ITO Takayuki

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ITO Takayuki
Waseda University
Faculty of Political Science and Economics
Job title
Professor,Chief, Comprehensive Research Organization

Research Areas



International Relations, Graduate School of Sociology, University of Tokyo
International Relations Section, Department of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Liberal Arts, University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Japan Association of International Relations  
Japan Association of Comparative Politics  Mmeber of the Board of Trustees
Japan Association of Russian and East European Studies  Member of the Board of Trustess


Political Fragmentation in Russia. Is the Multi-Party System Bound to Fail in a Post-Communist Country?
Takayuki Ito
Acta Slavica Iaponica   (12) 98-120   1994
Nomenklatura and Free Elections: A Polish Experiment, 1980-81
Takayuki Ito
Acta Slavica Iaponica   6 41-57   1988
Controversy over Nomenklatura in Poland: Twilight of a Monopolistic Instrument for Social Control
Takayuki Ito
Acta Slavica Iaponica   1 57-103   1983
Slavistik und Osteuropakunde in Japan (2)
Takayuki Ito
Osteuropa   (6) 433-447   1983
Slavistik und Osteuropakunde in Japan (1)
Takayuki Ito
Osteuropa   (5) 400-412   1983

Books etc

Globalization, Democratization, and Japan's Role in Eurasia
Adam Eberhardt and Akihiro Iwashita, ed., Security Challenges in the Post-Soviet Space: European and Asian Perspectives (Warsaw & Sapporo: The Polish Institute of International Affairs & Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, 2007)   2007   
Systems, Identities, Interests, and Institutions: Regionalism in Comparative Perspective
Alexander Duleba and Tadayuki Hayashi, ed., Regional Integration in East and West: Challenges and Responses (Bratislava: Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, 2005)   2005   
Electoral Ordinance and Party Systems from an Institutionalist Perspective: Japan and Poland, 1989-2001
Tadayuki Hayashi, ed. by, Democracy and Market Economics in Central and Eastern Europe: Are New Institutions Being Consolidated? (Sapporo: Slavic Research Center, Hokkaidou University, 2004)   2004   
Party Systems in Japan and Poland: How Far Is It Possible to Compare a Second Wave Democracy with a Third Wave One?
Vojmir Franičević and Hiroshi Kimura, ed., Globalization, Democratization and Development: European and Japanese Views of Chenge in South East Europe (Zagreb: Masmedia, 2003)   2003   
Hopes and Fears for EU Membership: The Case of Poland
Koji Fukuda and Hiroya Akiba, ed., European Governance after Nice (London & New York: Routledge Curzon, 2003)   2003   


Constructing Open Political-Economic Systems
Training Program for Journalists in Science and Techonology

Research Grants & Projects

Electoral Ordinance and Political Party System in East European Countries
Project Year: 2004 - 2008