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NAGAHIRO Toshitaka
Journal of the Japan Society for the History of Industrial Technology   15(1) 43-58   May 2005   [Refereed]
NAGAHIRO Toshitaka
SOCIO-ECONOMIC HISTORY   68(5) 545-565   2003   [Refereed]
The purpose of this article is to investigate why miners working for the big Japanese companies in inter-war Japan became less likely to search for work elsewhere, through a study of the Mitsui mines of Tagawa and Yamano. Unlike heavy industry, th...
NAGAHIRO Toshitaka
Japan business history review   37(2) 30-55   2002   [Refereed]
In most previous studies of the Japanese coal industrial history, it is assumed that small-scale coal mines were undeveloped. Large-scale coal mines, such as Mitsui and Mitsubishi, were thought to have monopolized the market during the interwar pe...


長廣 利崇
経済理論 = The Wakayama economic review   (388) 81-91   Jun 2017
The purpose of this study is to analyze the coal cartels of Japan and Britain by comparing the difference. There are four factual findings: (1) the cartels facilitated the stabilization of coal prices, (2) the coefficient of variation of Britain's...
長廣 利崇
経済理論 = The Wakayama economic review   (382) 67-81   Dec 2015
長廣 利崇
国立歴史民俗博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History   193 239-247   Feb 2015
長廣 利崇
滋賀大学経済学部附属史料館研究紀要 = Bulletin of Archival Museum, Faculty of Economics, Shiga University   (47) 1-7   Mar 2014
Nagahiro Toshitaka
大阪大学経済学   63(1) 104-125   Jun 2013
長廣 利崇
和歌山大学経済学会研究年報   14 187-199   Sep 2010
長廣 利崇
和歌山大学経済学会研究年報   12 49-65   Jul 2008
長廣 利崇
経済理論   342 105-126   Mar 2008
長廣 利崇
和歌山大学経済学会研究年報   11 43-69   Jul 2007
長廣 利崇
経済理論   338 103-129   Jul 2007
Nagatomo Toshitaka
The annals of the Economic Society, Wakayama University   11 43-69   2007
Ngahiro Toshitaka
Osaka economic papers   55(4) 33-51   Mar 2006
Japan’s Coal Cartels in the Interwar Period( A World Business History Congress: first step 2014 in Frankfurt)
A World Business History Congress: first step 2014 in Frankfurt


Jun 2019   The International Coal Cartels in the East Asian Market,1916-37
Mar 2019   Japanese National Railways as a Social Enterprise: The Welfare Management of Tetsudou Kousaikai