SAI Yukari

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SAI Yukari
Waseda University
Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
Job title
Assistant Professor
Doctor of Arts(Waseda University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Assistant Professor, Institute of Advanced Stidies, Waseda University
Apr 2017
Mar 2018
Assistant Professor, Institute of Advanced Studies, Waseda Univresity
Sep 2015
Mar 2017
Lecturer (Part-time), Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University
Apr 2015
Mar 2017
Adjunct Researcher, Organization for Islamic Area Studies, Waseda University
Apr 2013
Lecturer (Part-time), Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Keisen University

Published Papers

Muslim Food and Halal Certification in Taiwan
SAI Yukari
Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology   83(4) 593-612   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Muslim Friendly Restaurant in Taiwan: Certification and practice
SAI Yukari
Proceedings of the Inte rnational Workshop on Hala l Food Consumption in East and West (Research Paper Series, Vol.5)   22-34   Mar 2018
Making Cuisines Halal: Comparative Study of the Impacts of Japanese and Taiwanese Inbound Tourism Policies on their Food Industries
SAI Yukari
Islam And Multiculturalism: Exploring Islamic Studies Within A Symbiotic Framework   30-36   Mar 2015
Halal Policy, Practice, and Perceptions in China
SAI Yukari
Islam and Multiculturalism: Coexistence and Symbiosis/Asia-Europe Institute and Organization for Islamic Area Studies (eds)   187-193   2014
Policy, practice and perceptions of qingzhen [halal] in China
Yukari Sai
Online Journal Research in Islamic Studies   1(2) 2-12   2014   [Refereed][Invited]


Home Delicacies on a Dining Table (J)
SAI Yukari
Filed Plus   21 14-15   Jan 2019   [Invited]

Books etc

Halal Matters: Islam, Politics and Markets in Global Perspective
edited by Florence Bergeaud-Blackler, Johan Fischer and John Lever (Part:Contributor, Chapter 10 'Halal Food Consumption in China: Between Qingzhen and Halal' (Yukari Sai and Johan Fischer))
Routledge   Jul 2015   
Halal Food in Various Cultural Contexts
SAI Yukari (Part:Editor)
Institute for Asian Muslim Studies, Waseda University   Mar 2014   ISBN:978-4-9907402-2-1

Conference Activities & Talks

Sharing qingzhen/halal values in China: Food, industry, and policy [Invited]
SAI Yukari
École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) seminar “L’islam et le nouvel esprit du capitalism” at Paris, France   6 Jun 2019   
清真の精神は誠信: 台湾におけるハラール認証制度の展開とムスリムの食選択
SAI Yukari
文化人類学会第53回研究大会 分科会「食をめぐる宗教的規制の制度化と実践:ハラールとコシェル」   1 Jun 2019   
Influence of Malaysian Concepts of Modern Halal upon Asian Countries: The Cases of Japan and Taiwan ( Panel III 1st session: Southeast asian countries: the halal centre development)
SAI Yukari
Rethinking Halal: Genealogy, Current trends, and New Interpretations at Universite Catolique de Louvain, Research Institute in Religions, Societies, Cultures, Spiritualities (RSCS)   19 Jun 2018   
Halal and Muslim-friendly Service in Taiwan: Muslim-friendly certification and its practice
SAI Yukari
International Workshop on Halal Food Consumption among Muslim Minorities in East and West at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan   25 Feb 2018   
Current Status and Issues on Halal Food in Japan [Invited]
SAI Yukari
International Conference and Expo on Halal Industry and Science (ICEHIS) 2017 at Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia   18 Oct 2017   
Engagement and Collaboration: A case study of making halal options at a university in Japan
SAI Yukari
East Asia Anthropology Association Annual Meeting 2017, at University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong   15 Oct 2017   
Eat Well, Drink Together: A Case Study of Commensality in South Fujian, China [Invited]
SAI Yukari
Pleasure, Providence and Purity: An International Conference on Food and Drink in Islamic Societies and Cultures, at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong   28 Apr 2017   
Dialogue, negotiation, and transparency: a case study of making halal options at a university in Japan
SAI Yukari
Halal Marketing Tourism Research Symposium (HMTRS) 2016, at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand   2 Dec 2016   
How to make halal options: a case study of a university canteen in Japan
SAI Yukari
International workshop on Cross-Border Discourses on Halal, at University of Malaya, Kuara Lumpur, Malaysia   12 Nov 2016   
Halal Food Consumption in China and Taiwan
SAI Yukari
The 2016 International Metropolis Conference, at Nagoya Congress Center, Nagoya   26 Oct 2016   
アジア四カ国のムスリム対応レストランをめぐる状況の比較 ―イスラーム地域研究の視点から―
FUKUSHIMA Yasuhiro and SAI Yukari
29 Nov 2015   
Halal Food and Muslim-Friendly Services in Taiwan
SAI Yukari
nternational Conference on Islam in Global Perspective, at New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE   1 Nov 2015   
Being There: Mosque, Restaurants, and Cultural Landscapes in Non-Muslim Hui Communit
SAI Yukari
East Asian Anthropology Association Annual Meeting at National Chengchi Univresity, Taiwan   4 Oct 2015   
Halal Food Regulation and Consumption in China
SAI Yukari
National institutes for Humanities of Japan (NIHU) Program for Islamic Area Studies (IAS) Fifth International Conference, Tokyo 2015 “New Horizons in Islamic Area Studies: Asian Perspectives and Global Dynamics” at Sophia Universitym Tokyo   11 Sep 2015   
Between Qingzhen and Halal: Instituionalization of Qingzhen and eating practices of both Muslim/non-Muslim residents in South China
SAI Yukari
30 May 2015   
Making Cuisines Halal: Comparative Study of the Impact of Japanese and Taiwanese Inbound Policies on Food Industry
Yukari Sai
International seminar on Islam and Multiculturalism: Exploring Islamic Studies within a Symbiotic Framework   13 Dec 2014   
Challenges for Halal Options in Japan
Yukari Sai
Malaysia International Research & Education Conference 2014 (MIHREC 2014)   3 Dec 2014   
Creativity and flexibility of cuisine: Comparative study of the impact of Japanese and Taiwanese inbound policies and strategy for Muslim tourists on everyday life
2014 Annual Conference of the East Asian Anthropological Association   15 Nov 2014   
Culinary image and food business as conscience: a case study of the halal food business in China
SAI Yukari
International Union of Anthropolpgical and Ethnological Science (IUAES 2014) with JASCA   15 May 2014   
ハラ-ルの制度化を考える: 中国の場合
ハラ-ルの制度化を考える: 中国の場合   27 Feb 2014   
Halal Food Consumption in Chinese Culture
International Symposium “Halal Food Consumption in Western Europe and East Asia”   2014   
Halal mark, Culinary Image and Sharing Halal Values in China
International Conference on Islam and Multiculturalism: Coexistence and Symbiosis   2013   
Commensality for another Local Community: From the tables at a mosque in South Fujian, China
East Asian Anthropological Association Conference 2013   2013   
The systematization of “Halal” Expansion and Convergence: A Case study in China
NIHU Program for Islamic Area Srudies Fourth International Conference 2013   2013   
中国における清真とハラ-ル: その現代的意味付けと活用
国際シンポジウム「アジアの国家とシャリ-ア」ワ-クショップ「中国,東南アジアのハラ-ル産業」   2013   
Halal in Chinese Food Culture
The 1st International Symposium on Food Halalness: Food Halalness in and around South-East Asia   2013   
アジアにおけるハラ-ル産業の現在: その拡がりとつながり
東京工業大学 「ぐるなび」食の未来創成寄附講座食文化共同研究会公開講義シリ-ズ第3回公開講義食のハラ-ルと食文化(1): アジアの食のハラ-ル   2013   
Social and Cultural Impact of Globalizing Halal in Multicultural Societies: Comparative Study of Taiwan and Japan.
Interenational Conference on Islam and Multiculturalism: Islam, Modern Science   2013   
The Current Environment for Halal in Japan
Halal Science, Industry & Business International Conference (HASIB) 201   2012   
マレ-シア学会関東地区研究会7月研究会   2012   
早稲田大学アジア研究機構「アジア地域のネットワ-ク解析研究拠点構築」プロジェクト社会文化領域第2回研究会   2010   
品川シルバ-大学いきいきコ-ス現代社会「イスラ-ム世界との対話-共生への扉をひらく-   2009   
中国のイスラ-ム: 食文化,フィ-ルドからのアプロ-チ
早稲田アジア学:確立への挑戦(早稲田大学アジア研究機構第5回シンポジウム)   2009   
Communication and through Shared Meals:Commensality at a Mosque in a Non-Muslim Region of Southern China
IAS-AEI International Conference 2008 Kuala Lumpur   2008   
ブタを食べること食べないこと: 中国福建省の回族とムスリムの食事
公開講演会「イスラ-ム世界の食文化」   2008   
国際シンポジウム「移動する中国ムスリム-ヒトと知識と経済を結ぶネットワ-ク」   2007   
中国ムスリム研究会第12回定例会   2007   
21世紀COE関連シンジウム「アジアにおける人類学調査 -ラオスを中心として」   2006   
南中国ムスリムとイスラ-ム学習経験   2006   
第27回アジア地域文化エンハンシング研究センタ-定例研究会   2005   
21世紀COE関連シンポジウム「ラオスとその周辺における遺産・モノ・生活」   2005   
21COE関連ワ-クショップ「ラオス,ワット・プ-地域の文化人類学-文化遺産・記憶・地域文化-」   2004   
第四回アジア地域文化エンハンシング研究センタ- 定例研究会   2003   
第37回早稲田大学大学院文学研究科考古学談話会   1999   
第1回早稲田大学文化人類学会   1999   
第71回立教大学地理人類学会   1998   

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