NAKANO Takayuki

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NAKANO Takayuki
Geographical Survey Institute
Geography & Crustal Dynamics Research Center
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University of Toyama

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Awards & Honors

Dec 2014
Landform Monitoring in Active Volcano by UAV and SFM-MVS Technique, ISPRS Technical Commission VIII Symposium 2014 “2nd Best paper presentation in Oral category”, ISPRS
Winner: NAKANO Takayuki, KAMIYA Izumi, TOBITA Mikio, IWAHASHI Junko and NAKAJIMA Hidetoshi

Published Papers

Non-tectonic liquefaction-induced large surface displacements in the Aso Valley, Japan, caused by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, revealed by ALOS-2 SAR
Satoshi Fujiwara, Yu Morishita, Takayuki Nakano, Tomokazu Kobayashi and Hiroshi Yarai
Earth and Planetary Science Letters   474C 457-465   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Small-displacement linear surface ruptures of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence detected by ALOS-2 SAR interferometry
Satoshi Fujiwara, Hiroshi Yarai, Tomokazu Kobayashi, Yu Morishita, Takayuki Nakano, Basara Miyahara, Hiroyuki Nakai, Yuji Miura, Haruka Ueshiba, Yasuaki Kakiage and Hiroshi Une
Earth, Planets and Space   68(160)    2016   [Refereed]
Visualization of Tsunami flooded depth distribution by Mobile Mapping System
Takaki OKATANI, Mamoru KOARAI, Takayuki NAKANO
54(2) 17-27   2016   [Refereed]
Subsurface structures survey of surface ruptures associated with the Northern Nagano Prefecture earthquake in 2014 by using ground-penetrating radar
Takayuki NAKANO, Hiroshi UNE
43 133-148   2015   [Refereed]
Surface displacements derived from the Northern Nagano Prefecture earthquake in November 22, 2014 detected by InSAR
Takayuki NAKANO, Mikio TOBITA, Hidetoshi NAKAJIMA, Izumi KAMIYA
43 69-82   2015   [Refereed]


Semi-automated landform classification for hazard mapping of soil liquefaction by earthquake
Takayuki Nakano
Proceedings of the 2017 International Cartographic Conference   Track P 3704.2 1-9   Jul 2017
Field survey of non-tectonic surface displacements caused by the Kumamoto Earthquake around Aso Valley
Takayuki NAKANO, Tomokazu KOBAYASHI, Kazuki YOSHIDA and Satoshi FUJIWARA
Bulletin of the GSI   64 47-54   2016
Nakano, T., Wada, K., Yamanaka, M., Kamiya, I. and Nakajima, H.
The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences   XLI-B1 1201-1205   2016
Transition of Land Reclamation Area along Tokyo Bay Side using Land Area Survey by GSI and Problem of Land Reclamation area
KOARAI Mamoru, NAKANO Takayuki
124 105-115   2013
Liquefaction damage in the Kanto region caused by the 2011off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, and the land condition of damaged areas detected by time-series geospatial information
Mamoru KOARAI and Takayuki NAKANO
Bulletin of the GSI of Japan   61 21-32   2013
Preliminary Study of Sedimentary Period of Layer by Using Natural Remanent Magnetization in Io To Island in Ogasawara Archipelago
Takayuki NAKANO, Tetsuro IMAKIIRE, Hideo SAKAI and Keiko MINAMI
Bulletin of the GSI   59 15-20   2011

Conference Activities & Talks

Semi-automated landform classification for hazard mapping of soil liquefaction by earthquake
Takayuki Nakano
28th International Cartographic Conference (ICC2017)   4 Jul 2017   
Precursory Slope Deformation Around Landslide Area Detected By InSAR Throughout Japan
Nakano, T., Wada, K., Yamanaka, M., Kamiya, I. and Nakajima, H.
XXIII International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) Congress   13 Jul 2016   
Construction of Real-time Inference System for Key Hazard Extent Distribution on the Ground caused by Earthquakes (RISKHEDGE)
Izumi Kamiya, Takayuki Nakano*, Kosei Otoi and Hidetoshi Nakajima
27th International Cartographic Conference   25 Aug 2015   
Underground electrical resistivity and soil water content on the surface around former
NAKANO Takayuki, KOARAI Mamoru
JpGU2014   May 2014   
Creation of ground hazard characteristic data induced by earthquake, and comparison between past damage and this data
NAKANO Takayuki, KOARAI Mamoru, KAMIYA Izumi
CSIS DAYS 2013   Nov 2013   
Reconsideration of seismic hazard assessment standard using the land condition data
NAKANO Takayuki, KOARAI Mamoru, KAMIYA Izumi
Sep 2013   
Precursory deformation of landslide detected by InSAR in Kuchisakamoto area, Shizuoka City (prompt report)
NAKANO Takayuki, KOARAI Mamoru, DAIMARU Hiromu, SAMMORI Toshiaki, OKADA Yasuhiro, OGAWA Akiho
Sep 2013   
Characteristic of foundation disaster distribution caused by a strong inland earthquake in fold region
NAKANO Takayuki, KOARAI Mamoru, OTOI Kosei, KOBAYASHI Tomokazu
IGU 2013 Kyoto Regional Conference   Aug 2013   
Volcanic activity history of Io To Island in Ogasawara Archipelago estimated by the terrace chronology and crustal deformation observation
NAKANO Takayuki, IMAKIIRE Tetsuro, KOARAI Mamoru, OOI Shinzo, OTOI Kosei, SASAKI Keiichi
IAVCEI 2013 Scientific Assembly   Jul 2013   
Distribution properties of foundation disaster caused by the Nagano-Niigata border earthquake
NAKANO Takayuki, KOARAI Mamoru, OTOI Kosei, KOBAYASHI Tomokazu
JpGU2013   May 2013   

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