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Faculty of Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science
Graduate School, Division of Medical Science, University of Tsukuba
Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences, University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Imai Y, Inoshita T, Meng H, Shiba-Fukushima K, Hara KY, Sawamura N, Hattori N
Communications biology   2 424   Dec 2019   [Refereed]
Okamoto Y, Haraguchi Y, Sawamura N, Asahi T, Shimizu T
Biotechnology progress   e2941   Nov 2019   [Refereed]
Wataru Onodera, Toru Asahi, Naoya Sawamura
Data in Brief   26    Oct 2019
© 2019 The Author(s) Cereblon (CRBN) is a substrate recognition subunit of the CRL4 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex, directly binding to specific substrates for poly-ubiquitination followed by proteasome-dependent degradation of proteins. Cellular CRB...
澤村 直哉, 朝日 透, 高木 教夫
医学のあゆみ   269(12) 915-919   Jun 2019
Onodera W, Asahi T, Sawamura N
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution      Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Sawamura N, Ju Y, Asahi T
Neural regeneration research   13(8) 1360-1361   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Wada Takeyoshi;Hanyu Takashi;Nozaki Kota;Kataoka Kosuke;Kawatani Tomoro;Asahi Toru;Sawamura Naoya
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin   41(5) 749-753   May 2018   [Refereed]
:Ge-132 is a synthetic organic germanium that is used as a dietary supplement. The antioxidant activity of Ge-132 on cultured mammalian cells was investigated in this study. First, Ge-132 cytotoxicity on mammalian cultured cells was determined by ...
Sawamura Naoya;Yamada Mariko;Fujiwara Miku;Yamada Haruka;Hayashi Hideki;Takagi Norio;Asahi Toru
Scientific reports   8(1)    2018
:Thalidomide was originally used as a sedative and found to be a teratogen, but now thalidomide and its derivatives are widely used to treat haematologic malignancies. Accumulated evidence suggests that thalidomide suppresses nerve cell death in n...
Ju Ye;Asahi Toru;Sawamura Naoya
Neurochemistry international   110 49-56   2017
:Amyloid β protein (Aβ) plays a central role in Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathogenesis. Point mutations in the Aβ sequence, which cluster around the central hydrophobic core of the peptide, are associated with familial AD (FAD). Several mutations h...
Wakabayashi, Satoru; Sawamura, Naoya; Sawamura, Naoya; Voelzmann, André; Broemer, Meike; Asahi, Toru; Asahi, Toru; Hoch, Michael
Journal of Biological Chemistry   291(48) 25120-25132   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
© 2016 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.Cereblon (CRBN) is a substrate receptor of the E3 ubiquitin ligase complex that is highly conserved in animals and plants. CRBN proteins have been implicated in various bio...
Takeyoshi Wada, Toru Asahi, Naoya Sawamura
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications   477(3) 388-394   Aug 2016
© 2016 Elsevier Inc.The gene coding cereblon (CRBN) was originally identified in genetic linkage analysis of mild autosomal recessive nonsyndromic intellectual disability. CRBN has broad localization in both the cytoplasm and nucleus. However, the...
Kosuke Kataoka, China Nakamura, Toru Asahi, Naoya Sawamura
Scientific Reports   6 29986   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
Lon protease plays a major role in the protein quality control system in mammalian cell mitochondria. It is present in the mitochondrial matrix, and degrades oxidized and misfolded proteins, thereby protecting the cell from various extracellular s...
Sawamura N., Wakabayashi S., Matsumoto K.,Yamada H., Asahi T.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications   464(4) 1054-1059   2015
:Cereblon (CRBN) is encoded by a candidate gene for autosomal recessive nonsyndromic intellectual disability (ID). The nonsense mutation, R419X, causes deletion of 24 amino acids at the C-terminus of CRBN, leading to mild ID. Although abnormal CRB...
Ye Ju, Toru Asahi and Naoya Sawamura
Journal of Neurochemistry   131(5) 667-674   Dec 2014
:Amyloid β protein (Aβ) plays a central role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Point mutations within the Aβ sequence associated with familial AD (FAD) are clustered around the central hydrophobic core of Aβ. Several types of mutati...
Hideshima, S., Kobayashi, M., Wada, T., Kuroiwa, S., Nakanishi, T., Sawamura, N., Asahi T., Osaka, T.
Chemical Communications   50(26) 3476-3479   2014
Hara, K. Y., Wada, T., Kino, K., Asahi, T., Sawamura, N.
Scientific Reports   3 1635   2013
Construction of new energy synthesis system in SH-SY5Y cells: application for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.
Wada, T., Hara, K., Asahi, T., Sawamura, N.
Journal of Neurochemistry   123 24-25   2012
Cereblon accumulates in aggresomes due to proteasome impairment
Wakabayashi, S., Yamada, H., Asahi, T., Sawamura, N.
Journal of Neurochemistry   123 25-25   2012
Sawamura N, Ando T, Maruyama Y, Fujimuro M, Mochizuki H, Honjo K, Shimoda M, Toda H, Sawamura-Yamamoto T, Makuch LA, Hayashi A, Ishizuka K, Cascella NG, Kamiya A, Ishida N, Tomoda T, Hai T, Furukubo-Tokunaga K, Sawa A.
Molecular Psychiatry   13 1138-1148   2008
Sawamura, N., Ishida, N., Tomoda, T., Hai, T., Furukubo-Tokunaga, K., Sawa, A.
Molecular Psychiatry   13 1069-1069   2008
Molecules regulated by patterns of electrical activity
Ozaki, M. Sawamura, N. Ichikawa, M.
Neuroscience Research   58 S142   2007
Bord L., Wheeler J., Paek M., Saleh M., Lyons-Warren A., Ross C.A., Sawamura N., Sawa A.
Neuroscience Research   56 286-293   2006
Sawamura N and Sawa A
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences   1086 126-133   2006
DISC1からみた統合失調症の分子病態 (特集 統合失調症の分子医学)
疋田 貴俊, 澤村 直哉, 尾関 祐二
細胞   37(14) 573-576   Dec 2005
【統合失調症の分子医学】 DISC1からみた統合失調症の分子病態
疋田 貴俊, 澤村 直哉, 尾関 祐二, 神谷 篤, 澤 明
細胞   37(14) 573-576   Dec 2005
統合失調症の病態に複数の遺伝子と環境要因の関与が指摘されている.最近連鎖研究・関連研究からいくつかの統合失調症の候補遺伝子が明らかになってきた.本稿では,そのなかからDISC1(Disrupted-In-Schizophrenia 1)からみた統合失調症の病態研究を展望する.DISC1は精神疾患多発単一家系から発見されたが,遺伝学的研究と統合失調症患者剖検脳を用いた生化学的研究から統合失調症一般例においてもDISC1の統合失調症への関与が示唆されている.DISC1は多くの細胞内部位で働く多...
Production of DISC1 transgenic and knockout mice
Hikida, T., Sawamura, N., Paek, M., Cascio, M., Sawa, A.
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B-Neuropsychiatric Genetics   138B(1) 134-135   Sep 2005
Sawa A., Sawamura N., Balkissoon R
Clinical Neuroscience Research   5 23-30   2005
Kamiya A., Kubo K., Tomoda T., Takaki M., Youn R., Ozeki Y., Sawamura N., Park U., Kubo C., Okawa M., Ross C.A., Hatten M.E., Nakajima K., Sawa A
Nature Cell Biology   7 1167-1178   2005
A form of Disrupted-In-Schizophrenia-1 (DISC1) enriched in the nucleus has altered subcellular distribution in schizophrenia brains.
Sawamura N., Sawamura-Yamamoto T., Ozeki Y., Ross C.A., Sawa A
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences   102 1187-1192   2005
Sawamura N., Ko M., Yu W., Zou K., Hanada K., Suzuki T., Gong J.S., Yanagisawa K., Michikawa M
Journal of Biological Chemistry   279 11984-11991   2004
【脳・神経研究2004 神経発生・可塑性と高次脳機能のメカニズム,そして脳・神経疾患の分子機構の解明へ】 脳神経機能障害・疾患研究 統合失調症とDISC1
澤村 直哉, 澤 明
実験医学   21(17) 2469-2473   Nov 2003
統合失調症は思春期に好発する難治性の精神疾患である.その有病率は人口の1%に及び,継続的な医療が必要にも拘わらず,社会復帰や根治が困難であることから,その病態の把握は急務となっている.こうした中,遺伝学的検索から発見されたDisrupted-In-Schizophrenia 1(DISC1)は,精神疾患研究でおそらく最初にみとめられた候補遺伝子であり,このDISC1及びその遺伝子産物の解析を進めることにより,その病態に迫ることができるのではないかと現在期待されている
澤村 直哉、澤 明
実験医学 -脳・神経研究2004, 増刊-   21 2469-2473   2003
Sawamura N., Gong J.S., Chang T.Y., Yanagisawa K., Michikawa M
Journal of Neurochemistry   84 1086-1096   2003
Zou K., Kim D., Kakio A., Byun K., Gong J.S., Kim J., Kim M., Sawamura N., Nishimoto S., Matsuzaki K., Lee B., Yanagisawa K., Michikawa M
Journal of Neurochemistry   87 609-619   2003
Fan Q.W., Yu W., Gong J.S., Zou K., Sawamura N., Senda T., Yanagisawa K., Michikawa M
Journal of Neurochemistry   80 178-190   2002
Gong J.S., Kobayashi M., Hayashi H., Zou K., Sawamura N., Fujita S.C., Yanagisawa K., Michikawa M
Journal of Biological Chemsistry   277 29919-29926   2002
Gong J.S., Sawamura N., Zou K., Sakai J., Yanagisawa K., Michikawa M.
Neuroscience Research   70 438-446   2002
Sawamura N., Gong J.S., Garver W.S., Heidenreich R.A., Ninomiya H., Ohno K., Yanagisawa K. Michikawa M
Journal of Biological Chemistry   276 10314-10319   2001
A novel action of alzheimer's amyloid beta-protein (Aß): oligomeric Aß promotes lipid release
Michikawa M., Gong J.S., Fan Q.W., Sawamura N., Yanagisawa K
Journal of Neuroscience   21 7226-7235   2001
Sawamura N., Morishima-Kawashima M., Waki H., Kobayashi K., Kuramochi T., Frosch M.P., Ding K., Ito M., Kim T.W., Tanzi R.E., Oyama F., Tabira T., Ando S., Ihara Y
Journal of Biological Chemistry   275 27901-27908   2000
Sawamura N., Oyama F., Kobayashi K., Morishima-Kawashima M., Kuramochi T., Ito M., Tomita T., Maruyama K., Saido T.C., Iwatsubo T., Capell A., Walter J., Grunberg J., Ueyama Y., Haass C., Ihara Y (The first three authors contributed equally to this study)
Journal of Neurochemistry   71 313-322   1998
Nakamura S., Tamaoka A., Sawamura N., Kiatipattanasakul W., Nakayama H., Shoji S., Yoshikawa Y., Doi K
Acta Neuropathol (Berl)   94 323-328   1997
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Journal of the Neurological Sciences   151 65-68   1996
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Brain Research   679 151-156   1995
Tamaoka A., Kondo T., Odaka A., Sahara N., Sawamura N., Ozawa K., Suzuki N., Shoji S., Mori H
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications   205 834-842   1994


上原記念生命科学財団研究報告集(CD-ROM)   22 ROMBUNNO.101-4   Dec 2008
痴呆研究と創薬の展望 アルツハイマー病中核病変とコレステロール
柳澤 勝彦, 道川 誠, 范 企文, 澤村 直哉, 松崎 勝巳
基礎老化研究   26(1) 6-6   Apr 2002
柳澤 勝彦, 道川 誠, 林 秀樹, 澤村 直哉, 松崎 勝巳
神経化学   40(2-3) 220-220   Sep 2001

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澤村 直哉, 尾崎美和子 他
先端医学社   2007   
澤村直哉, 朝日透 他
朝倉書店   Apr 2012   

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