Heeryon Cho

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Heeryon Cho
Kookmin University
College of Computer Science
Job title
Research Professor
Ph.D. (Informatics)(Kyoto University), B.A. (Political Science)(Yonsei University)

Academic & Professional Experience

Dec 2015
Research Professor, College of Computer Science, Kookmin University (Seoul, South Korea)
Oct 2015
Nov 2015
Researcher, School of Computer Science, Kookmin University (Seoul, South Korea)
Sep 2014
Feb 2015
Research Associate Professor, Dept. of Management Information Systems, Chungbuk National University (Cheongju, South Korea)
Feb 2011
Aug 2014
Senior Researcher, Yonsei Institute of Convergence Technology, Yonsei University (Incheon, South Korea)
Mar 2010
Nov 2010
Researcher, Center for Interaction Science, Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, South Korea)


Apr 2003
Mar 2009
Department of Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
Mar 1991
Feb 1995
Department of Mass Communication, College of Social Sciences, Yonsei University

Awards & Honors

Analysis of Cultural Differences in Pictogram Interpretations, Doctoral Thesis Award, The Japan Association for Social Informatics

Published Papers

Song-Mi Lee,Heeryon Cho,Sang Min Yoon
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MIHARA Koichiro, SAKAI Satoshi, CHO Heeryon, ISHIDA Toru
IEICE technical report. Artificial intelligence and knowledge-based processing   108(441) 79-84   Feb 2009
Several multilingual chat systems with machine translation features have been proposed to support multilingual communication, but they do not provide sufficient communication support for practical usage in the real-world environment because of a p...
MORIMOTO Satoshi, SAKAI Satoshi, GOTOU Masaki, CHO Heeryon, ISHIDA Toru
IEICE technical report. Artificial intelligence and knowledge-based processing   108(441) 1-6   Feb 2009
"Language Grid" enables easy sharing of language services, but end users and application developers cannot easily use these services since they are provided as Web services. We have developed a website called "Language Grid Playground" to enable e...
CHO Heeryon, ISHIDA Toru, YAMASHITA Naomi, INABA Rieko, TAKASAKI Toshiyuki, KODA Tomoko
Human interface   10(4) 427-434   Nov 2008
Cho Heeryon, Ishida Toru, Inaba Rieko, Takasaki Toshiyuki, Mori Yumiko, Koda Tomoko
Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference   2007(1)    Mar 2007
IPSJ SIG Notes. ICS   2006(110) 1-8   Oct 2006
In order to establish mutual understanding during pictogram communication, humans exchanging pictogram messages must share common interpretation of pictograms that compose pictogram messages. Interpretations of pictograms may vary, however, accord...

Conference Activities & Talks

Assisting Pictogram Selection with Semantic Interpretation
The 5th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2008)   2008   
Towards Culturally-Situated Agent Which Can Detect Cultural Differences
The 10th Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents (PRIMA 2007)   2007   
Pictogram Retrieval Based on Collective Semantics
The 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2007)   2007   
Human Detection of Cultural Differences in Pictogram Interpretations
2009 ACM International Workshop on Intercultural Collaboration (IWIC 2009)   2009   
Culturally-Situated Pictogram Retrieval
2007 International Workshop on Intercultural Collaboration (IWIC 2007)   2007