Higuchi Tadashige

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Higuchi Tadashige
Osaka Sangyo University
College of General Education
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Geography, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Saitama University


Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of Metropolitan America
HIGUCHI Tadashige
Journal of Osaka Sangyo University, Humanities   (118) 59-82   2006
Geographical Perspectives on the Distribution of Ethnic Groups in the United States
Journal of Osaka Sangyo Universities, Humanities   97 15-34   1999
Regional Analysis on the Population Trends of the Metropolitan Areas in the United States: Focusing on Central City-Suburban Area Population Change sinse 1970s
HIGUCHI Tadashige, HORIUCHI Chika and ITOH Osamu
Journal of Osaka Sangyo University, Humanities & Social Sciences   (24) 1-37   2015
The Decline and the Attempts to the Revitalization ofMetropolitan Detroit
Tadashige Higuchi
161-179   2004
Some Aspects of the Urban Sprawl in the United States: Focusing on Metropolitan Denver
Tadashige HIGUCHI
(O.S.U.Research Studies Series No.34)A Comprehensive Study of American Society and Culture   87-103   2010

Research Grants & Projects

Spatial Structure of Urban Retail Industry
Ethnic and Racial Segregation of American Cities
Spatial Structure of Urban Population
Suburbanization and Urban Policy of the American Metropolitan Area