MURAKAMI Tadayoshi

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MURAKAMI Tadayoshi
Osaka University
Graduate School of Language and Culture Studies in Language and Society
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preliminary study on the merit-making of Theravada Buddhists: A Case Study of Shan in Northern Thailand
Tadayoshi Murakami
   Mar 2013   [Invited]
The Construction of Pa-O Buddhism: Buddhism and Identity of the Pa-O in the Shan State of Myanmar
Tadayoshi Murakami
   Jun 2013
Macau, 20130625
Lik Long and How New Migrants Help Revitalize Shan Manuscript Culture in Mae Hong Son
Tadayoshi Murakmai
   Jun 2013   [Invited]
Maehongson, Thailand, June 29 2013
Maehongson Community College & Center of Ethnic Studies and Development, Faculty of Social Science, Chiang Mai University
Buddhist History as Seen from the 'Periphery': towards a history of Buddshim in the Shan State
Tadayoshi Murakami
The History and Culture of Upland Peoples in Mainland Southeast Asia   153-192   Mar 2014   [Refereed][Invited]
Preliminary study on the concept of merit of Theravada Buddhists: A Case Study of Shan in Northern Thailand
Tadayoshi Murakami
Comparative Studies on the Regional Characteristics of Merit-making and Sociocultural Dynamics in East Asia and Mainland Southeast Asia   27-34   Mar 2015   [Refereed]


Lik Long (Great Manuscripts) and Care: the Role of Lay Intellectuals in Shan Buddhism
Senri Ethnological Studies 74 "Written Cultures in Mainlnand Southeast Asia"   74, 79-96    2009
Buddhism on the Border: Cross-border Migration and Shan Buddhism in Northern Thailand
Joint Conference of the ASS & ICAS, March 31 – April 3, 2011, Honolulu, Hawaii      2011
Anthropology, Thai Studies in Japan, 1996-2006
Thai Studies in Japan, 1996-2006   81-147    2008
Anthropology, Thai Studies in Japan, 1996-2006
Proceedings of the 10th International conference on Thai Studies, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand      2008
Lik Long ("Great Manuscripts") and their Uses: the Role of Intellectuals and their Works in Shan Culture
Written Cultures in Mainland Southeast Asia      2006

Research Grants & Projects

Culture and Society of Shan in Mainland Southeast Asia