economics   40(6) 929-941   2011   [Refereed]
What is So Grim in Sweeney's Black Moon: An Analysis through the Comparisons with his Earlier Poems
Rina Kikuchi
   Dec 2009   [Refereed]
Rina Kikuchi
Hikone Ronso   379 1-23   Jul 2009
Rina Kikuchi
Hikone Ronso   (378) 19-39   May 2009
Procrastination, Prompts, and Preferences : Evidence from Daily Records of Self-Directed Learning Activities
Rina Kikuchi & kazuki Onji
Working Paper (Shiga University)      Apr 2009
【巻】No. 110
Rina Kikuchi
『彦根論叢』(滋賀大学)   (363) 47-62   Nov 2006
Entering into the Lives of Things: the Voices of 'I' in Brendan Kennelly's Poetry.
Rina Kikuchi
Anglo-Sazon, Norse, and Celtic Studies: Report on the Reserach Projects No.80   117-139   Mar 2004   [Refereed]
A Fresh Look, A Fresh Listen: Newness and Contemporariness of Women in Irish Poetry Now.
Rina Kikuchi
Chiba Review 23/24   14-37   Mar 2003   [Refereed]
Living Voices from Dublin: Poetry of Brendan Kennelly, Eavan Boland and Paula Meehan.
Rina Kikuchi
博士論文      Sep 2002   [Refereed]
Living Voices from Duglin: Latest Poems from Brendan Kennelly and Eavan Boland.
Rina Kikuchi
Claritas No.14   34-59   Mar 2002
Extracts from Interviews with Two Irish Poets: An Interview with Brendan Kennelly and An Interview with Paula Meehan.
Rina Kikuchi
『社会文化科学研究』第6号   218-225   Feb 2002   [Refereed]
Friel's Ballybeg Plays and His Metropolitan Audience.
Rina Kikuchi
Claritas No.13   26-41   Mar 2000
The Dream-Bridge over the West and the East: Yeats and the Noh.
Rina Kikuchi
Claritas No.12   28-84   Mar 1999
MA thesis (University of Warwick)
Keats's Narrative Sequence: Dreaming to Awakening in Isabella.
Rina Kikuchi
『研究プロジェクト報告書:ロマン主義と革命II』   17-50   Mar 1999   [Refereed]
M.A thesis (Chiba University)


‘Poetry Reading’ at Gorman House, featuring Ito Hiromi and Suga Keijiro, co-organizer
Organizer Paul Munden, Co-organizer Rina Kikuchi
Poetry on the Move Festival, Gorman Housa, Canberra      Sep 2017
International Symposium on Poetry and Translation: Women, Politics, Displacement
Organizer: Rina Kikuchi
   Sep 2017

Books etc

Pleasant Troubles
KIKUCHI Rina (with KAWAGUCHI Harumi)
Recent Work Press   Jul 2018   ISBN:0648257975
Poet to Poet: Contemporary Women Poets from Japan
Rina Kikuchi & Jen Crawford
Recent Work Press   Sep 2017   ISBN:9780648087854
Reviewed in:
1) Japan Times
2) Modern Poetry in Translation (no.2 2018)
3) Tokyo Poetry Journal (vol.6 2018)

Conference Activities & Talks

For women by women: gender and politics in Fukao Sumako’s poetry
Cold War Lives and Literatures Workshop (UNSW Canberra, School of Humanities and Social Sciences)   11 Dec 2018   
That Poetry Thing (Smith's Alternative, Canberra)   15 Oct 2018   
B&B Poegtry Reading   28 Jul 2018   
Bilingual Poetry Reading
MC: Rina Kikuchi
Featuring Suga Keijiro × Vahni Capildeo × Kawaguchi Harumi × Melinda Smith× Nakamura Kazue ×Ellen van Neerven × Nagae Yuki × Ravi Shankar× Kashiwagi Mari × Cassandra Atherton × Shane Strange × Paul Hetheri...
Bilingual Poetry Reading Orange Bookshop, Kumamoto
MC: Rina Kikuchi
Bilingual Poetry Reading   26 Jul 2018   
Organizer: Rina Kikuchi
Featuring: Ito Hiromi, Vahni Capildeo, Jen Crawford, Shane Strange, Malinda Smith, Hirokawa Ayamachi, Misumi Mizuki, Murakami Yukiko, Ellen van Neerven
Nara-Canberra Bilingual Poetry Reading
MC: Rina Kikuchi
Bilingual Poetry Reading   23 Jul 2018   
Organizer: Rina Kikuchi
SYLP Meeting   22 Jul 2018   
Feminism and Imperialism in Women’s Poetry during the Asia-Pacific Wa
War Feminism and Cold War Lives Workshop (Australian National University)   18 Jun 2018   
‘Poetic Journeys: Two Japanese Stories’ featuring Ito Hiromi and Kanamori Mayu
MC: Rina Kikuchi
Poetry on the Move   16 Sep 2017   
Rina Kikuchi, Hiromi Ito, Jeffrey Angles, Harumi Kawaguchi, Melinda Smith, Takako Arai, Jen Crawford, Kayoko Yamasaki & Subhash Jaireth
Poetry on the Move Festival   15 Sep 2017   
Reviewed in 'Not Very Quiet' by Anita Patel.
‘Japanese Translation Workshop I’
Rina Kikuchi & Jen Crawford
Poetry on the Move Festival   15 Sep 2017   
‘Japanese Translation Workshop II’
Rina Kikuchi & Jeffrey Angles
Poetry on the Move Festival   15 Sep 2017   
Rina Kikuchi
International Symposium on Poetry and Translation: Women, Politics, Displacement   14 Sep 2017   Australian National University
Main Organizer: Rina Kikuchi
Symposium program:
‘Politics in Women’s Poetry: Poems by Fukao Sumako (1988-1974) and Nagase Kiyoko (1906-1995)’
Rina Kikuchi
JSAA Conference   18 Jun 2017   
Cultural Exchange through Poetry: Tanka-translation and Tanka-in-English in Australia
Rina Kikuchi
Japan in Australia (University of Queensland)   26 Nov 2016   
Rina Kikuchi
Poetry and Translation Workshop III   4 Jul 2016   
Workshop Organizer: Rina Kikuchi
経済学部ワークショップ文学研究会   16 Jun 2016   
Women's Voices: poems on women by women during war-time and post-war Japan
Wounds, Scars, and Healing: Civil Society and Postwar Pacific Basin Reconciliation (University of Sydney)   30 Sep 2015   
Women's Modernist Poetry in 1930s Japan: Sagawa Chika and her Contemporaries
Rina Kikuchi
Japanese Studies Association of Australia Conference 2015   2 Jul 2015   JSAA
Rina Kikuchi, Noriko Tanaka, Carol Hayes
19 Apr 2015   
Organizer: Rina Kikuchi & Noriko Tanaka
Do women need to write about women? - 'I' as a 'woman' in contemporary Japanese women's poetry
24 Mar 2015   Australian National University
The hidden voice of women in Japanese modernist poetry
Rina Kikuchi
オーストラリア国立大学(ANU)セミナー   23 Sep 2014   
Rina Kikuchi
Poetry and Translation Workshop II   25 Jun 2014   
Workshop Organizer; Rina Kikuchi
Poetry and Translation Workshop I   30 Sep 2013   
Workshop Organizer: Rina Kikuchi
Modernism and modanizumu: self-expression and stylistic challenges in the poetry of Sagawa Chika (1911-1936)
Rina Kikuchi
European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS), Japan Conference   29 Sep 2013   
Panel name: RADICALS AND MODERNISTS: Western influences and poetic voices of early 20th century Japan
(Re)assessing Sagawa Chika (1911-1936) as a modernist poet
Rina Kikuchi
Japanese Studies Association of Australia (JSAA)   9 Jul 2013   
The doubly marginalized poet: (re)assessing the poetry of Sagawa Chika 左川ちか (1911-1936)
Rina Kikuchi
Japanese studies seminar series, Australian National University (オーストラリア国立大学)   28 Sep 2012   
The Impact of Confessional Writings: Ikuta Hanayo's `Sankaku kankei no ittan yori (Fragments of ménage à trois)'
Rina Kikuchi
Hasegawa Shigure and 『女人芸術』(Women’s Arts, 1928-1932): What Were Women Fighting for? (シドニー大学国際シンポジウム)   8 Jul 2011   
The First Two Translations of "Chamber Music" in Japan: How the Act of Translation Influenced Japanese Prose-Poetry
Rina Kikuchi
IASIL International Conference 2008   31 Jul 2008   
The Effects of Self-Study Soft on Listening Ability
JALT 2008: The Japan Association for Language Teaching 33rd Internatinal Conference   25 Nov 2007   
A Reality Distinct from the Actual: An Alternative World in the Poetry of Walter de la Mare and Matthew Sweeney
Rina Kikuchi
IASIL International Conference 2006   Jul 2006   
Symposium: Irish poetry and culture, " A Flavour of Ireland in Matthew Sweeney's Poetry"
Rina Kikuchi
Reassessment of Brendan Kennelly's Poetry My Arse
Rina Kikuchi
IASIL Japan, The 19th International Conference   Oct 2002   

Research Grants & Projects

Modern and Contemporary Women's Poetry in Japan
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Today
Contemporary Irish Poetry
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2009

Social Contribution

[TV or radio appearance]  Smith's Alternative, Canberra  15 Oct 2018
[Presenter, Planner]  22 Jul 2018
[TV or radio appearance, Presenter, Planner]  Poetry on the Move Festival 2017 (University of Canberra)  16 Sep 2017
[Lecturer, Organizing Member]  15 Sep 2017
[Presenter, Lecturer, Planner]  Shiga University  4 Jul 2016
[]  Oct 2006
[]  Apr 2006