Yasumasa Fujii

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Yasumasa Fujii
The University of Tokyo
The Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management
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The University of TokyoThe University of Tokyo

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Policy Assessment of Energy Security with a Global Energy Model of Multi-agent Type
Secure procurement of energy resources is one of the most highly prioritized national policy subjects. However, it is very difficult for conventional energy supply and demand models to evaluate appropriately national energy security in the situati...
International Policy Assessment of Climate Change
A global energy model is applied to the assessment of the so-called Kyoto Mechanism which comprises ET (Emissions Trade), JI (Joint Implementation) and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), aiming at the more efficient emissions reduction of greenhou...
Stochastic Optimal Electric Power Procurement Strategies with Uncertain Market Prices
Distribution companies have to take the risk stemming from the price fluctuation of a wholesale market instead of the customers. This entails the necessity to develop a certain method to make an optimal strategy for electricity procurement under t...
Evaluation of the Influence of the Extensive Introduction of Distributed Power Sources on the National Power System
Distributed power sources have been steadily increasing their total installed capacity. By connecting several distributed power sources, as well as electric utility network, a novel power supply network can be built, which is economically more eff...
Study on Coordinated Operation of Autonomous Small Scale Decentralized Power Supply Systems
Distributed power generation technologies such as wind turbines, solar cells and co-generation systems are gaining the opportunities of participating into grid power systems due to rapid technology improvement. The purpose of this study is to anal...